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Quantum Financial System Goes Live: Trump and JFK Jr.’s Plan to Resurrect America Unfolds, NESARA/GESARA Activation, MED BEDs Rollout, and the Staging of a ‘Fake’ Third World War!

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The banking system is teetering on the brink of total overhaul, but who really understands the monumental shift happening right under our noses? Behind the curtain of everyday transactions and basic banking operations lies a brewing storm that could change the financial landscape forever. This is a seismic shift toward a Quantum Financial System (QFS) set to redefine global economics.

Let’s break it down. The QFS is an evolution in the very fabric of monetary transactions, poised to convert every bank account, no matter the currency, into a new form of digital asset. This isn’t a simple software update or a new banking regulation. This is the groundwork for a massive transformation that will see every penny you own shifted into a new, asset-backed currency.

Now, why is this happening? Consider the fact that the QFS will check the validity of every fiat currency bank account globally. It ensures these accounts are operational before converting them at a one-to-one ratio to this new currency. This is a prelude to a comprehensive financial surveillance system that could be monitoring every transaction, under the guise of security and efficiency.

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On a related note, BRICS countries—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—are allegedly plotting an economic maneuver that could dismantle the current financial dominions. By potentially valuing an ounce of gold at $2,500, they’re taking a sledgehammer to the existing financial hierarchy dominated by Western powers and their allies. This would not only destabilize Israel and NATO economically but could signal a massive geopolitical shift.

And who’s pulling these strings? Look no further than China. As tensions escalate, China has supposedly pushed the price of gold in the U.S. to $2,500, right under everyone’s noses, during a weekend no less! This sets the stage for a catastrophic Monday where U.S. banks will find themselves in a chokehold, unable to respond effectively.

But that’s not all. Come April 27, 2024, expect to see something unprecedented—global martial law, enforced not by police, but by militias patrolling the streets. This is a clear maneuver to facilitate mass arrests of those branded as enemies by the state, specifically pedophiles.

The orchestration behind these events is chilling. A global elite cartel, the puppeteers of chaos, is initiating what they call a ‘fake’ Third World War. Why? To mask the collapse of the global financial system and to usher in their new era under the guise of crisis management. They aim to justify draconian measures like martial law, all under the pretext of transitioning to a new global monetary system.

Reports indicate a planned global blackout to switch over to what they call TESLA Free Energy. This blackout isn’t just a reset; it’s a complete eradication of the old system, making way for a new global order where traditional stock markets cease to exist, replaced by the QFS already operational through an intricate network of over 500 Starlink satellites.

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This orchestration has the fingerprints of not just any leader, but President Trump himself, who has given the ‘GO’ signal for this monumental shift. The coordination involves a global military alliance, advancing with an agenda to dominate mainstream media with what they term as ‘fake news,’ aimed at manipulating public perception and facilitating mass arrests.

And while the masses remain oblivious, clinging to fragments of ‘official’ news, the truth is broadcast in plain sight on platforms like Telegram, where these seismic plans unfold. As the world braces for what could be the start of the Third World War, remember, this isn’t just about geopolitical dominance. It’s a carefully laid plan to free economies like Iraq, destabilize regions strategically, and shift the global power balance.

It’s evident, the storm we’ve been warned about is here—Phase 1 has commenced. These are bellows of impending transformation, echoed by none other than President Trump. Brace yourselves, for NESARA/GESARA is about to sweep across the globe, promising financial and political rejuvenation.

Amidst these revelations, a pragmatic reminder surfaces: the need to be prepared with essentials—food, water, money, fuel, medicine, supplies. It’s a call to arm oneself to aid others when disaster strikes. Such preparation is a strategic positioning for survival in a time when the fabric of society may tear, momentarily, to sew a new tapestry of governance and peace.

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In a striking disclosure, it’s announced that GESARA’s long-awaited dream—the cessation of global conflicts—is on the brink of realization. A solitary conflict remains, a triadic discord among Israel, Palestine, and Iran, a last dance of discord before the promised peace. The strategic moves of the Q plan, shrouded in secrecy and now slowly unraveling, suggest a monumental shift from dark to clear in the ongoing covert war between the Cabal and what’s termed the Liberation Army.

Skye’s claims dangle a tantalizing possibility—the imminent installation of MED BEDs, a technology that could revolutionize health as we know it, aligning with the sudden enforcement of NESARA/GESARA. And as this seismic shift approaches, whispers of a caravan suggest movements in the shadows, movements timed with Sundani’s announcement of new rates, just before a critical visit to the U.S.

But perhaps nothing is as electrifying as the projection of a “biblical scenario” where an army is supposedly activated under the pretense of a third World War, targeting demonic landmarks in a purgative strike from heaven itself. The echoes of bombs are nothing but a symphony directed by the so-called White Hats, a staged drama to facilitate the rise of GESARA funds from the ashes of chaos.

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On the political stage, a high-level meeting between Iraqi officials and the U.S. Treasury Department underlines a broader narrative. Is it merely coincidental that this aligns with a BRICS+ gathering involving Iran, scheduled in Washington DC next week, purportedly set months in advance? The unveiling of Zimbabwe’s new gold-backed currency, the Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG), only adds to the financial ferment. As tensions simmer in the Middle East, gold prices surge, hinting at the underlying economic currents shifting beneath the geopolitical surface.

Amidst these machinations, a bombshell drops—JFK Jr., long thought dead, is alive and influencing the chessboard, standing as Trump’s vice president and heralding an America reborn.

As we grapple with these revelations, the underpinnings of a new world order become apparent. Beneath the Vatican, the Q Movement has unearthed evidence of vast wealth stolen and hoarded by the Deep State. Now reclaimed, this treasure is purportedly funneling into the QFS, a quantum financial system, ready to redistribute wealth on an unimaginable scale.

This isn’t just another chapter in the annals of history; this is history being rewritten, live. As we stand on the precipice of monumental change, one thing becomes clear: the future is not for the faint-hearted. It demands courage, readiness to accept the unthinkable, and the resilience to rebuild.

For those who’ve been watching, waiting, the message is clear: the game is deep, the stakes are high, and the endgame is nothing less than a complete transformation of the world as we know it. Ready or not, the future is unfolding—now.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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