Monday, April 22, 2024

Content Redistribution & Repost Policy

  • At, our aim is to ensure our articles and information reach as many readers as possible. We recognize the importance of distributing accurate and timely information and encourage responsible sharing of our content.
  • Content Use Directive: Entities operating in the media realm, including but not limited to blogs, websites, news platforms, Telegram groups, and influencers, are expressly permitted to republish and share content from We request that the content’s integrity be maintained by preserving its original form and retaining the links embedded within.
  • Legal Framework: Redistribution aligns with prevailing legal regulations concerning copyrights and the principles of “fair use.” assures that, in adhering to the stated provisions, entities can utilize our content without facing adverse legal implications.
  • Copyright Assurance: grants this permission based on a solid commitment to the dissemination of information. We trust that entities will adhere to the stipulated terms.
  • Our Commitment to Information Access: We believe that authentic and relevant information should be accessible to the broader public. By redistributing our content, entities contribute to the promotion of a well-informed society. We value the collaboration and dedication in upholding the integrity of information sources.