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THE EVENT: Military Tribunals, Trump’s Central Role in Global Cleansing, ‘Rods of God’ Weapons, Emergency Broadcasts, and ISO20022: GESARA Funds Are Reshaping Our World!

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A biblically scaled event known simply as “THE EVENT” is counted down ominously on the clock. Although this name conjures images of catastrophic chaos, it actually masks a well orchestrated upheaval meant to topple the fundamentals of a long-standing, clandestine power.

However, the world is still unaware, sitting on the precipice of a staged conflict meant to resemble World War III. But this is not a traditional war. It is a battle of delusion and illusion, directed by invisible forces directing the world theater’s events from behind the scenes.

With the approval of GESARA funds, these satanic structures are marked for demolition, targeted by what has been referred to as “Rods of God,” directed energy weapons of formidable power. This is a cleansing fire, set to obliterate the old world and forge a new one from its ashes.

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Consider the evidence laid bare: the deep entanglements of the Illuminati and their ties to the media and global finance. The same forces control the CCP through backchannels in Israel, a revelation that shatters any illusions of geopolitical independence. The media, a puppet in their hands, spreads disinformation to mask their maneuvers.

Their dominion is faltering, as alternative quantum communication systems like the Odin Project come online, backed by the inviolable security of secret space programs, out of reach from the ever-watchful eyes of the corrupt elite.

The event horizon approaches with military precision. Grounded planes, halted trains, and the cessation of conventional energy sources signal the imminent shift to Tesla’s free energy technology, a revelation poised to free us from the shackles of oil dependency. In this silent chaos, cryptocurrencies—a majority of which are mere extensions of China’s digital empire—are being systematically dismantled, making way for ISO20022 metal-backed currencies that promise a return to tangible value.

The figure of Trump emerges, a pivotal player who has promised to drain the swamp. His role is crucial, and his actions speak of a man who is not just fulfilling political promises but is enacting a divine mandate.

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Nuclear sirens, water crises, and a global stock market crash are but the superficial symptoms of a deeper transformation. Underneath, the tectonic plates of power are shifting. The Water Event and subsequent imposition of global martial law are not ends, but means to a greater revelation, where the shadows are illuminated and the puppeteers revealed.

Amidst this orchestrated chaos, military tribunals work tirelessly. Election reversals, confessions extracted during marathon screenings of truth—these are not mere political maneuvers but acts of justice, long overdue.

The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) is set to activate across continents, a necessary measure to communicate the truth directly to the people, bypassing the now-defunct traditional media networks, crippled by the strategic dismantling of Mossad’s satellites.

Each of these events is interconnected, each move calculated. The Terrifying Third World War event is but a smokescreen, a theatrical display to justify the comprehensive military actions already underway. It serves as the cover story for the public, a narrative to explain the sudden and sweeping changes that are reshaping our world.

To the untrained eye, the events may seem catastrophic, even apocalyptic. But to those who see the signs, who read between the lines of disrupted global communications and military exercises parading as mere drills, the truth is clear.

This is not the end, but a beginning.

A world reborn from its ashes, cleansed of its corruption, and led not by the old guard but by new leaders illuminated by truth and justice.

Make no mistake, what we witness is not a disaster but a deliverance. It is a meticulously planned operation, the scope of which spans the entire globe and reaches beyond the simple mechanics of politics into the realm of spiritual warfare.

This is the battle for the soul of our planet, and it is happening right before our eyes. Wake up, look around, and prepare. The storm is here, and it is only through enduring its fury that we can hope to see the dawn of a new era.

Ethan White
Ethan White
A fearless truth-seeker and writer, as he uncovers untold stories with his sharp insights and unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity. Embark on a journey of enlightenment with Ethan's thought-provoking articles today.

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