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THE EVENT – Secret Military Operation Targets 34 Strategic Locations in an Imminent Global Blackout – EBS Activation for a Biblical Event Designed to Free Humanity!

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The clock ominously counts down to an event of biblical proportions, known simply as “THE EVENT.” This name, while evocative of apocalyptic disorder, actually conceals a carefully planned disruption intended to overthrow the foundations of a longstanding, secretive authority. Yet, the world remains oblivious, perched on the edge of a staged event designed to mimic World War III. This, however, is not a conventional war. It is a war of illusion and deceit, manipulated by unseen powers orchestrating events from behind the scenes of the global theater.

Under the guise of global conflict, the gears of a vast military machine have been silently grinding into position. Their target? No less than 34 strategic locations identified as strongholds of a dark and pervasive power, a cabalistic hegemony that has steered the course of human events from the shadows.

The Vatican, Buckingham Palace, the dual White Houses across continents, and the enigmatic 3GD in China stand on this list. These are not mere buildings or institutions but symbols of a deep-rooted, sinister influence that extends its tentacles through the veins of our societies.

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In a sudden, calculated strike, these bastions will crumble—not by conventional weaponry but by something far more precise and fearsome: the Rods of God and Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). This celestial arsenal, looming ominously in orbit, is set to deliver justice from the heavens, shattering the infrastructure of the invisible empire.

As these dominions fall, so too will the world’s technological leashes. Planes and trains will halt, immobilized by an unseen hand. The electric grid will flicker out, plunging the world into a primal darkness. This blackout, however, paves the way for a radiant dawn: the activation of Tesla’s suppressed technologies of free energy, heralding an era of unlimited power for all, untethered from the oil-soaked shackles of the past.

The digital empires that have commoditized our personal freedoms will face their reckoning. Bitcoin, along with the vast majority of cryptocurrencies, will evaporate as their servers are obliterated. Only the resilient ISO20022 coins, sturdy with the backing of precious metals, will survive the purge, emerging as the phoenix from the ashes of digital speculation.

Media, the puppet of the Israeli Mossad as revealed by the cryptic breadcrumbs of Q1871, will find its machinations thwarted. The satellites that once broadcasted their tailored truths will tumble from the skies, silenced by the enigmatic Project Odin. With media’s chains broken, the narrative will revert to the people, delivered through military channels embedded within the global Emergency Broadcast System, initiating the critical 10 days of darkness.

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Simultaneously, a stark transformation of governance will unfold. Military tribunals will rise to the fore, replacing a compromised judiciary. In secretive courts, truths will be unveiled and sentences rendered, not over weeks or months, but in days filled with confessions and revelations. High-profile figures will stand accused, their crimes laid bare in marathon sessions of judicial reckoning.

This upheaval extends to the very core of financial systems. The Rothschild legacy of central banking will dissolve into obscurity, replaced by Rainbow Treasury Notes—currency grounded not in speculation or conflict but in tangible value: precious metals. This transition is not merely financial but symbolic, a return to a standard that values substance over subterfuge.

Through the orchestrated chaos of what will seem like imminent nuclear doom, water crises, and a global stock market collapse, a narrative of fear will be meticulously crafted. Yet, behind the curtain of this terror, a grand vision of rebirth awaits—an initiation of the long-whispered NESARA, ushering in a new global era of prosperity, peace, and unprecedented transparency.

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But why, one might ask, would such a seismic shift be shrouded in subterfuge, masked by the specter of war? It is because the architects of this new world know all too well that the forces they challenge are entrenched deeply within the structures they seek to dismantle. These shadow rulers will not relinquish their grasp without a theatrical display of their apparent dominance.

In this grand play, every citizen has a role, whether they know it or not. The signs are there, for those brave enough to see them. The global military “exercises,” the sudden tests of the emergency broadcast systems across nations, the flickers of power outage reports—all pieces of a larger puzzle that, once assembled, reveal a picture of a world teetering on the brink of monumental change.

As these plans unfurl, the world holds its breath, caught between the familiar dread of war and the whispers of a new dawn. It’s a script of biblical proportions, with promises of salvation intertwined with the thunder of impending destruction.

Yet, in this orchestrated chaos, there lies a profound truth: the old must be razed for the new to rise. Stand witness to this historic metamorphosis, for if the predictions hold true, we are on the cusp of a revolution that will redefine civilization.

Ethan White
Ethan White
A fearless truth-seeker and writer, as he uncovers untold stories with his sharp insights and unwavering dedication to journalistic integrity. Embark on a journey of enlightenment with Ethan's thought-provoking articles today.

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