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Donald Trump Warned Us: Global Elites Are Engineering a Total Global Famine!

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In a bold and controversial move, the World Bank has unleashed a plan that reeks of elitist manipulation under the guise of achieving “net zero emissions.” This plan, steeped in globalist ambitions, proposes a drastic cut to global agriculture production—a maneuver that could spell disaster and widespread famine for populations around the globe.

The architects of this alarming proposal aim to centralize control of the world’s food supply, handing it over to a select group of wealthy power brokers. This would effectively obliterate the diverse, locally-sustained agricultural practices honed over generations, risking the very backbone of global food security.

Axel van Trostenburg, a figurehead for this globalist agenda at the World Bank, champions these changes under the premise of reducing agrifood emissions. However, the underlying narrative is clear: this is less about environmental concern and more about consolidating power.

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This strategy is a direct attack on the sovereignty of nations and their people. By moving to control food production, the World Bank is playing a dangerous game with our global food systems, potentially leading to monopolies over what and how people can eat. It’s a scenario right out of a dystopian novel, except it’s happening right before our eyes.

Where are the so-called defenders of the people and individual freedoms in this critical debate

Where is the outcry from leaders who should be protecting their citizens from such blatant overreach?

During his administration, President Donald Trump fought vigorously against the encroachment of these globalist entities, defending American sovereignty and promoting policies that benefitted the everyday American, including our farmers who are now under threat from this very proposal.

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It’s imperative to see this World Bank plan for what it truly is: a masterclass in global manipulation, dressed up in the sheep’s clothing of climate action. This isn’t about saving the planet; it’s about controlling it. The stakes could not be higher as this plan threatens to undermine local economies and plunge more of the world’s population into hunger—all while the elite tighten their grip on global resources.

The solution does not lie in yielding to these catastrophic proposals but in resisting and rallying behind principles that protect national interests and promote food independence. We must advocate for agricultural policies that support local farmers and sustainable practices, rather than dismantling them in favor of industrial giants.

As we confront this critical juncture, we must draw inspiration from leaders like Trump, who stood firm against globalist pressures and put America—and its farmers—first. It’s time for us to support a resurgence of national and global leaders who will resist this dangerous drift toward centralized control and champion the cause of their people.

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The fight against this globalist agenda is not just a battle for food security; it’s a fight for freedom, national sovereignty, and the right of every person to have access to affordable, locally-produced food.

We must stand firm against this plan, challenge its implementation at every turn, and ensure that our global food systems remain in the hands of the many, not the few.

This is a call to action for all who value their rights and their future: resist the World Bank’s plan, support your local farmers, and protect your national heritage before it’s too late.

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Helena Carey
Helena Carey
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