Monday, June 24, 2024

Trump vs. Deep State: The Battle Continues with America’s Eyes Wide Open!

Source: Bioclandestine (Telegram)

It’s time to address this commonly used anti-Trump talking point about his inability to drain the swamp in his first term.

Trump’s first term was completely hamstrung by the Mueller investigation and the MSM had the public convinced Trump was literally a Russian agent… Then as soon as he got past the Russia hoax, they released a biological weapon, shut the world down, and stole the election.

If Trump would have gone in day one, and started arresting people, he would have looked like a totalitarian dictator, and would have caused massive uprisings and legitimately a civil war. The public were not even awake yet at this point.

The same people criticizing Trump for not draining the swamp, didn’t even believe the swamp was real back in 2016. The MSM still had the overwhelming majority of Americans under their spell.

So while it’s real easy for RFK Jr. supporters to criticize Trump now, the majority of them didn’t even know this war with the Deep State was going on, and they would have criticized Trump for draining the swamp if he did it, and called him a dictator.

The world wasn’t awake then. Now they are. This is why Trump is going to finish the job this time. Because the public have been shown how deep the corruption goes.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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