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Bombshell! BRICS Nations Roll Out GESARA – Game-Changing Events Ignite Global Shift!

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June 17, 2024, stands as a turning point in the chronicles of global history. BRICS nations—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa—are rising to unprecedented prominence, championing the principles of GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act).

These countries, bolstered by the strategic vision of the Q Plan, are reshaping the world order, dismantling the cabal’s (DS, globalists) grip on society, and leading humanity towards a brighter, liberated future.

BRICS: The Vanguard of Global Change

BRICS countries are not merely advancing; they are asserting themselves as the primary architects of the new world order. Under the astute leadership of Russian President Vladimir Putin, these nations are systematically dismantling the oppressive structures that have long subjugated humanity. The enslaved society engineered by the cabal is being obliterated, clearing the path for the emergence of the GESARA society.

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BRICS’ influence permeates finance, trade, and global policy-making. Their collective power challenges the entrenched dominance of traditional Western financial institutions, heralding a new era where power is more equitably distributed. The cabal’s control, cemented through decades of manipulation and exploitation, is crumbling as BRICS ascends to global leadership.

The New Oil Order: The Seven Sisters Reimagined

A critical indicator of this monumental shift is the transformation within global oil production. Historically, the “Seven Sisters”—a coalition of Western oil companies—controlled the majority of the world’s oil supply. These companies, born from John Rockefeller’s Standard Oil monopoly, have held sway over global finances, stock markets, and politics through their stranglehold on the oil industry.

However, a new cohort of players has emerged: the “New Seven Sisters.” These include:

  • Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia)
  • Petronas (Malaysia)
  • Petrobras (Brazil)
  • Gazprom (Russia)
  • China National Petroleum Corporation (China)
  • National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) (Iran)
  • PDVSA (Venezuela)

Largely comprising BRICS nations, this new alliance signifies a dramatic power shift. With Malaysia expressing interest in joining BRICS, the New Seven Sisters are poised to dominate the oil industry, effectively ending the Western monopoly.

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The Demise of the Petrodollar and Western Dominance

The petrodollar system, which has tied global oil sales to the US dollar for over 70 years, is unraveling. This system has been a cornerstone of US economic power, enabling it to exert control over oil-rich nations. Last week marked a watershed moment when Saudi Arabia, a key oil producer, broke away from this system. The expiration of the petrodollar agreement is a significant blow to US hegemony, symbolizing the rise of the BRICS nations.

The emergence of the new Seven Sisters reflects this seismic shift. With BRICS countries seizing control of oil interests, the influence of the traditional Western powers is waning. The BRICS nations are now the primary actors in the global oil industry, reshaping the geopolitical landscape.

BRICS Embargoes: Reversing the Power Dynamics

In a stunning reversal of power dynamics, BRICS nations have imposed embargoes on the United States and Israel. Historically, the US has used embargoes as a tool of control, leveraging its position to dominate other nations through the Federal Reserve Board’s mechanisms. However, this dominance has been shattered. The embargoes from BRICS signify a newfound autonomy and resistance against Western control.

These embargoes are not merely symbolic; they represent a fundamental shift in global trade and financial structures. Over $70 billion will no longer be settled in US dollars, further undermining the US financial system’s influence. The world is transitioning towards a BRICS-centric trade and financial model, marking a significant step towards the realization of a GESARA society.

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Embracing GESARA: A Vision for the Future

The advances of BRICS are not merely geopolitical maneuvers; they are harbingers of a transformative societal change. The GESARA society envisioned by the Q Plan is one where the cabal’s influence is eradicated, and a new, equitable order is established. The actions of BRICS nations align directly with this vision, dismantling the structures of enslavement and paving the way for a liberated society.

The Q Plan outlines a future where GESARA principles reign supreme, promising a world free from the corruption and exploitation of the cabal. This new society will prioritize human dignity, economic security, and global cooperation. BRICS nations are spearheading this revolution, proving that a better world is not just possible but imminent.

The Ascent of BRICS: A New Dawn

The ascent of BRICS marks a critical juncture in world history. Their strategic moves in the oil industry, financial markets, and global trade are reshaping the geopolitical landscape. The dismantling of the petrodollar system and the imposition of embargoes on the US and Israel are clear indicators of this shift.

The world is on the brink of a new era, one where BRICS nations lead the way towards a GESARA society. This is not just a change in power; it is a revolution in the very fabric of global governance and economic control.

In conclusion, the rise of BRICS signifies the inevitable decline of the old world order and the birth of a new, fairer society. The GESARA principles are not merely ideals; they are becoming reality, driven by the relentless progress of BRICS nations.

The oppressive structures of the cabal are being dismantled, and a new era of global cooperation and prosperity is dawning. The world stands at the threshold of unprecedented change, and BRICS is leading the charge towards a brighter, freer future for all.

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