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Insider Info! Quantum Financial System (QFS) Is Taking Over: Imminent Collapse of Banks!

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Banks have been stripped of their age-old power, and a new era of financial transactions is upon us. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) is now operational, integrated seamlessly with the global banking network. This groundbreaking system will govern every financial transaction, large and small, across the globe, effectively rendering traditional banks obsolete.

The Quantum Financial System: The End of Traditional Banking

The QFS is set to become the backbone of all financial transactions worldwide. From now on, whether you’re buying a cup of coffee or closing a multi-million dollar deal, the QFS will be the invisible hand guiding the process. This system promises a seamless, efficient, and secure transaction process, eliminating the need for traditional banks, which have long profited from the inefficiencies and complexities of the financial world.

Why, you ask? The answer is simple: QFS doesn’t need banks to make money. It operates on a completely different paradigm. All financial accounts are housed within the same quantum brain, which means no more third-party intermediaries to facilitate transfers.

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Transactions are direct and instantaneous, conducted solely by the parties involved. Moreover, the QFS equalizes the value of all currencies, nullifying the need for entities like the International Clearing House, which have thrived on currency exchange disparities.

New Financial Service Centers: The Future of Financial Transactions

As the QFS takes over, new financial service centers will emerge, forming a novel financial services industry. These centers will function similarly to banks but will be dedicated to serving humanity’s financial needs within the QFS framework. With the obsolescence of traditional banks due to their inability to generate funds, these service centers will step in to fill the void, offering services that banks could only dream of providing for free.

Paying bills will become a breeze. Administrators within companies will control transfers electronically, adapting swiftly to the new system. The QFS boasts a permanent record-keeping ability akin to the Akashic records, ensuring every transaction is preserved indefinitely.

The Demise of Personal Income Tax and the Rise of Sales Tax

One of the most revolutionary changes brought by the QFS is the eradication of personal income tax. With this burden lifted, there’s no longer a need for extensive tax data. Instead, the focus shifts to a more straightforward sales tax on all non-essential new items, excluding necessities like food and medicine. This shift promises a simpler, more transparent taxation system, freeing individuals from the oppressive grip of income tax.

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Gold Certificates: The Digital Revolution in Asset Backing

The QFS also introduces a new form of asset backing – digital gold certificates. Though these certificates are ready, they have not yet been activated. The activation hinges on the QFS setting a global gold price, which will determine how much currency each ounce of gold backs. Only when this price is set will these certificates come to life.

These certificates will play a crucial role in the redemption process managed by the coalition. Redemption will only occur for valid, documented vouchers approved for coalition-sanctioned humanitarian projects. Those expecting windfalls based on dubious SKRs or safekeeping receipts will be sorely disappointed, as the coalition will only recognize legitimate projects.

The Struggle Against a Cashless Society

Despite the dark side’s push towards a cashless society, the new system is designed to accommodate cash usage within the QFS. Digital Gold Certificates represent cash increases within the system, covering various currencies like the dollar, euro, yuan, and pound. Cash will remain a viable option, ensuring that individuals retain the choice to use physical money.

At the new financial service centers, you can request cash from your QFS account. The cash will be dispensed through an allocation machine, linking the digital gold certificate to the cash serial number.

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Purchases made with this cash will allow recipients to deposit it back into their QFS account at a service center, effectively cycling the cash back into the system. This process maintains the availability of spendable cash while integrating it seamlessly into the digital realm.

The Role of Banks in the QFS Era

Banks, as we know them, are on their last legs. The QFS eliminates the need for traditional banking services, making everything banks used to charge for absolutely free. This upheaval necessitates a significant funding influx into the financial services sector to support the new financial service centers.

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The coalition has meticulously cleansed banks, retaining only those employees deemed worthy to transition into the new financial services sector. These individuals are undergoing rigorous training to serve as financial service center employees, all while bound by strict confidentiality agreements.

The Unfolding Miracle: A Glimpse into the Future

The next step in this financial revolution is unfolding right before our eyes. For those in the know, the plan is a miraculous blueprint for the future. Despite the media’s relentless bombardment, the truth shines through, promising a future where service to humanity is the ultimate goal.

The coalition, in its wisdom, has chosen us to partake in this transformative journey. With the QFS at the helm, the future of financial transactions is bright, efficient, and fundamentally altered for the better. As we navigate this new landscape, one thing is certain – the days of traditional banking are numbered, and a new era of financial freedom and transparency is upon us.

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