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QFS Ready to Launch: GESARA and Financial Service Centers Set to Replace Banks!

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Once the Quantum Financial System (QFS) is fully operational, say goodbye to the days of exorbitant fees for financial services. No more usury fees on loans, no more bankers pocketing your hard-earned money, and no more delays in fund transfers. Everything will be straightforward, with transfers happening directly from one account to another, managed solely by the account holders themselves.

Forget about third-party systems like CIPS or SWIFT. The QFS eliminates the need for these middlemen, placing the power back into the hands of the individuals. You will see customers leaving banks with smiles on their faces, wondering how banks will survive without their traditional fee structures. The era of bankers manipulating money to generate profit is over.

The QFS is not just free and secure; it’s lightning-fast. A new financial services industry will rise, replacing traditional banking services and offering them for free. Enter the Financial Service Centers, spearheaded by Major Jim Holders and Jim Benefactors.

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These centers will utilize current bank buildings and branches as their hubs, transforming them into the epicenters of this revolutionary financial shift. This is where substantial humanitarian funds will be directed, ensuring that these centers meet the financial needs of the populace without the exploitative practices of the past.

One critical aspect of the QFS is its handling of currencies. Fiat currency and other traditional forms of money can only enter the QFS through a meticulous exchange process where they are issued digital vouchers. Without these vouchers, the system cannot recognize the currency as legitimate. The process of redeeming Zim, for example, activates a voucher and deposits it into the client’s QFS account, ensuring the currency is clean, transparent, and free from any ties to terrorism.

It’s essential to understand that the QFS is not yet fully activated. Currency is currently downloaded into the system for the Alliance, but full activation hinges on the completion of the global currency reset (GCR).

Several conditions must be met before this can occur, including the redemption of Zim and the revaluation of global currencies. A crucial prerequisite is the collapse and full disclosure of the central banking system, a system that has enslaved humanity for decades.

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The Elders, who have amassed gold for centuries, play a pivotal role in this transformation. Their gold, hidden away in caves, was once lent to the central banking system to finance Europe’s reconstruction post-World Wars. However, this gold was never returned and instead was used to build a financial empire that has perpetuated global enslavement.

The QFS currency is backed by this gold, with each kilogram identified by a unique serial number, linking it to a corresponding amount of currency. This ensures that every digital note issued in the QFS is backed by tangible assets.

The transition to the QFS will not be without challenges. One significant hurdle will be the integration of debit cards for merchant purchases. While VISA and Mastercard currently dominate this space, their adaptation to the QFS debit cards will be a monumental task.

Over time, merchant fees associated with these cards will be eliminated, fundamentally changing how these companies operate. The QFS, with its advanced security systems, will prevent fraud and ensure the safety of all transactions, safeguarding our financial future as long as money is used for the exchange of goods and services.

The Financial Service Centers represent the future vision of the financial services industry within the QFS. These centers will rise from the ashes of the collapsing banks, essential in maintaining the glue that holds society together through financial transactions.

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Jim Benefactor, while primarily focused on humanitarian efforts, will play a critical role in establishing this new industry. The financial services sector is crucial to societal success, akin to ensuring food and shelter for humanity.

The QFS structure, inherently non-profitable, will require the intervention of wealthy individuals like Jim Benefactor to save and repurpose the existing banking infrastructure. By acquiring assets within the banking sector, these Financial Service Centers will transform the traditional structures into hubs of the new financial services industry, making the QFS a reality for everyone.

The QFS is not just an advanced system; it marks the end of the corrupt central banking system controlled by the cabal. Trust the plan! The QFS Satellite Currency System and the GCR will usher in a permanent golden age under GESARA, putting an end to deep state corruption. This monumental shift, often referred to as the Black Swan event, is imminent and will lead to the global financial reset.

Believe in the plan. The QFS, the GCR, and the introduction of revolutionary technologies like Med Beds signal our exit from the matrix and the dawn of a new golden age. This is the new financial system, a complete reset that will change everything. The transformation is upon us, and those who believe in the plan will witness the birth of a new era.

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