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What is the Shift: A New Heaven and a New Earth

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A New Heaven and a New Earth

It’s been prophesied in cultures throughout history, and known by many names; The Shift, The Event, Ascension to 5D, New Earth, Age of Aquarius, Shift of the Ages, Day of the Lord, and the Rapture.

It describes the end of a major cycle of time and the transition to a higher state of being for humanity, which will allow humans to exist as a galactic civilization and interact with advanced extraterrestrial races.

It’s not a literal solar flash, but will be triggered by a pulse of consciousness initiated by Galactic Federation at an unspecified moment. Pleiadians say that it will happen during the lifetimes of the generations alive now.

On a higher frequency, the moment has already happened, but we’ve yet to perceive it in our 3D reality. When it reaches our consciousness, everything will be changed forever.

What happens to this Earth?

“One shall be taken, one shall be left behind” is the common understanding, and this is basically how it will be. The people who are “left behind” won’t see millions of people die, they’ll experience millions of people disappearing in the blink of an eye.

There will be panic and fear in the minutes and hours following this. Pleiadians explain that all it will take is the perception of an ascension-type event to engage the higher self in a choice. If they can understand what has happened, and find the will to choose that for themselves, they can shift in an instant. Some people will shift within minutes. Others will take time to work it out. All it takes is a realization that there is Light that they can call on, whether they define it as God or anything else. Love is still in their heart chakra and can be activated.

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Helena Carey
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