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BREAKING! Mossad and CIA Orchestrated the Assassination of President Ebrahim Raisi: Microwave Weapons Used in Helicopter Crash, Deleted Satellite Data Revealed!

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The crash of the Iran Presidential Helicopter wasn’t just an accident. It was a meticulously orchestrated assassination, executed with surgical precision by forces determined to destabilize Iran. The cover-up that followed is nothing short of a slap in the face to anyone who values truth and justice. The deletion of weather satellite Data for the day of the crash is a glaring indication of a larger conspiracy at play.

The President of Iran was on a routine helicopter trip to the border with Azerbaijan for a brief meeting with the President of Azerbaijan. On the return flight, the President, his Foreign Minister, and their colleagues never made it back. This was no random tragedy; it was a targeted strike.

Days before, the Prime Minister of Slovakia, Robert Fico, also met with the President of Azerbaijan and was subsequently shot in an assassination attempt. Two high-profile leaders, two meetings with the same president, followed by deadly attacks? This is a carefully coordinated operation.

Adding to the suspicions, the “Israel War Room” account on the platform “X” posted a cryptic message with a helicopter image exactly at the time of the crash. How did they know? Because they were involved, that’s how.

US and Israel Execute High-Stakes Covert Operation to Murder Iranian President!

Explosive new evidence has surfaced, indicating that the United States and Israel jointly carried out a high-stakes covert operation to assassinate the President of Iran.

Sources within the Pentagon have revealed that a top-secret microwave weapon was used, deployed from a US Air Force C-17. This weapon, capable of frying all electronic systems within seconds, caused the helicopter to crash without warning.

The helicopter plummeted into the mountains of northern Iran, with no MAYDAY call or emergency transponder signal. The aircraft’s homing beacons, which are designed to activate in a crash, were conspicuously silent.

This indicates a sudden and catastrophic event—an explosion, or perhaps a direct strike by a high-energy weapon.

Satellite Data Erased to Conceal Assassination Plot!

Journalists investigating the weather conditions on the day of the crash discovered that all satellite imagery from May 19 had been deleted. This deletion is no accident—it’s a blatant cover-up. Insiders report that the erased data likely captured the telltale signs of a microwave weapon attack. Why was this data erased? Who ordered its deletion? The cover-up is as incriminating as the assassination itself.

Israeli Social Media Boasts Confirm Involvement in Assassination!

The “Israel War Room” account’s premature and eerie posting about the helicopter crash raises serious suspicions. This brazen display of foreknowledge suggests Israeli involvement in the assassination. The timestamp on their post is a direct admission of their role in the plot.

Sources indicate that the Israeli Mossad, in collaboration with the CIA, meticulously planned and executed this assassination to destabilize Iran. The use of a microwave weapon, deletion of satellite data, and coordinated social media boasts are all part of an elaborate operation to eliminate a key political figure.

Microwave Weapon Debris Found at Crash Site!

Investigators have uncovered debris consistent with the use of a high-powered microwave weapon at the helicopter crash site. This weapon, capable of destroying all electronic systems, was likely fired from the US Air Force C-17, which was covertly operating in the area. This discovery points directly to a coordinated attack by US and Israeli forces, executed with chilling precision.

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Weather Manipulation Technology Used to Create Fatal Fog!

Experts now believe the “dense fog” reported in the area was artificially created using advanced weather manipulation technology. The deleted satellite imagery likely captured evidence of this synthetic weather phenomenon. This fog was engineered to disorient the helicopter’s navigation systems, making it vulnerable to the subsequent microwave weapon attack.

Flight Data Recorder Reveals Sabotage!

Sources within Iran have revealed that the flight data recorder from the downed helicopter contains evidence of sabotage. The data shows a sudden and catastrophic failure of all electronic systems, consistent with a high-powered microwave attack. This irrefutable evidence confirms that the crash was not an accident but a deliberate act of murder.

The audacity of this plot is staggering. The evidence is mounting, pointing to an assassination carried out with the full backing of powerful international actors. The President of Iran and his colleagues were not victims of an unfortunate accident; they were targets in a deadly game of geopolitical chess.

The deletion of satellite data, the use of advanced weaponry, and the premature boasting on social media are all pieces of a puzzle that reveals a sinister and coordinated effort to eliminate a world leader.

This assassination is not just a tragedy for Iran; it’s a wake-up call for the world. The lengths to which these conspirators have gone to hide their tracks show the depths of their depravity and the extent of their power. It’s time for the truth to come out, for justice to be served, and for those responsible to be held accountable for their crimes.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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