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Video: Ready for the Economic Crash? Reiner Fuellmich with Peter Koenig

In this episode of the ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and co-host Dagmar Schoen, attorney at law, speak with Peter Koenig, an economist and geopolitical analyst. Subjects include the old economic, financial and geopolitical structures and agendas, and the rays of hope for liberating mankind from the clutches of a small but very well-connected financial elite that has reinforced its power over decades.

To strengthen their power, this financial elite used and still uses an artificially created financial system; the FED (Federal Reserve Bank) in the USA.

The FED is still mistakenly seen by many people as a state institution.

However, it is a private association of financiers who, through the issuance of banknotes, the dollar, and with the help of financial institutions, corporate and NGO conglomerates (such as Black Rock, Vanguard, the WEF and the WHO) have brought the entire world economy as well as entire nations under their control. They will use all possible means to maintain their power.

Of these methods, bribery and extortion are the most humane. This elite does not shy away from doing things that are difficult to surpass in malice to satisfy their greed. One should think of waging wars and assassinating non-compliant heads of state. Not to mention human trafficking and (ritual) child abuse.

Peter Koenig reports on his experiences with these institutions and with individuals when he used to work in the financial sector.

Today he recognizes their modus operandi and sees a danger of abuse of power in the emergence and growth of new associations such as the BRICS states. Despite the seemingly hopeless situation he remains optimistic. He believes that the rapidly growing community of the BRICS states should be given a chance. Let’s see if they will implement a move away from the petrodollar and separate themselves from the old parasitic structures.

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To better understand the current situation, Peter Koenig also sheds light on the historical geopolitical background of today’s world: why which wars were waged, which were the sponsors, who played which role and why is Germany the scapegoat. Germany, in his opinion, is to this day not a sovereign country.

To end this perfidious blinding of us the people and to end the money fraud by the elite, there is a need for broad public understanding of how such a global power grab could happen in the first place.

The only way to free ourselves from this elite’s clutches is by sovereignty.

We should connect with other people and build sovereign, independent communities that take care of themselves and whose members live as they see fit.

Communities that create their own laws by which they are governed. Communities which connect with other sovereign communities through, for example, economic trade.

This way we can detach from the control of the political and financial puppets; detach from our leaders.

Our leaders serve the few that stay in the background and pull the strings. Let us cut these strings by taking up our personal responsibility, creativity and sovereignty.

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