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Breaking!!! Weapons of Mass Destruction: Biden’s Lethal Gifts to Israel Unveiled!

Look, let’s cut the nonsense. When Biden, the self-proclaimed Zionist, stepped up to the podium, we expected, naively perhaps, a fair discourse on the Israel-Palestine debacle. Instead, we were force-fed a hot mess of misinformation, half-truths, and blatant omissions. It’s almost like he was reading from a script written by someone with a vested interest.

First off, grouping all Palestinian freedom fighters under the Hamas tag? Really? That’s like calling every soda a ‘Coke‘. It’s lazy and grossly inaccurate. Groups like the Islamic Jihad Front, Popular Front, Quds Brigade, and others have banded with Hamas for the Al-Quds Flood operation, desperately trying to break the hellish 17-year chokehold on the Gaza Strip. And while the world played dumb and mute, these groups were battling for a life worth living.

His comment on Hamas not representing the Palestinians? Laughable. Did he miss the memo on the democratic election of Hamas by a majority of Palestinians in 2006? Or perhaps he’s chosen to ignore the uproar of support from major cities worldwide. Either way, it’s a glaring oversight.

Biden’s dramatic narrative of Hamas’s supposed war crimes sounds like it was ripped straight from a horror novel. Oddly enough, it mirrors the terror tactics of the Zionist Israeli army against Palestinians over seven and a half decades. The systematic eradication of over 75 Palestinian cities, cold-blooded executions, and the unspeakable horrors meted out to women and children. Was Biden having a Freudian slip and recalling the dark days of the Deir Yassin massacre? Makes you wonder.

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And for clarity’s sake, let’s get one thing straight: the Palestinian freedom fighters aren’t the monsters they’re painted to be. Footage doesn’t lie. They’ve shown restraint and respect, even to captured Israeli soldiers. Their actions are guided by the Christian and Islamic values of not harming innocents. Meanwhile, the Israeli military playbook? It’s a masterclass in moral bankruptcy.

And here’s an inconvenient truth: every Israeli over 18, male or female, serves in the army. They’re bred on a diet of extremist rhetoric, honing biases before they even hit puberty. So, the line between civilian and soldier? It’s blurry at best.

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When Biden evoked the Holocaust and anti-Semitism to rally sympathy for Jewish Israelis, he conveniently bypassed a vital historical fact. These brutalities were European-made, inflicted primarily on Ashkenazi Jews. Meanwhile, Sephardi Jews thrived in Arab territories, including present-day Iran. That was until Israel’s inception and the alleged Mossad-led attacks, forcing them into this ‘new homeland’.

Biden’s narrative about a war, painting it as a simple skirmish with terrorists, is misleading. He’s quick to send American forces to save hostages but remains mum about these hostages’ dual allegiances. Many served the Israeli military while their Palestinian and Arab American counterparts suffered in Gaza and the West Bank. So much for patriotism, eh?

His unabashed pro-Israel stance is glaring. Pouring military aid into Israel, Biden hides behind the façade of global security. But here’s the kicker: He’s deploying the USS Gerald Ford, named after the only president who once questioned America’s bond with Israel. Irony much?

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Sending the Gerald Ford to the Middle East isn’t a mere show of strength. It’s a cold warning to Hezbollah, Syria, and Iran. And yes, the threats were delivered in person to Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad, with even a newspaper reporting a warning shot to Lebanon.

But these parties aren’t backing down. They recall past US blunders, like the Beirut bombing. Biden, despite his reliance on military might, seems to forget that today’s advanced missiles don’t discriminate against giant carriers.

The Iraqi military faction and the Yemeni Houthis have thrown their hats into the ring too. They’ve signaled that any US assault against Arab allies will be met with fierce resistance.

When American weaponry – some of which are banned by international standards – landed in Israeli arsenals, it wasn’t a mere gesture of alliance. These tools of destruction, like white phosphorus and cluster bombs, were a blatant directive from Biden: Get the job done, and do it fast. Why? Because the West fears that a ragtag group of Palestinian fighters beating the mighty Israeli army could inspire a global shift. Imagine the domino effect if, say, the events in the Middle East influenced the conflict in Ukraine.

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Israeli leaders, drunk on their power and age-old beliefs, went on a rampage against innocent Palestinian civilians. When Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant spewed hatred, branding all Arabs as “animals to be slaughtered,” it wasn’t just a slip of the tongue. It revealed the sinister mindset driving these acts of violence. The insistence on erasing the Gaza Strip wasn’t just for strategic gain; it was about sending a cold, hard message.

The aftermath paints a grim picture. With American bombs in tow, Israeli planes rained terror. They didn’t just target military bases. They went after homes, hospitals, businesses, and even sacred places of worship. These weren’t accidental casualties; these were deliberate acts of annihilation. The phosphorous and cluster bombs used on churches, mosques, and UN schools, sheltering over 263,000 Palestinians, was nothing short of a massacre.

The human cost? Devastating. Over 1,600 Palestinian civilians were butchered, including innocent children and women. Their lives extinguished by the very weapons Biden sent.

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Drawing parallels to the nuclear horror of WWII might seem extreme, but how else can we define this scale of brutality? Biden’s lofty claims of America standing against “terrorism” and “evil” ring hollow. Let’s not forget America’s own bloody legacy, where they wiped out over 100 million indigenous American Indians.

Israel’s 75-year track record is stained with blood. But the U.S.? Their unwavering support makes them partners in crime. Biden’s gifts to Israel aren’t acts of friendship; they’re tickets to destruction.

Biden’s cozy chat with Golda Meir, reminiscing about Israel as the “savior of Jews,” conveniently omits a crucial piece of history. Jews thrived in the Arab world, long before Israel’s creation. The narrative of Jews having “no place to go” is a farce, especially when many Zionist Israelis hold dual citizenships. But when they realized the grim reality of Israel, they yearned for their original homes.

Countries like Denmark, Australia, and Brazil tried to evacuate their dual citizens. But Israel’s sneaky move to shut down Ben-Gorion International Airport? It’s just another card in their hand of deceit.

The world’s not just watching a conflict; it’s witnessing a sinister puppet show. As the smoke clears, it’s time to expose the puppeteers and tear down their curtains of lies. The world deserves the raw truth, no matter how ugly.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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