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Uncovering The global Financial System: The Secret World of Banksters, Ghost Money, and How They Control Your Life!

The creation and distribution of money is the Deep State mafia's primary source of control on our planet

The global financial system is an immense fraud, a deception that has persisted for centuries, and it is time for the world to stand up and take notice. The Deep State elite, through their financial power, have bribed governments, industries, and media, exerting total control over the entire banking system and our society.

Money, even if completely fake, grants them this immense power.

The creation and distribution of money is the Deep State mafia’s primary source of control on our planet.

The Power of Divide and Rule: Bankers, Wars, and Hitler’s Independent Banking System

Bankers have long understood the power of the ‘divide and rule’ strategy. By pitting nations against one another and fueling wars, terror, and suffering, they have found the perfect means to multiply their wealth in the shortest amount of time possible.

They lend fake money to both warring parties, creating revolving loans to rebuild what has been destroyed. In order to secure debt repayment, they have implemented ‘illegal’ tax laws, forcing repayment and leaving countries in ruins.

Hitler became a problem for the Deep State when he broke free from their control and started acting in the interests of the German people and all other free people in the world.

He developed his own banking system, independent of the Rothschild system, and introduced a financial system free of usury and favorable to the working class.

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This prompted the Deep State to ensure Germany’s total destruction during WW2, as they could not tolerate an economic system that operated independently of their debt usury.

The idea that wealth can be created by simply printing pieces of worthless paper is a blatant lie, yet it serves the interests of the world mafia and their banking cronies.

Those closest to the printing press use the money first, before it loses its value due to intrinsic inflation or government theft. This is the foundation of market manipulation, particularly in relation to gold and silver prices.

Banking Cartel’s Market Manipulation: Fake Money, Insider Trading, and Debt Slavery

The banks wield large amounts of fake money to push down silver and gold prices. If they lose the bet, they lose only the worthless fake money, but no money from the bank’s vaults. They do not bet to win money, but to manipulate prices lower.

The same goes for stocks, which are bought to showcase the performance of asset markets and validate the supposed success of their economy. Natural resources, such as oil, are similarly manipulated. Banks invest to control the market, encouraging insider trading with their allies to profit from inside information.

Banksters within the banking cartel are rarely fined and never sent to jail. Given their control over governments, this should come as no surprise. If GAAP accounting principles were applied, which require money created to be recorded on the books, most of the world would no longer be in debt. This reality demonstrates that we humans cannot be true debt slaves.

By creating money and bribing people with everything else, the banksters bend the entire world to their will. The Fractional Reserve money system should be abolished, or at least accounted for correctly on the books and audited.

With this system, bankers make enormous profits at no cost, lending money they do not have, booking the charges, and losing nothing if the ghost money is not repaid. Technically, the debt was already paid when the loan was issued, generating massive profits for bankers.

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The Truth About Banks: Fraudulent Accounting, Usury, and the Power of Money Creation

Many people lack critical thinking skills, falling for the deception that banks can fail. It is time for everyone to be armed with the truth: the entire monetary system is designed to be corrupt from the top down.

Worse, it is based on fraudulent accounting practices, with the power to create the money itself. This is why banks can never fail. They simply create all the money they need but don’t book it in the ledger.

The power to create money out of thin air and lend it at interest is usury. What is commonly not understood is that the loan is not booked! Without debt and the power of money creation, banks can never go broke. Loans that are not repaid or partially repaid are never a loss to the bank. Every little bit of the loan plus interest that is repaid is pure profit for the bank!

The core of fractional banking secrecy is deliberately geared towards fraudulent accounting, granting the banking system enormous power combined with the creation of ghost money. The only real and permanent way to stop a global run on banks is to back currencies with gold to maintain their value at reasonable levels.

A return to the gold standard will create jobs worldwide, as imports collapse to a level where neither an export deficit nor an export surplus can occur. Local producers will seize the opportunity to reopen their industries to supply national consumers. This is the vital link between jobs and the gold standard.

The End of Dollar Dominance: Signs of Hyperinflation and the Fight for Financial Freedom

If (and when) the US Dollar loses its dominance as a world reserve currency, Gold and Silver will quickly skyrocket. The once formidable Dollar may eventually suffer hyperinflation as nations lose all faith in the Federal Reserve Note.

No one can say for sure when this will happen, but there are concrete signs that the cracks in the western banking system and the fiat Dollar money system are about to widen, signaling the end of our slavery.

The criminal bankster money system is the link for our slavery.

Money affects everyone, so it is crucial to spread this message and help others understand how and why they are enslaved and robbed of their hard-earned money by the corrupt money system.

The more people that comprehend this fraud and injustice, the faster the Deep State Cabal will be defeated.

Our freedom must be fought from below.

It is time to stand up, shake up the system, and reclaim the power over money creation.

By returning this power to the people, and not leaving it in the hands of governments, banks, or politicians, we can finally break free from the chains of the Deep State and the financial fraud that has gripped our world for far too long.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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