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A New World Order Unveiled: The Shocking Revelations of the World Economic Forum’s Secret Plan to Control Humanity!

A smorgasbord of politicians, corporate titans, self-styled philanthropists, and elite entities of all stripes are preparing for a weekend of terrorizing decisions that will impact the entire globe.

As the sun rises on the eve of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meet-up, the air is thick with anticipation. A smorgasbord of politicians, corporate titans, self-styled philanthropists, and elite entities of all stripes are preparing for a weekend of mutual admiration and globe-shaping decisions.

The Menu of Discussion: Five Major Points

What’s on the agenda this year? Well, the WEF’s website outlines the banquet of topics up for discussion, and there seems to be a recurring theme. The five key items include:

Tackling the current energy and food crises within a new framework for energy, climate, and nature.

Addressing the high inflation, sluggish growth, and burgeoning debt economy within a fresh paradigm for investment, trade, and infrastructure.

Confronting industrial challenges within a novel system for harnessing frontier technologies for private sector innovation and resilience.

Dealing with current social vulnerabilities within a pioneering system for work, skills, and care.

Managing geopolitical risks within a groundbreaking system for dialogue and cooperation in a multipolar world.

The ‘New System’: A Novelty or a Facade?

To the discerning eye, none of this is groundbreaking.

A ‘new system’ for energy?

That’s just a repackaged Green New Deal.

A ‘new system’ for international cooperation?

Code for global governance.

A ‘new system’ for investment and trade?

That’s a broad umbrella, sheltering everything from digital currency to infrastructure funding.

What’s intriguing is the glaring absence of phrases like “new normal“, “great reset“, or “build back better” on the WEF page, despite these topics clearly being the crux of the discussion. It’s a minor triumph for alternative media, whose relentless efforts have seemingly made these phrases too controversial for the WEF to use openly.

Controlling the Narrative: A Struggle for Dominance

The WEF seems to be grappling with a narrative crisis. A recent article highlighted the necessity for the world’s problem-solvers to craft compelling narratives.

The reasoning?

A well-constructed narrative eases the process of information absorption, thus making it more persuasive.

The unvarnished truth?

This is a call for more convincing lies.

The article goes on to shift blame towards irresponsible politicians, compromised scientists, and companies failing to fulfill the needs of the transition to net-zero.

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Censorship Disguised as Countering Misinformation

Meanwhile, there’s likely to be a discourse on ‘countering misinformation‘. Or should we say, censorship? A recent WEF article details the ‘challenges‘ faced by their ‘Global Coalition for Digital Safety‘. They aim to tackle a spectrum of issues, including child sexual abuse, terrorism, hate speech, misinformation, and content related to self-harm and suicide.

But don’t be fooled. They don’t really care about these issues. Their businesses exploit children, their state agencies fund terrorism, and their media outlets churn out misinformation faster than you can keep up.

Their real agenda?


Especially over what you are allowed to say and hear on the internet.

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The Call for ‘Tangible Solutions’

This year’s meet-up is also likely to see a push for ‘tangible solutions‘. The head of Amnesty International has called for attendees to focus on actionable solutions rather than protecting the existing global economic system at any cost.

This emphasis on ‘tangible solutions‘ is echoed by several other sources. However, this could be just a platitude to make the attendees and their meeting seem significant.

Or, perhaps it signals the end of the propaganda phase of the ‘great reset‘, ushering in the next stage: a shift from passive manipulation and psychological control mechanisms to more direct enforcement and policy implementation.

The Four Pillars of the Davos Agenda

As the WEF’s annual gathering unfolds, we can broadly identify four main themes underpinning the discussions:

A New System: Reforming the global systems of politics and finance, devising novel approaches to tackle the world’s pressing challenges.

Controlling the Narrative: Crafting more believable lies, skillfully manipulating public opinion, and stifling dissenting voices.

Countering Misinformation: Censorship, with a particular focus on regulating the internet and controlling the flow of information.

Tangible Solutions: Shifting from rhetoric to direct action through enforcement and policy changes.

The talking points at Davos will likely serve as a retrospective, focusing on the lessons learned from the shortcomings of their “pandemic” narrative. There’s no denying that the alternative media has scored some small victories, forcing the WEF to adopt a more subtle approach. However, make no mistake – the players may change their tactics, but the game remains the same.

In the timeless words of George Orwell, “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

As we peel back the layers of the World Economic Forum’s agenda, it’s clear we are in such a time.

The path to truth and transparency may be arduous, but it’s a journey we must undertake, for in its pursuit lies the preservation of our freedoms and the essence of our humanity.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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