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Top secret!! How Nazis, Shakespeare, and Today’s Secret Online Censorship Tactics Are Waging a Hidden War on Your Thoughts!

Western governments, under the guise of protecting their citizens, are meticulously crafting laws to quash what they conveniently label as “disinformation” and “misinformation.” These seemingly benign terms are, in reality, veiled attempts to control narratives and mute voices that dare challenge the status quo. Yet, the irony is palpable: the media, which often parrots these official “truths,” frequently dabbles in the very disinformation they decry. Their relentless repetition soon becomes indistinguishable from white noise.

The U.S., with its First Amendment shield, remains somewhat insulated from overt censorship. However, covert tactics are not beyond its purview. On the other hand, regions like Europe, the U.K., and Australia, where the protective embrace of free speech is less pronounced, have seen their governments legislate with abandon. The European Commission’s “Digital Services Act” is a prime example of such veiled censorship.

Down Under, the Australian government is on a quest to arm the Australian Communications and Media Authority with “new powers.” Their goal? To rein in digital platforms and “combat harmful misinformation and disinformation.

But here’s a twist in the tale: the potential savior from these oppressive laws might just be literary criticism. The very terminology these laws employ is a masterclass in misdirection. Information, be it in a book, article, or post, is inherently passive. It doesn’t act; it merely exists. The Nazis, in their infamous book-burning campaigns, targeted the ideas within the pages, not the pages themselves. Similarly, when modern legislators rally against “disinformation,” they’re not attacking the content but the intent behind it.

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The crux of the matter is the manipulation of the term “information.” It’s a sleight of hand to make it seem as though the battle is against objective falsehoods. But is that truly the case? Would these laws, for instance, hold economists or financial analysts accountable for inaccurate predictions? Unlikely. These laws are laser-focused on writers whose narratives diverge from the government’s sanctioned version.

The very definitions of “disinformation” and “misinformation” hinge on intent. The former is designed to mislead, while the latter is an unintentional error. But how does one gauge intent? It’s a slippery slope, one that literary critics have long grappled with. The “Intentional Fallacy” posits that a text’s meaning isn’t solely tied to the author’s intent. Shakespeare’s works, brimming with interpretations, stand testament to this.

In today’s digital age, discerning intent becomes even murkier. A single social media post can be laden with irony, double entendres, or other nuances. How can one be certain of the underlying intent?

The variability in readers’ interpretations further complicates matters. A single article can elicit a spectrum of reactions, from vehement agreement to outright hostility. This diversity in interpretation underscores a fundamental truth: we are individuals, each processing information through our unique lens.

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Laws that aim to shield citizens from “bad influences” are not just condescending; they’re dehumanizing. They reduce us to mere data processors, devoid of critical thought. Such a perspective is not just flawed; it’s dangerous.

History is replete with instances of government inaccuracies. Take Australia’s handling of COVID-19. Initial promises of brief lockdowns to “flatten the curve” morphed into year-long restrictions. Yet, official records indicate that 2020 and 2021 witnessed the lowest respiratory illness-related deaths in recorded history. But will governments hold themselves to the same standards they impose on others? Doubtful.

These laws, rooted in quantitative biases, assume that bombarding citizens with state-sanctioned narratives will sway public opinion. But meaning isn’t derived from volume. A single, well-researched article can shatter the government’s carefully constructed facade, rendering their incessant noise irrelevant.

In their zealousness to suppress dissenting voices, governments are treading dangerously close to penalizing free thought, reminiscent of George Orwell’s “thought crimes.”

But here’s the truth they fail to grasp: the human spirit is indomitable.

No law can stifle our innate desire to seek the truth.

These ill-conceived laws, built on a foundation of deceit, are destined to crumble.

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William Reed
William Reed
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