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Government and Those Who Control Government, Are the Most Monstrous Terrorists of All Time

“The real terrorist is the American government, state terrorism unleashed against the world.” ~ Bernardine Dohrn

“The real terrorist is the American government, state terrorism unleashed against the world.”  ~ Bernardine Dohrn

September 02/3, 2023 – Information Clearing House – “Lew Rockwell” — Over the past two plus decades, the words terrorist and terrorism, have inundated the ‘news’ cycles, especially beginning profusely after the inside false flag ‘attack’ referred to as ‘9/11.’ Most all reference to terrorism however, has been isolated to what the government and its media claimed were foreign enemies of the state, mainly terror groups and individuals as identified by the State itself, and in most cases, they were created intentionally by that same State in order to use for nefarious purposes. What was missing from this agenda-driven false reporting, was the exposure of the real terrorists among us, who are those who rule and their complicit pawns in government, as well as all government enforcement agencies. The real terrorists, the most brutal, and the most murderous; those who perpetrate terror and cause and allow others to commit acts of horror, are government and those who control government. As to the most prolific of all nation-state terrorism, the U.S. is by far, the worst among all nations on earth, and is the leader of terrorism worldwide.

The term State terrorism, is an accurate description, but instead of State terrorism by outside and foreign ‘enemies,’ it is almost exclusively today in the form of terrorism against the people by one’s own government, and nothing could have proven this fact more than the resent bogus ‘covid’ terroristic fraud foisted on this entire population, as well as every other country on earth. Terrorism and the war of terrorism, has finally been exposed as only a vehicle of power and control, meant to subdue and command dominance over resident populations. Of course, this heinous plot is based on fear, and so long as the collective herd can be made afraid of monsters from afar or within, they can be restricted, restrained, muted, and fooled into mass compliance and voluntary enslavement. The weapons being used by the State are many, from threats of war, manipulated weather and bogus weather reporting, fake ‘climate change,’ intentionally set fires, manufactured ‘pandemics,’ economic destruction, hyper-inflation, lack of food and proper medical care, and on and on. This is the real terror, and the greatest risk to us all.

It is not only appropriate, but imperative, to understand that every single threat and harmful event outlined by government and State-supported media, should first and foremost be considered a purposeful manipulation, and therefore a lie. These threats and heinous events are deliberately constructed and premeditated attempts to gain total control over the people by very unscrupulous means, as performed by evil State actors. This is the world in which we now live. It is a world of insanity and extreme madness, and the slaughter and murder of innocents is regarded by the State as a boon to its desires to advance nefarious agendas.

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We are now in the midst of extreme terror by fire, and this is being perpetuated worldwide, without any regard whatsoever for the victims of this attack on humanity. The Maui fires, especially in Lahaina, were it seems, completely staged and intentional. The people there were purposely blocked by police from leaving, and sent in circles in the middle of this deliberate and willful murder of innocents. These fires were targeted, as certain State buildings, large complexes, and multi-million dollar homes were spared, while directly in the line of the fires that magically leapt over these State-protected areas. The anomalies present are many, and of course said to be  ‘unexplainable,’  but coincidences do not happen in huge numbers all at the same time in a manner that is only advantageous to the State’s abominable intentions. The evil governor of Hawaii,  Josh Green, announced immediately, that he intended to capture as much land as possible for State control, while the people with no homes and unfound dead family members were abandoned. The obvious nature of this is so clear and stark, as the State had long ago decided to steal this land for its own use, so murdering likely thousands was the price paid, without any regard from the scum in government and its police partners who allowed this to happen. This was a directed war against Lahaina.

Extremely suspicious fires are being ignited all around the world, and most of those being reported are of a very dubious nature. California has had its share, as has Canada, and many look to be intentional, and are burning at extremely high temperatures with high wind. This is indicative of the effects of many years of spraying metals, chemicals, and poisons in the form of geoengineering via chemical trails. The same is happening still in Canada and many places in the U.S. Maui was just the latest, and of course, the most devastating concerning human life. Greece has been burning for some time now, and all indications are that those fires were intentional as well. Turkey is also engulfed in flames. Multiple fires in Chinese cities are also highly questionable. This is the State’s preferred method of terror currently, and fits in perfectly with their complete scam of ‘climate change,’ which is the impetus at this point for all plans of global takeover.

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Arson is a factor in most of these fires, but who are the arsonists, and why is this happening around the world at the same time? There are many signs that lead to the conclusion that these fires have been set in multiple ways, and purposely, including by directed energy. One of the Air Force’s Directed Energy Directorates is actually in Maui, but that should surprise no one. Many of these fires are said even by the State to be intentionally set by individuals, but why would so many people set murderous fires if they were not commissioned to do so? What is the State’s role in these terrorism events? Obviously, pandemics, fires, directed storms, chemical spills, and wars, among many other atrocities, fit into the narrative of global governance, as all these things lead to mass control of populations, and the State stands to take over more people and property at every turn. There are just too many so-called coincidences to ignore, even for those who continually hide from the truth. The State is definitely involved heavily in many areas of terrorism, including domestic terrorism, and is using these homicidal policies to its murderous advantage.

The sad truth of the matter, is that this is just the beginning, and more acts of terror loom in our future. The ruling class and government will continue their quest of intimidation and murder so long as the masses put up with it, and no obvious sign of real dissent has emerged from this hapless population. Yes, there is talk, and some pushback at the extreme margins, but no real majority resistance has ever shown up to date.

Governments of every stripe are nothing more than gangs of terrorists. All government is organized crime, and relies on force and propaganda in order to subdue the human herd. The criminals at the top care nothing about any of you, and will always find the common man to be expendable, especially those who stand in the way of the State’s efforts to achieve totalitarian rule.

It is my opinion that the most dangerous threats to freedom and human kind at this point, are the frauds called ‘climate change,’ and the plotted digital takeover of the monetary system. Fake ‘climate change’ will be the motivating catalyst used to lock down and restrict humanity beyond the imagination of most, and central bank digital currencies will be used to drive the nail in the coffin of all dissent. Once these agenda items are solidified, any hope of liberty will be quashed. This cannot be stressed strongly enough, as the time we have left to alter this deadly course we are on is disappearing quickly. Don’t wait until it is too late!

“The object of terrorism is terrorism. The object of oppression is oppression. The object of torture is torture. The object of murder is murder. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?” ~ George Orwell, 1984

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