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PANIC in D.C.! Obama and Biden’s Crisis Meeting as Deep State Collapses – Staged Assassination Attempt on Trump – Military Takeover, and Media Blackouts!

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Barack Obama, the mastermind behind a vast deep state network and CIA puppet master, has triggered a seismic shift in Washington, D.C. In a clandestine meeting with his loyal lackey Ron Klein and the puppet-in-chief Joe Biden, they plot their next move.

Kamala Harris, sidelined and seething with rage, is cast aside as the conversation turns to more palatable replacements like Gretchen Whitmer and Gavin Newsom. This explosive leak, courtesy of hedge fund mogul and DNC insider Doug Kass, lays bare the sheer panic gripping the Democratic elite.

This is a high-stakes scripted drama. Trump’s devolution plan, bolstered by secret military directives, has seized control of mainstream media operations and deep state machinations.

We are witnessing the final act of a meticulously choreographed game theory operation designed to expose the depth of corruption and democratic sabotage, potentially leading to the cancellation of the upcoming elections. This revelation will ignite a massive uprising among the American people, an inevitable consequence of the betrayal perpetrated by the deep state.

The Supreme Court’s recent release of hundreds of January 6 political prisoners was no random act of justice. It was a calculated maneuver, laying the groundwork for laws that will safeguard future civil war events, political uprisings, and protesters. This was foretold. For years, we have warned that such a day would come, a day when Americans would rise up, reclaim their freedom, and ignite a revolution reminiscent of 1776.

Military intervention is on the horizon. Trump has declared war on the corrupt officials embedded within our government. Tens of thousands will be purged from their positions. The mainstream media, complicit in their crimes, are frantically warning about Trump’s impending arrest plans, while military generals hint at the retribution that looms. The stage is set for mass arrests and the reclamation of power by the states and rightful leaders.

What’s next? Brace yourselves for Trump’s house arrest, followed by a staged assassination attempt. But don’t be deceived; he will survive. This is all part of a grand design by the white hats.

This pivotal event will expose the Majority Intelligence Committee, the shadowy cabal orchestrating Obama’s treasonous operations and the current military coup. Once exposed, Trump will make his triumphant return as President in 2025, brokering peace with Russia, China, and North Korea, a move he has already signaled.

Obama and his deep state cronies are in full panic mode. The emergency meeting with Biden is a clear sign of their crumbling façade. Kamala Harris’s exclusion from this inner circle of deceit highlights the fractures within their ranks. Whitmer and Newsom are merely desperate pawns in a failing strategy to maintain their illusion of control.

But the script runs deeper. Hidden alliances and secret pacts are unraveling. The deep state is being dragged into the light, kicking and screaming. The corruption and interference that have tainted our democratic process are being exposed. Public outrage is reaching a fever pitch, and the call for revolution is becoming deafening.

The release of the January 6 prisoners wasn’t just an act of justice; it was a calculated move to ignite the flames of dissent and lay the groundwork for future civil unrest. These new laws are not merely about protecting protesters; they are about ensuring that when the moment comes, the American people will have the legal ammunition to reclaim their country from the clutches of corruption.

Behind the scenes, a secret cabal of tech moguls, media titans, and corrupt politicians are orchestrating a vast network of deceit. They meet in shadowy rooms, away from prying eyes, plotting their next move. Their goal? To maintain their grip on power at any cost. But their plans are unraveling. Whistleblowers within their ranks are coming forward, revealing the depth of their treachery. Secret documents, hidden for years, are being leaked, exposing their plans to undermine our democracy.

EXPLOSIVE! Trump’s Assassination Attempt, Biden’s Exit, DARPA’s Earthquake Weapons, Clinton’s Pact with Michelle Obama, and De Niro’s Elite Pedophile Ring Connections!

Trump’s promise to remove tens of thousands of leaders is not just bluster; it’s a well-planned strategy to purge the government of traitors. The arrests will be swift, the trials public, and the verdicts harsh. This is the only way to restore order and return power to the states and their rightful leaders.

As we approach the climax of this orchestrated chaos, the final pieces are falling into place. The staged assassination attempt on Trump will serve as the ultimate revelation, exposing the treacherous Majority Intelligence Committee and the coup orchestrated by Obama and his lackeys.

This event will be the spark that reignites the American spirit, leading to Trump’s victorious return in 2025. He will negotiate peace with our adversaries and restore our nation’s standing on the global stage.

UPDATE!! Global Martial Law Declared: Blackouts, and Military Tribunals Begin – The Fall of the Khazarian Mafia and the Deep State – QFS Goes Live!

The devolution plan, the capture of mainstream media, and the exposure of deep state operations are all part of a grand strategy to reclaim the United States from the grip of corruption and restore power to its people. The fog of war may obscure the truth, but the endgame is in sight. Stay vigilant, stay informed, and prepare for the revolution that will secure the future of this great nation.

Obama and his conspirators, take heed: your time is up. The American people are awakening, and the storm is coming. This is the final countdown to justice, and we will not be silenced. The revolution is here, and it’s time to reclaim our country from the traitors who seek to destroy it.

The hidden hand of the deep state is being forced into the open, and their schemes are being dismantled. The American people are ready, and the reckoning is at hand.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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