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EXPLOSIVE! Trump’s Assassination Attempt, Biden’s Exit, DARPA’s Earthquake Weapons, Clinton’s Pact with Michelle Obama, and De Niro’s Elite Pedophile Ring Connections!

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The storm is upon us. Biden’s departure is imminent. The puppet masters behind the scenes are scrambling, pulling strings to replace him with Gavin Newsom, their next marionette. At the same time, Hillary Clinton, the perennial power-hungry hawk, is plotting her return to the political stage, with none other than Michael Obama at her side.

In the shadows, a chilling plot is brewing. The deep state is orchestrating an assassination attempt on Donald Trump. The CIA and the nefarious Majority Intelligence Committee (MAJIC) are gearing up for an operation straight out of their darkest playbook, reminiscent of the Kennedy assassination. Their objective is clear: eliminate the man who threatens to expose their sinister schemes.

White Hats, the true patriots, are prepared. They will stage their own counter-event, ensuring Trump’s survival. When the attempt happens, and Trump emerges unscathed, you will know the White Hats were behind it, orchestrating every move.

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Meanwhile, the West Coast is on the brink of cataclysm. An earthquake, meticulously planned and engineered to devastate Oregon, California, and Nevada, is about to strike. DARPA, with its clandestine operations and advanced technology, has been conducting tests for weeks. The mysterious sonic booms rattling California are no coincidence.

The mainstream media, complicit in the cover-up, is scrambling to fabricate excuses. These aren’t natural earthquakes; these are weapons of mass destruction, engineered to kill millions and pave the way for draconian climate change laws. The globalists have long harbored a morbid fascination with mass death and chaos, and now their twisted plans are coming to fruition.

But the earthquake weapons are just the tip of the iceberg. This month, Congress and the Senate are poised to pass groundbreaking laws that will shield whistleblowers from the deep state’s reach. These laws are a game-changer—they will dismantle the national security protections that have kept dark operations hidden for decades.

With these new safeguards, whistleblowers will come forward, exposing MAJIC, DARPA, and other deep operations. The veil of secrecy is lifting, and the truth about advanced military weapons and UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) will finally be revealed.

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The revelations don’t stop there. The murky underworld of pedophile rings, human trafficking, and sex extortion is about to be blown wide open. Many are unaware that Jeffrey Epstein was arrested during the Trump administration, along with P Diddy, both acting as triple agents in a grand military investigation.

The White Hats have been playing a long game, and now, P Diddy is ready to sing like a canary. He will expose the elites and their connections to the music and film industries, unveiling a web of corruption and depravity that spans the globe.

Epstein’s videos, long hidden from the public, are set to be released through military drops and White Hat media channels. Congress will reopen the Epstein case, and the truth will finally come out. This is why Robert De Niro and the elites are so desperate to stop Trump—they know their time is running out.

De Niro’s involvement in the world’s sex rings traces back to the 1980s, connected to the Getty Museum’s underground pedophile base and satanic rituals. This is no coincidence—the Getty Museum, with its ties to satanist Marina Abramović, has long been a hub for the dark elite.

The connections run deep. De Niro’s ties to pedophilia extend to Roman Polanski, infamous for his film “Rosemary’s Baby,” a chilling depiction of satanic cults and the birth of Satan’s child. De Niro, Christopher Walken, and other Hollywood figures are entangled in this sinister web.

Mel Gibson’s fear of Walken, known for his talks of torture, is just the tip of the iceberg. The Hollywood deep state is connected to Epstein, P Diddy, California banks, cartels, drugs, and human trafficking. The entire industry is a cesspool of corruption, controlled by the elites who pull the strings.

And then there’s the exposure of weather and tectonic weapons—tools of destruction used to engineer earthquakes and manipulate the climate. These weapons are connected to the man-made UFOs and the real UAPs that the military has kept hidden for so long. But now, the truth is emerging. We are living in a time of unprecedented revelation, where the dark operations of the past are being laid bare for all to see.

Prepare yourselves. The White Hats are in control, and their plan is unfolding. The storm is here, and it will wash away the lies, deceit, and corruption that have plagued our world for so long. This is the era of disclosure, and there is no turning back. The truth is coming, and it will set us free.

As the earthquake drills intensify, residents of the West Coast are being conditioned to accept these disasters as natural occurrences. They aren’t. Hidden within DARPA’s high-tech labs, scientists are using patented tectonic weapons to simulate “natural” disasters. The goal? To decimate populations and gain control through fear and chaos.

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The elite’s agenda is transparent—they want to impose climate change laws that will grant them unprecedented power and control over our lives. The mysterious sonic booms heard across California are the harbingers of the catastrophic event they are planning.

The exposure of advanced military technology and UAPs will be another nail in the coffin for the deep state. For years, they have hidden their experiments under the guise of national security. But with new whistleblower protections, the truth about these operations will finally come to light. The era of secrecy is ending, and the dawn of revelation is upon us.

The globalists, the deep state, and the elites have woven a web of lies to control us. But their web is unraveling. The White Hats are leading the charge, armed with truth and justice.

The storm is here, and it will wash away the corruption and deceit that have plagued our world for too long. This is the great awakening, and nothing can stop it. The truth is coming, and it will set us free.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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