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Operation Paperclip: Deep State Nazis and War Criminals Dictate America – CIA-Nazi Propaganda and Mind Control – American Families in Danger – Black Swan Event Coming

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The infiltration of Nazi ideology into the heart of American power is a malignant growth that has metastasized through the corridors of power, fundamentally reshaping the United States into a grotesque mirror of the fascist regime it once fought to destroy. This is the beast that now dictates from the shadows, a deep state that has been orchestrating the grand puppet show of American democracy.

Operation Paperclip was an outright invasion by fascist ideologues into the American governmental structure, where they have since burrowed deep, weaving their poisonous threads into the fabric of American policies and national security measures.

America didn’t just hire a few German scientists; it absorbed an entire Nazi infrastructure, which brought with it a legacy of tyranny, control, and human experimentation that has been chillingly replicated on American soil.

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The scale of this infiltration is staggering. More than 6,000 individuals, deeply embedded in Nazi atrocities, were granted not just entry but influential positions within the military, aerospace, and intelligence communities. They brought with them a doctrine steeped in authoritarianism, surveillance, and the suppression of dissent—tools that the U.S. government was all too eager to employ in the name of national security.

These architects of horror were integrated into what would soon be known as the American deep state, operating beyond the reach of law and oversight. Their expertise in propaganda, psychological manipulation, and covert operations became the backbone of numerous clandestine programs. Under the guise of defending against external threats, they turned their newly acquired capabilities inward, against the American people themselves.

Let’s talk about control—how about mind control? Under projects like MKUltra, which the CIA hungrily adopted, techniques developed by Nazi scientists for brainwashing and mental subjugation were employed on unsuspecting civilians and even military personnel. The objective? To master the art of human behavior manipulation, to forge an arsenal of psychological tools that could subdue, control, and manipulate the populace from the shadows.

This deep state—a term too sanitized for this cabal of tyrants—has manipulated elections, engineered foreign policy disasters, and orchestrated economic calamities, all while the public remains blissfully unaware of the puppet masters pulling their strings. This is an occupation regime, operating under the guise of bureaucratic normalcy while feeding off the very essence of American liberty.

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How Nazi Scientists Have Taken Over the US

The assertion that Russia is combating a modern incarnation of fascism in Ukraine is a dire warning about the insidious nature of the foes we face. This is a full-blown war against a shadowy resurrection of the most dangerous ideologies of the 20th century. These ideologies have not only survived but have been deliberately nurtured and integrated into what many now recognize as the American Deep State.

The integration of Nazi scientists through ‘Operation Paperclip’ was no mere act of espionage or a tactical move against the Soviet threat. It was the deliberate creation of a malignant tumor within the heart of American intelligence and scientific communities, one that has metastasized through every layer of government.

These scientists were not just working in labs; they were embedded within the very fabric of the U.S. intelligence apparatus, shaping policies and influencing decisions on national and global scales. This is a grotesque reality that has been subtly hidden under the cover of national security.

The MK-ULTRA program is a prime example of how deep and dark these roots go. It was about soul control. Funded and facilitated by agencies that embraced Nazi war criminals, the program utilized techniques that could only be conceived in the darkest corners of a twisted mind.

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The American government, hand-in-hand with these remnants of Nazi evil, engaged in activities so heinous, so utterly depraved, that they make a mockery of the very notion of human rights.

And the most grotesque part? The Deep State, this cabal of power-hungry strategists, has been using these tactics not just against perceived enemies but against its own people. Americans have been unwitting guinea pigs in an ongoing experiment of control and suppression.

Every aspect of American life, from what we watch, to what we eat, to how we think, has been influenced by these forces. The so-called defenders of democracy have engineered a society of compliance and subservience, where dissent is quashed and ‘truth’ is manufactured.

Economic sanctions against Russia? These are weapons of war against a nation that dares to stand up against this shadowy network. Russia is painted as the aggressor, the ‘reincarnate of fascism,’ but what of the fascists who have quietly taken residence within the corridors of American power? Those who manipulate economic systems, control media narratives, and orchestrate international conflict behind a veil of secrecy and deceit?

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The mainstream media is complicit in this charade, once a trusted beacon of truth, now nothing more than a propaganda machine for the Deep State. Outlets like NPR, once revered, have been co-opted to serve up sanitized versions of the truth, laced with enough fact to be credible but engineered to mislead and misdirect.

In this twisted narrative where truth is stranger and more terrifying than fiction, the line between defender and aggressor blurs into insignificance. The true battle is not waged on the physical battlefields of Ukraine but in the minds and hearts of the global populace. The real enemy is already inside, masquerading as protector while preying on freedom and dignity.

As we peel back layers of lies and deceit, the picture becomes painfully clear. The war is already here. It’s been waged quietly on every front, in every home, in every mind. The stakes are not just political dominion but control over the very essence of human liberty.

The Deep State, with its Nazi-infused ideologies and strategies, has its grip tight around the throat of democracy, and it’s time for the American people to wake up and realize the peril we face.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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