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Massive Global Sweep: White Hats Launch Attack on Network of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS), Rescuing Over 150,000 Children from Satanic Cabal, with Over 30,000 Arrested in Secret Raids!

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In a series of harrowing and clandestine operations that have only recently come to light, the White hats under directives from President Trump, have uncovered more of the extensive network of Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) that stretch across North America and extend into Europe and the Middle East, where unthinkable atrocities have been committed against thousands of young victims.

The Scope of the Catastrophe

These secret missions have focused on rescuing tortured and mutilated children who were found in conditions that defy human decency. The operations spanned from California to New York, and international locations including the Vatican and Venice, Italy; the Hague; New Zealand; South America; and Lebanon.

Beneath these areas, U.S. Military, Interpol, and local military forces have unearthed massive, complex tunnel systems several stories deep, such as those beneath the Denver Airport, where unspeakable acts were reportedly carried out by members of the Deep State Cabal.

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The Elite’s Dark World

The elite implicated in these operations span the spectrum of global, political, and Hollywood influencers deeply entrenched in Satan worship. Their rituals reportedly involve the consumption of Adrenochrome, a compound they believe delivers euphoria and youth-renewing properties, extracted from the blood of the traumatized victims.

The severe physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms when the substance is unavailable highlight the depth of the elite’s dependence on these horrific practices.

Discovery and Rescue Operations

The scale of these rescue operations reveals a tragic world beneath our feet. Over 150,000 children were reported rescued or found deceased in the tunnels, with a significant discovery under New York’s Central Park and a tunnel leading from the Clinton Foundation building to New York Harbor.

Perhaps the most heart-wrenching discovery occurred in Reno, Nevada, where thousands of recently deceased children were found, illustrating the enormity and brutality of the trafficking network.

A particular operation that stands out took place on May 3, at the Joe Biden’s Beach House in Rehoboth, Delaware. Here, the White Hats rescued approximately 950 children from conditions described as “beyond comprehension,” including widespread sexual abuse, physical torture, and other forms of severe maltreatment aimed at harvesting Adrenochrome.

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Media Silence and Public Outcry

The lack of mainstream media coverage on these chilling discoveries is alarming and raises questions about the complicity of certain entities in covering up the extent of these global elite networks. The public’s growing awareness and the subsequent outcry have been fueled by independent media and investigative reports, pushing for transparency and accountability.

Over 30,000 Arrested in Secret Underground Raids

Let’s consider the March 18, 2020 earthquake in Utah. Official sources may attribute it to natural geological processes, but those in the know paint a far different picture. According to insiders, this was not an ordinary earthquake but the result of deliberate detonations targeting an extensive network of tunnels beneath the old Dugway Utah Germ Warfare base, also known as another Area 51 UFO Base. These tunnels were used for the most heinous activities imaginable: Child Trafficking.

The destruction of these tunnels was a critical strike against a hidden empire operating under our feet. The network purportedly spanned continents, with nodes in some of the most unexpected places, such as beneath the prestigious Getty Museum. A former trooper involved in the rescue operations disclosed that bases trafficking children had been eradicated, signaling a covert war between the forces of good and an unimaginably evil cabal.

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In Europe, the scope of these operations mirrored those in the Americas and Australia. In Germany, the Black Forest was the site of a massive military raid. Elsewhere in Barcelona, Spain, over 5,300 women and children were reportedly rescued in a sweeping crackdown that also saw the arrest of numerous perpetrators. These events suggest a coordinated global effort by various military forces, collaborating under the radar to dismantle an international network.

The financial backbone of this dark agenda was as insidious as the operations themselves. Funds siphoned from US taxpayers via the Cabal-owned IRS and Federal Reserve System were allegedly diverted into constructing and maintaining these tunnels. An inside source highlighted the staggering amount of money invested in these underground networks, tying it to the trillions of dollars unaccounted for since the collapse of the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001.

As further tunnels were discovered, the complexity and scale of this underground world came to light. Dr. Charles Ward, a consultant involved in some of these operations, provided insights into the sophisticated nature of these tunnels.

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They were fully functional underground cities equipped with roads, shops, living quarters, and vast amounts of hidden gold and cash. Once the rescue missions were completed, these tunnels were systematically destroyed to ensure they could never again be used for such nefarious purposes.

While the mainstream media remains silent on these matters, and while the general public remains oblivious, the ramifications of these revelations are profound. These operations reflect a hidden battle for the soul of humanity, fought in the shadows, away from the prying eyes of the public.

As these underground bases are dismantled, one must ponder the depth of the darkness they contained and the light of those brave enough to confront it.

This narrative, though dramatic, resonates with a bitter truth: beneath our everyday lives, there are forces at play that most can neither see nor understand.

As we ponder the implications of these covert operations, we must remain vigilant and question the very foundation of what we are led to believe is the truth.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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