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Operation Crimson Mist: Engineered Genocide and Mass Manipulation Using Brain Waves – “Vaccines Containing Liquid Crystals Will Turn Recipients Into Zombies”

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A commercial airliner, carrying leaders destined to forge peace and unity, is mercilessly shot down, igniting the fuse of a premeditated turmoil designed not just to control but to decimate. This was no accident, no unfortunate incident of war. This was the curtain-raiser for “Operation Crimson Mist,” a name that would soon be whispered in fear and loathing across continents. It was a statement, a demonstration of power so unhinged, so vast, that it would send shockwaves through the annals of covert operations.

The airstrip, far removed from prying eyes, hosted not researchers but architects of doom, masquerading under the guise of science to conduct what can only be described as the pinnacle of human rights violations.

The equipment readied in the quiet of that Rwandan airstrip was not for exploration, but for exploitation on a scale unimaginable. The microwave dish, silent yet deadly, was to be the harbinger of chaos, turning brother against brother, tearing the very fabric of society apart, all under the watchful eyes of those who deemed themselves gods among men.

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But let us not forget the prologue to this nightmare, the ominous warnings of Dr. Pierre Gilbert in 1995, who spoke of a future where control was absolute, where free will was but a memory, ensnared by the very advances in technology we believed would save us. His words, once considered the ramblings of a man crying wolf, now echo with a chilling accuracy, foretelling a world where the line between human and automaton blurs, where our very thoughts could be manipulated, leaving us as nothing more than puppets dancing to the tune of unseen puppeteers.

The mechanism of this control? Vaccines, heralded as shields against disease, transformed into vectors of enslavement. Liquid crystals, nestling within the brain, turning the human body into a receiver, a radio tuned to the frequency of control.

This is a science fact, a grotesque testament to the lengths to which shadowy forces will go to maintain their grip on power. The tragedy of Rwanda, a testbed for this technology, showcases the horrifying effectiveness of “Crimson Mist,” a test run for a future where control is absolute and unyielding.

Joe Vialls, in his dissection of the events, sheds light on a truth so dark, so incontrovertible, that it stands as a testament to the depths of depravity to which governments will sink in their quest for domination. “Operation Crimson Mist,” more than just a moment in history, is a warning, a glimpse into a future where our every move, our every thought, might be dictated not by our own free will but by those who view humanity as nothing more than chess pieces on a board.

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How Governments Can Control Your Emotions

The individuals gathered to partake in this grim undertaking were not your ordinary scientists or military personnel. They were an elite cadre, meticulously selected and rigorously vetted by US Intelligence to ensure they possessed the requisite “right stuff” – a euphemism that barely conceals the stark reality of their mission.

Their task?

To explore and exploit the emerging necessity of controlling or outright eliminating political dissent through remote means, all under the guise of preparing for the 21st century. But their objectives didn’t stop there.

They were also tasked with addressing the ballooning global population, which threatened to outstrip the planet’s natural resources, particularly water and food. The unspoken truth at the heart of their mission was a willingness to engage in actions that, in any other context, would be condemned as mass murder.

The narrative that unfolded in Kigali, Rwanda, serves as a grim testament to the lengths these individuals were prepared to go. American agents, in collusion with local officials and members of the Rwandan security service, fanned the flames of public suspicion and unrest following a presidential air crash.

This was not mere opportunism; it was a deliberate act designed to exploit tribal tensions to their breaking point.

The subsequent manipulation of the Hutu population, driven into a frenzied bloodlust against the Tutsi, was not the result of spontaneous ethnic animosity. It was the direct outcome of a meticulously calculated intervention by a C-130 Hercules aircraft, which deployed an insidious form of technology that turned simmering anger into uncontrollable rage.

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The science behind this chilling manipulation has its roots in discoveries dating back to the late 1950s. Researchers stumbled upon the existence of precise “control” brain waves, which could govern everything from emotions to physical reactions. However, the practical application of these findings was initially hampered by the need for extreme precision.

As technology advanced, so too did the ability to harness these control brain waves with devastating effectiveness.

What occurred in Rwanda was a calculated application of technology to augment and manipulate human behavior on a mass scale.

This form of mind control, distinct from the more fantastical notions of the term, does not involve the transmission of complex messages or the zombification of the populace through electronic implants. Instead, it represents a more insidious form of influence: the augmentation of pre-existing emotional states to extreme levels, transforming ordinary individuals into instruments of genocide.

The implications of this technology are as profound as they are horrifying. Figures like Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher-Bise, a pioneer in this field, have openly acknowledged the capability to manipulate human behavior through frequency effects.

Rauscher-Bise’s assertions that she could, with sufficient resources, alter the behavioral state of a significant portion of a population without their knowledge, underscores the potential for abuse. Demonstrations of this technology, such as the one in California where students were unwittingly subjected to it, reveal a chilling proficiency in controlling human behavior at will.

The events in Rwanda and subsequent revelations about the technology behind them should serve as a wake-up call to the global community. The line between scientific advancement and ethical responsibility has been crossed, and the potential for future abuses remains a clear and present danger.

The Terrifying Technology Changing History

The use of Extra Low Frequencies (ELF) in controlling crowd behavior is not a figment of overactive imaginations but a chilling reality that we must confront with open eyes.

Consider the mechanisms at play: ELF waves, lying in the extremely low spectrum between 0.1 and 25 Hertz, mirror the Earth’s own frequencies. This similarity makes them nearly indistinguishable from the natural background, yet with the capability to influence human brain waves profoundly.

The method of delivery for these manipulative frequencies is as ingenious as it is horrifying. By modulating a high-frequency microwave beam with ELF waves, it becomes possible to target specific groups of people with surgical precision. Imagine a beam of invisible influence, carving through the air to shape thoughts and actions from afar.

The evidence is not hidden; it’s displayed in plain sight for those willing to see. The technology exists, embedded in the machinery of control, mounted on trucks or deployed from the skies. The American Mind Controllers, as they are rightly called by those who have pierced the veil, wield this power with a disturbing ease. Their devices, adjustable in focus like a predator sharpening its gaze upon its prey, can envelop crowds in a shroud of unseen influence.

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The horror of this technology’s application has been witnessed on the world stage. Take, for example, the chaos in Rwanda, where a simple adjustment of microwave beam width from an aircraft could engulf a crowd, turning peaceful gatherings into frenzies of violence. Or consider the orchestrated madness in Baghdad, where scenes of so-called looting were nothing but a macabre theater directed by those pulling the strings from the shadows.

The Baghdad Museum incident, a spectacle designed to paint Iraqi citizens as savages in dire need of American oversight, was a masterpiece of manipulation. A crowd, lured with the promise of food, was suddenly transformed into a frenzied mob at the flick of a switch, the ELF waves bending their will with terrifying efficiency.

What’s more disturbing is the logical extension of this technology’s use in places we wouldn’t even suspect, like hospitals in central Baghdad. Here, the so-called looters, Iraqi citizens who depended on these facilities for essential healthcare, were portrayed as mindless vandals.

The truth, however, is far more sinister.

With their loved ones at the mercy of foreign aggression, these hospitals represented lifelines, not targets for irrational destruction. The conclusion drawn by European security experts, that ELF technology was at play here as well, is not only plausible but likely, given the pattern of events.

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The implications of such technology are profound and terrifying. In the hands of unseen masters, ELF waves become tools of psychological warfare, not just on the battlefield but in the very streets and homes of civilian populations. The line between free will and induced action blurs, leaving us to wonder how much of what we see, believe, and do is truly our own.

We stand at a crossroads, with the fabric of reality itself being woven by those with access to technology that can alter perceptions and actions. The question is not whether this technology exists but what we are willing to do about it. Will we remain passive spectators in a world increasingly shaped by the dark arts of psychological manipulation, or will we stand up to reclaim the sanctity of our own minds?

The choice is ours, but the clock is ticking. With every moment we hesitate, the deeper the roots of control embed themselves into the psyche of humanity. We must wake up to the reality that our very essence as free-thinking individuals is under assault. The battle for the mind is the ultimate frontier, and it is one we cannot afford to lose.

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