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Breaking! Worldwide Starlink EBS Activation and DEFCON 1 / Q Phone and GESARA Integration!

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The world as we know it is on the cusp of a seismic shift, a transformation so profound that it will rewrite the very fabric of international geopolitics and economics. The recent communications from Wolverine, a source with deep connections in the global intelligence community, have shed light on events that are not only groundbreaking but also imminent.

The activation of the Worldwide Starlink EBS and the declaration of DEFCON 1 are not just routine security measures. They are clear indicators of an impending global event of unprecedented scale. The National Guard’s state of maximum alert and the deployment of military ships across 22 time zones are not mere defensive postures. They are proactive steps in anticipation of a major global shift.

Europe’s mobilization for war is another piece of this complex puzzle. It’s a sign of a deeper, more profound realignment of global power structures. The heart of this transformation lies in the financial realm. The release of funds is finally upon us.

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The Dinar Agreement, a groundbreaking deal between Iraq and the United States, is set to revalue the Iraqi Dinar. This move will have far-reaching implications, extending well beyond the borders of Iraq or the United States. It’s a strategic maneuver that will ripple through the global economy, impacting currencies, markets, and international trade.

But the real game-changer is the introduction of a new currency, the USTN. It’s a symbol of a fundamental shift in economic power. The USTN represents the transition from corporate-dominated economics to a system that is truly representative of governmental control. The introduction of the USTN signals the end of an era dominated by corporate interests and the beginning of a new chapter in American governance.

The global scenario is further complicated by the brewing storm in the United States. President Trump’s upcoming announcements, the escalating Taiwan crisis, and the termination of the deep state’s contract with elder Chinese figures are not isolated incidents. They are interconnected events that are part of a larger narrative, a narrative of change, challenge, and ultimately, transformation.

The message from Wolverine is unequivocal: be prepared. The impending changes are not just political or economic; they are existential. The need for self-sufficiency – stocking up on food, water, and essential supplies – is a sign of prudence.

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JP Morgan Bank, a monolith in the banking sector, declaring bankruptcy is a crack in the dam of the traditional financial system. This event is a symptom of a much larger, systemic upheaval. Banks around the globe, if not compliant with Basel III regulations, are on the brink of collapse.

This is a complete overhaul of the banking system, demanding a shift from unbacked fiat currencies to assets backed by tangible value like gold. This move could spell the end for institutions that have long thrived on the manipulation of fiat currencies.

The timeline of events is not random; it’s a meticulously orchestrated sequence leading to a global financial reset. The demise of key political figures, the crash of stock markets, and the implementation of NESARA/GESARA (National/Global Economic Security and Reformation Act) are interconnected events in this grand revolution. NESARA/GESARA is a revolutionary blueprint for redistributing wealth and resetting the global economic system.

The role of the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) in this scenario is particularly intriguing. Speculations about its activation suggest it could be a tool for disseminating crucial information bypassing traditional media channels, which are under the influence of deep state actors.

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The implementation of Basel III standards is a critical juncture in this narrative. It’s a move towards a more stable and equitable financial system, a stark departure from the fragile, debt-ridden structure we currently navigate.

The looming obsolescence of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency is perhaps the most dramatic aspect of this saga. The shift away from the dollar signifies a profound realignment of global economic power, potentially ending the United States’ hegemony in global finance.

In Japan, the anticipated economic turmoil is a microcosm of the global financial reset. The confusion and recession are not mere economic cycles; they are deliberate disruptions intended to pave the way for a new financial paradigm.

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The introduction of Quantum technology, epitomized by the Q Phone, is more than a technological advancement. It represents the dawn of a new era in communication and finance, where transparency and security are paramount. The Q Phone, with its advanced features and potential integration with GESARA-related applications, symbolizes the leap into a future where technology serves the greater good.

The narrative unfolding in the global financial landscape is not a series of disconnected events. It’s a deliberate, orchestrated effort to dismantle the old, corrupt system and usher in a new era of fairness and stability.

I urge you to look beyond the smokescreen of mainstream media narratives and see the bigger picture. The world as we know it is changing, and the time to wake up and take notice is now.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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