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Melted Cars, Untouched Trees: A Message to Maui… Game Over

The recent fires in Maui have left a trail of perplexing and unexplained incidents that demand attention. Amidst the devastation, certain anomalies stand out, compelling a closer examination of the events that unfolded.

In areas untouched by fire, observers found a car with melted glass and aluminum alloy wheels, a sight that defies explanation given the absence of fire damage in the vicinity. NORAD tracked satellites belonging to the Chinese Communist Party directly above the three fire locations at the time of ignition, adding a layer of intrigue to the situation.

Upon returning to their neighborhood, residents of Lahaina discovered more anomalies. A video of the Lahaina Pentecostal Church revealed what seemed to be an electrical fire in the ceiling. However, the rest of the church remained pristine, with only a portion of the roof seam and one end of a wall showing signs of damage. Observers noted that the damage appeared as if a laser had precisely cut through the roof.

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In certain locales, only a few buildings were completely devastated by fire, while everything around them remained untouched. The randomness of these incidents raised questions about how these isolated buildings caught fire while adjacent structures showed no signs of damage. A dive shop, for instance, was found to be completely burned from the inside out, while nearby automobiles in untouched areas were also inexplicably burned, with melted glass and aluminum observed.

In some cases, wood structures survived the fire, while objects made of metal were reduced to piles of ash. This selective destruction puzzled many, as it seemed to defy the typical behavior of wildfires. A frog was found seemingly frozen in mid-jump, suggesting an instantaneous flash of high energy.

The fires in Maui, along with similar incidents in California and Australia, have been labeled as forest fires and wildfires. However, the peculiarities observed indicate that these fires are distinctly different in nature. Homes have been reduced to white powdery ash, while surrounding greenery often remains practically untouched. In extreme cases, forest fires can reach temperatures up to 1500°F, enough to melt aluminum. However, instances of melted glass, which has a melting point of around 2500°F, and cars bursting into flames on freeways with no surrounding fires, have left observers baffled.

These fires have disproportionately affected the native homes of the working class while sparing the homes of the affluent. Directed energy weapons (DEWs), which have been classified but known to the public for several years, have the capability to cause such precise destruction. Earlier in the year, green lasers, which could be described as a geospatial array for mapping terrain, were observed over Hawaii.

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Among the ashy ruins, blue-colored objects such as cars, umbrellas, boats, and planters were found to have survived the devastation. Videos demonstrating how lasers can burn through certain colored objects while leaving blue objects unharmed have gone viral. DEWs, including lasers, millimeter wave, and microwave weapons, operate based on light frequencies, and different wavelengths of light affect colors differently.

In conclusion, the peculiar and selective nature of the destruction observed in the Maui fires has led to numerous questions and theories.

The presence of melted materials, the selective destruction of property, and the survival of certain colored objects amidst the devastation have prompted a closer examination of these incidents.

While definitive answers are yet to be found, these anomalies continue to challenge our understanding of wildfires and their behavior.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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