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BIG NEWS!! Trump Announces Nationwide Replacement of Hospitals with Med Beds by the End of the Year!

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Brace yourselves for the truth that has been hidden from us for far too long. The technologies being introduced, such as Med Beds, aren’t just advancements; they’re a reclamation of what has been systematically stolen from humanity. Whether you place your faith in yourself, God, or the government, one thing is certain: we need to be ready for Med Bed rejuvenation.

This year, all signs indicate that the Med Bed ban will be lifted. President Trump’s recent announcement laid out a bold strategy to “replace hospital facilities with Med Beds by the end of the year.” This is not just a technological shift but a radical transformation that demands our spiritual readiness.

Mr. Baum, a key figure in this revelation, has repeatedly emphasized the need for preparation when using Med Beds. Rejuvenation is indeed possible with Med Beds, but it requires more than just physical readiness. For instance, my grandparents, who appear to be less than 20 years old, have embraced Med Beds, while their parents have chosen not to rejuvenate due to their disbelief.

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This creates a surreal scenario where grandchildren might see their rejuvenated grandparents and mistake them for siblings. This phenomenon of reversed aging will become a common occurrence, altering our perceptions and relationships.

Even when the Med Bed ban is lifted, not everyone will choose to become younger or prolong their lives. This discrepancy will lead to frequent occurrences where one’s real age and apparent age do not match, changing how people interact and perceive each other. You need to be prepared for these shifts in dynamics and the social ramifications they bring.

Another crucial aspect of Med Bed rejuvenation is the potential recall of past life memories. While some might be content with their current lives, forgetting their past, rejuvenation could unearth sealed memories, including dark deeds and regrets. Imagine the impact of remembering that you once started a war for profit or harmed someone at an older age.

These memories, if recalled, could shatter your self-respect and mental stability, despite the physical benefits of Med Beds. Your spiritual strength and preparedness are paramount to handle such revelations.

Med Beds, along with other advancements like the gold standard, GESARA, replicators, AI technology, and free energy, represent a reclamation of what was once stolen from us. These are not mere technological leaps but restorations of our rightful heritage.

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The foundation of these advancements lies in the creativity of oneself and of God, supported by technologies that nurture this creativity. A life of contentment, without inconvenience, shared harmoniously with those around us, is the ideal state we should aim for.

However, darkness thrives by siphoning the energy of sacrifices, as it lacks the power to create. To perpetuate its existence, it has constructed a society ripe for exploitation. This involved abolishing the gold standard, flooding the economy with fiat currency, buying out state institutions, binding them with laws, monopolizing useful technologies, distorting education, fabricating history, and manipulating media propaganda to keep people enslaved.

Modern society has reached its peak of abnormality, with many forced to forget their true nature, resigned to live in perpetual servitude. This is where GESARA and Med Beds come into play, aiming to restore society to its ideal state. We are witnessing an increasing divide between those who trust the government and those who believe in themselves and God.

A collective awakening is underway, as evidenced by the growing number of people questioning the sanity of their governments. Even in Japan, known for its conformity, 40,000-strong demonstrations have erupted, despite the media’s attempts to suppress such news and instead tighten control over discourse, particularly concerning vaccines.

The public disclosure of the GESARA law further underscores the shift towards truth, despite media efforts to discredit it with disparaging headlines.

It is glaringly evident now: the government is acting irrationally. This stark reality forces a critical choice upon us: will we continue to believe in the government and its falsehoods, or will we place our faith in ourselves and God? This divide is becoming increasingly apparent.

By November of this year, as we transition to a completely wind-powered era, this segregation will intensify. The choice is clear—arm yourself with knowledge and be prepared for the return of what was stolen.

The era of Med Beds and other reclaimed technologies is upon us, and with it comes the responsibility to adapt, evolve, and reclaim our true heritage.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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