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How China’s Quiet Moves Are Shaping America’s Future: Unpacking Their Growing Influence in Our Farms, Finances, and Foreign Affairs

Well, brace yourselves, dear readers. While the national media—alongside a horde of Democratic politicians—seems almost neurotically fixated on painting Russia as the ultimate "boogeyman", they've turned a blind eye to the true star of this geopolitical thriller: China. It's as if a scandalous soap opera is unfolding before our very eyes, and everyone's tuned into the wrong channel.

Well, brace yourselves, dear readers. While the national media—alongside a horde of Democratic politicians—seems almost neurotically fixated on painting Russia as the ultimate “boogeyman”, they’ve turned a blind eye to the true star of this geopolitical thriller: China. It’s as if a scandalous soap opera is unfolding before our very eyes, and everyone’s tuned into the wrong channel.

For almost twenty heart-throbbing years, Chinese-owned juggernauts, buddies with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), have been on a shopping spree across the Land of the Free. They’re snatching up everything—American enterprises, mouth-watering food chains, and a whopping expanse of farmlands. Move over, Bill Gates! Guess who’s making a splash as one of the premier landowners in the U.S.? And just for a juicy tidbit—Jeff Bezos, the Amazon mogul? He sits on a ‘modest’ 420,000 acres, as The Daily Mail has so ‘helpfully’ highlighted.

Now, to be absolutely, provocatively fair, China isn’t the only country playing Monopoly with American properties. However, and it’s a big ‘however’, none of the other countries has that intense, movie villain glare that China occasionally flashes our way.

Hold on to your hats because the plot thickens! The Biden family, in a twist worthy of an Oscar, appears to have a cozy financial romance with China. A steamy $31 million, sourced from a mere five deals, is the whispered number on everyone’s lips. And the gossip mill churns: Why is Joe Biden tiptoeing around China? The answer may just lie in a bombshell scoop: Each deal the Biden family struck with Beijing had a touch of espionage, orchestrated by characters deeply entrenched in Chinese intelligence networks. It’s as if Joe Biden himself got a front-row seat to this international spy thriller!

Moreover, let’s dish out the real tea: U.S. sports icons and even the mighty entertainment industry, with Disney’s latest “Barbie” flick in the limelight, have been seen bowing to China’s whims and fancies. Mainstream media, in a move that would make any drama queen proud, cherry-picks its stories while conveniently ignoring China’s sprawling influence on America.

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China, in a diva-esque move, shrugs off the rising uproar about their new “Barbie” movie sensation, with the ever-glamorous Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling. Rumor has it, the film showcases a controversial map endorsing Beijing’s ambitious territorial ambitions. This sizzling summer hit is set to drop soon, but it’s already facing the cold shoulder in Vietnam over its alleged depiction of the South China Sea saga. Talk about a box-office scandal!

So, the next time you feel the urge to peek under your bed for the Russian “boogeyman”, maybe cast an eye toward the Far East. Because sometimes, the most gripping tales aren’t where everyone’s looking, but where only the truly audacious dare to glance.

China’s rising influence cannot be understated. Over the past few decades, like a shrewd player stockpiling key pieces on a chessboard, China has been amassing U.S. Treasury securities. Fast forward to August 2022, and the Middle Kingdom boasts ownership of a staggering $971.8 billion in Treasuries. That’s a hair-raising 13% of the U.S. national debt, folks! And as some very astute (and possibly nervous) “analysts and investors” put it, there’s an underlying dread that China, in an act of retaliation, could dump these Treasuries, weaponizing its hold, thereby skyrocketing interest rates and thwarting economic growth. Talk about power moves!

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Now, let’s add another layer to this international intrigue – the BRICS alliance. Nations like Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa have turned this coalition into an enviable powerhouse that attracts other nations like moths to a flame. With an economic footprint covering 26% of the world’s economy and a massive representation of over 40% of the global populace, BRICS is making traditional Western powers sweat. And with 23 countries, including big players like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Argentina, itching to hop on board, the world map might as well be a BRICS fan club poster!

The whisper in the corridors of power is clear: China, with a nod from Russia, might just have the formula to checkmate the U.S. without moving a single pawn. Think it’s all a political paranoia? Well, take a gander at recent headlines – “Russia, China say West’s ‘confrontational policy’ is unacceptable.” Sounds like a tempest is brewing, doesn’t it?

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China’s Appetite for U.S. Soil: Farms and Beyond

Rewind to May 2013, during the era of Obama, and witness the audacious acquisition of Smithfield Foods, the planet’s top pork producer, by China’s Shuanghui International. And now, a decade later, news flashes: the shutting down of 35 Missouri farms and a chilling domino effect with 2,154 employees axed in California in 2022. That’s not all! Tyson Foods joins the grim reaper parade, announcing the closure of chicken plants scattered across the Midwest.

And if you’re wondering if there’s more to this narrative – well, of course there is! Reports surfaced in 2022 about China acquiring land dangerously close to a U.S. drone base in North Dakota, raising alarms and causing congressional frenzies. As the plot thickens, whispers have now morphed into headlines with speculations surrounding a shadowy investment company, Flannery Associates LLC, hoarding land around Travis Air Force Base. With such questionable transactions and lawsuits accusing California landowners of inflating real estate prices, one has to wonder: What’s the endgame? And why the secrecy?

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Now, let’s play a little detective here. Do we know Flannery is backed by China? Nope. But given their shady dealings and mystery shrouding them, we wouldn’t bet against it. Shouldn’t there be more transparency, especially when it concerns our national defense?

Now, onto the million-dollar question: Why is Biden seemingly playing spectator as possibly China-linked firms gobble up prime U.S. real estate? Does the Democrat party owe some sort of debt to China? These aren’t just questions; these are alarm bells ringing loud.

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