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From low rates to high debts: The unexpected tale of Americans left with empty pockets and bigger debts than ever.

Have you ever wondered how low interest rates can lead to big problems? Find out how they enticed Americans to overspend, why even big companies like Bed Bath & Beyond are struggling, and what this means for your wallet.

Have you ever wondered how low interest rates can lead to big problems? Find out how they enticed Americans to overspend, why even big companies like Bed Bath & Beyond are struggling, and what this means for your wallet.

The Allure and Peril of Low Interest Rates

In the grand tapestry of American financial missteps, false price signals, distorted grotesquely by decades of egregious government overreach, have ensnared many an unsuspecting citizen into a whirlwind of unwise spending, saving, and investment. Behold, the fallout of these transgressions, alas, is indelible.

Thanks to the swelling of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, low-interest rates wooed many into believing they had deeper pockets than reality afforded. “The yield on the 10-Year Treasury Note hovers tantalizingly at about 4.11 percent.” To put this in perspective for our readers, bar a fleeting instance last fall, such a yield hasn’t seen the light of day since the summer of 2008. Thus, we’re looking at borrowing costs at a zenith unseen in a decade and a half. The audacity!

Consequences of Rising Borrowing Costs

The ramifications, both stark and sobering, stare us in the face. Yet, they were wholly foreseeable. As credit becomes pricier, so does the cost of servicing this debt. It’s elementary, my dear readers. Borrowers – spanning individuals, enterprises, and even governments – now find themselves cornered, funneling a lion’s share of their hard-earned resources to placate their mounting debt, a stark contrast to just a year prior.

For the prudent few, the tempest remains a distant thunder. They astutely sidestepped the seduction of the Fed’s deviously discounted credit, reigning in their desires, living true to their fiscal realities, and ensuring a nest egg for the proverbial rainy day. These wise souls, they’re poised well against the tide, their coffers robust enough to brave the onslaught of heightened interest burdens.

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A Tidal Wave of Consumer Debt

Yet, for many, the storm rages at their doorstep. Drowning in a quagmire of debt, they’ve been frivolous, spending with an abandon akin to a gambler on a losing streak. Consider this alarming revelation: “Q2 of 2023 witnessed American credit card debt surmounting the $1 trillion milestone – a first in history.” Tragically, many leaned heavily on these plastic lifelines to prop up lifestyles in a climate of escalating prices. But, as they say, reality is a persistent creditor.

The deluge of credit card debt couldn’t have chosen a more inopportune moment for its dramatic encore. With the Fed’s brazen interest rate hikes over the past year and a half, credit card rates followed suit, reaching a staggering average of over 20% – a record peak.

Now, let’s get this straight: 20% isn’t mafia territory. Thankfully, defaulters won’t have burly enforcers at their doors. But, let’s not mince words, it’s downright egregious.

The Heavy Toll of Financial Misjudgment

Americans, en masse, have unwittingly shackled themselves to a relentless grind. The dawn of reckoning looms large, and when the weight of their financial blunders fully descends, discontent will be the order of the day.

Imagine the upheaval, the sheer chaos, if a vast swathe of society rebels against the Sisyphean task of keeping bankers in the lap of luxury? And let’s not forget the cherry on this crumbling cake: “Starting September 1, 2023, student loan interests re-enter the scene with repayments slated for October.” Remember, this looming shadow had been kept at bay since March 13, 2020. Now, after a three-and-a-half-year respite, the haunting whispers of student debt are back, echoing like ghostly chants in the dead of night.

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Surviving Amidst Financial Crises

For those grappling with academic loans and maxed-out cards, every penny is a soldier. Rising interest rates? They’re the frontline casualties. Essential expenditures get the axe, leading to myriad sacrifices, from forgoing Netflix binges to the humbling move back to parental basements or taking up humble hustles like hotdog vending.

But, some will find their financial albatross too burdensome, bankruptcy their sole refuge.

Moreover, this precarious dance of crippling debt amidst soaring interest rates isn’t an exclusive bane for consumers. This specter looms large, casting shadows across diverse economic facets.

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In the throes of a dynamic business landscape, enterprises, akin to everyday citizens, face an uphill battle, wrestling with the dire need for cash flow to meet their commitments. A mere two years ago, certain operations that were easily financeable are now choked in the suffocating grasp of today’s financial rates.

So, what’s the fallout? Companies, compelled by the pressing circumstances, must make drastic and unwelcome adjustments. Tighten their operational waistbands. Roll back on ambitious developments. Seal off entire divisions. And in the gravest of moves, cut down their workforce.

Here comes the alarming part: what businesses now feel as a mere pinch from surging interest rates is, lamentably, on the precipice of becoming an excruciating stranglehold. And the grounds for this claim?

The High Stakes of Corporate Debt

A recent missive from the venerable Goldman Sachs offers a grim revelation: a whopping $1.8 trillion of U.S. corporate debt is on the clock, maturing in the imminent two years. This isn’t just an ordinary hurdle; it’s a gargantuan challenge. Why? Because this looming debt, when due, will have to be refinanced at significantly steeper rates.

“Corporations are on the brink of confronting escalated debt costs, having to re-negotiate their looming maturities at today’s surging rates. The expert panel at Goldman, steered by the perspicacious Jan Hatzius, anticipates a 2 percent inflation in interest outlays for corporations come 2024, and a staggering 5.5 percent hike by 2025.”

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Now, marry this with an unnerving truth: with a rise in corporate debt payments, inevitable slashes to workforce and capital investments ensue. To shed light on this, Goldman’s painstaking analysis of public company data since 1965 draws a bleak picture: every additional dollar drained in interest sees businesses axing capital investments by 10 cents, and worse, slashing labor costs by a full 20 cents.

By these metrics, the rosy picture painted by President Biden and Treasury Secretary Yellen—of a resilient labor market and rock-bottom unemployment—crumbles to reveal a landscape riddled with maturing debt refinances. The very foundations of our economy are at risk!

Businesses, now cornered by this bleak forecast, brace for the inevitable: mass layoffs amidst skyrocketing consumer debt. And the domino effect? As unemployment escalates, the looming shadow of unpaid consumer debt grows ever larger.

Corporate Bankruptcies on the Rise

Yet, there’s another layer to this unfolding saga. Many businesses won’t merely halt recruitments or downsize. Their crippling debt weights will plunge them into the abyss of bankruptcy.

Shockingly, as 2023 unfolds, Chapter 11 filings have not only matched but surpassed the entire count from 2022. Even more staggering, U.S. corporate bankruptcies have skyrocketed to figures unseen since 2010. To name and shame a few? Bed Bath & Beyond, Virgin Orbit, Yellow Corp., SVB Financial Group, Diebold Nixdorf, Serta Simmons Bedding, and Party City.

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While a fraction might claw back, renegotiating their debts and emerging leaner, others, despite Herculean efforts, will vanish into oblivion.

A Bleak Economic Outlook

The horizon looks turbulent for both corporations and their employees. The whispers of a gentle economic recovery? Mere pipe dreams.

It’s a self-made disaster. No puppeteers manipulated corporations and consumers. No external forces compelled them to drown in debt. What hallucinations fueled such reckless borrowing during record-low interest rates? But here’s the kicker: the seductive siren call of the Fed, in tandem with the Treasury, lured many with the intoxicating allure of unrealistically affordable credit. A temptation too sweet to sidestep.

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