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The Battle for Worldwide EBS Unleashed! White Hat Military Exposes Obama Administration, CIA, FBI, Rockefeller, and Rothschild Roles in Pandemic Cyber Attacks!

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In the shadows of global politics, a silent war rages—a war that the mainstream media won’t touch, a war that only the bravest dare to acknowledge. This is not a war of bullets and bombs, but a war of information, cyber warfare, and the very essence of freedom. At the heart of this battle stands a figure of monumental importance, a general who has been fighting tirelessly against the forces that seek to undermine the very fabric of our society.

General Rogers, a name that resonates with the sound of hope and resilience, has been at the forefront of this battle. His role in infiltrating the Obama administration and uniting military commanders in a secret war against the CIA, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and the Bushes is not just a matter of record—it’s a testament to the courage and determination of those who fight for truth.

The stakes of this war are unimaginably high. General Rogers bears a colossal responsibility for the captured cyber operations that the Obama/CIA and others installed against the American people.

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In late 2014, General Rogers, alongside top commanders, admirals, and colonels like Douglas Macgregor, activated operations to counter Obama’s safety switch to control the Internet and prevent Internet blackouts. This was a fight for the right to information, a battle against the darkness of censorship and control.

Drops from inside military sources have revealed a chilling reality: three Internets running simultaneously, a direct consequence of the Deep State’s false flag cyberwarfare operations against the American and European people.

But hope is not lost.

Security measures have been implemented to restore worldwide communications and Internet interfaces for immediate operations, including worldwide EBS operations. This is a clear sign that there are forces working tirelessly to protect our right to information and communication.

The White Hat Military has long been aware of the Deep State Bilderberger Group, which includes the WEF, DAVOS, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and CIA, and their control over Deep State Military operations. General Rogers and his commands were well aware of the Global Cyber Attack that was planned to bring about worldwide collapse.

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The Pandemic Cyber Attack, a desktop cyber attack exercise by the FBI, CIA, Department of Homeland Security, and their connections to Israeli Intelligence and the Mossad, was not just a simulation. It was a blueprint for chaos, a plan to attack infrastructure during an election and bring about Martial Law.

But the Deep State’s plans are being countered. Several cyber hacker networks financed by Deep State operations operate simultaneously with CIA, FBI, Rockefeller, and Rothschild operations. Yet, the USSF Space X and Russian Intelligence Sats, along with Italian Intelligence Sats and over 30 different super advanced satellites, have the power to take down the world’s cyber hackers.

Over the past five years, USSF Space X has located the entire Worldwide Cyber Hacker Network and bases funded by Deep State Elites and Military Contractors. The Alliance with USSF SPACE X COMPS, equipped with super advanced AI, has already been launched to combat Deep State AI systems.

Now, panic is hitting NATO. The wires are buzzing with the news of NATO’s massive collapse, a Dead Man Walking. This collapse will be followed by a massive awakening, as the German people and others across Europe see the corruption unfolding in their countries. The White Hats will hand over Intel to the public sector, ensuring that EU citizens will rise against the Deep State machine of the European Union.

UPDATE: Quantum Financial System(QFS) is HERE, Destroying Elite Control! NESARA, XRP, and Stellar Lumens Lead Revolution Against the Old System!

The World Storm is happening. Countries like Poland and France are on the brink of Civil War events as the total corruption of the Elite Deep State governments and military comes to light in 2024. The exposure of corruption at a massive level within leading countries of Europe will bring exposure to the UN, the World Economic Forum, the IMF, the World Banks, and will collide with the exposure of Epstein and the corruption of European Military Intelligence.

This storm in the European Union is directly connected to NATO’s Dead Man Walking. The Plan to Save the World is unfolding. Nothing is a coincidence. NCSWIC.

In this unseen war, the battle lines are drawn not just on the ground, but in the very airwaves and internet cables that connect us. It’s a war for the soul of our nations, a fight against the invisible chains that seek to bind us.

General Rogers and his allies are not just soldiers; they are guardians of our freedom, warriors of truth in an age of deception. The storm is here, and its winds carry the promise of a new dawn, a world where freedom and truth prevail.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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