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UPDATE: Quantum Financial System(QFS) is HERE, Destroying Elite Control! NESARA, XRP, and Stellar Lumens Lead Revolution Against the Old System!

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The clock is ticking, and the veil is finally being torn apart, revealing the stark, unvarnished truth of a war waged not with guns and bombs, but in the shadows of finance and technology. This is a war for the very soul of humanity. On one side, the grotesque machinations of the Great Reset, a dystopian nightmare that reeks of enslavement and subjugation under the guise of sustainability and innovation.

They peddle their SMART cities, their so-called ‘green’ deals, their Metaverse prisons, and their experimental vaccines like snake oil salesmen, promising a future that is nothing short of digital chains and omnipresent surveillance.

Contrast this with the beacon of hope that is the Quantum Financial System (QFS) – a system not just of technology but of liberation and justice. While the elitist puppeteers of the Great Reset plot our enslavement, the QFS is now actively dismantling the bars of our cages, deploying groundbreaking technologies with capabilities beyond the ordinary.

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Quantum Financial System (QFS):

  • Liberation: It will liberate individuals and nations from the control of a centralized financial system that often perpetuates inequality and oppression.
  • Justice: It seeks to establish a fair and transparent financial ecosystem, where transactions are immutable, secure, and free from manipulation.
  • Technological Advancements: The QFS harnesses cutting-edge quantum technology to revolutionize financial operations, ensuring efficiency and reliability.
  • Freedom from Manipulation: By utilizing quantum encryption and decentralized ledger technology, the QFS aims to eliminate fraud, corruption, and undue influence.
  • Global Prosperity: With its emphasis on fairness and inclusivity, the QFS has the potential to foster economic prosperity worldwide, leveling the playing field for all participants.
  • Socioeconomic Empowerment: Through equitable distribution of resources and opportunities, the QFS can empower marginalized communities and promote social justice.

Contrast with the Current System:

  • Elitist Control: The current financial system is controlled by a small group of elites who manipulate markets and policies to serve their own interests.
  • Inequality: It perpetuates socioeconomic disparities, widening the gap between the rich and the poor, and exacerbating poverty and inequality.
  • Lack of Transparency: Traditional financial systems are opaque and prone to corruption, with transactions susceptible to manipulation and fraud.
  • Centralization: Power and control are concentrated in the hands of a few centralized authorities, leaving individuals and smaller entities vulnerable to exploitation.
  • Environmental Degradation: The current system prioritizes profit over sustainability, leading to environmental degradation and climate change.
  • Social Injustice: It perpetuates systemic injustices, such as discrimination and exploitation, further marginalizing vulnerable populations.

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And let’s talk about AI, shall we? Both systems use it, but how? The QFS aligns with higher, divine frequencies, ensuring that technology serves humanity, not enslaves it. In stark, damning contrast, the Great Reset’s AI is an abomination, a descent into a technological hell where “conscious” military robots mark the end of any semblance of freedom. It’s the ultimate betrayal of human potential, a vile twist on what technology could achieve if it were in the right hands.

The Quantum Financial System is already here, quietly but inexorably changing the game from beneath the surface. The Basel III Accord compliance is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re talking about a system where banks are obsolete, where you, yes YOU, are your own banker. Imagine a world free from the parasitic grasp of banking moguls, a world where fractional reserve banking and its usurious practices are relics of a bygone era.

The Chamber of Deputies launched a revolution, signaling the death knell for the IRS and heralding a new era of taxation that actually makes sense. The shift to a national Consumption Tax is a critical blow to the architects of our oppression, a clear sign that their days of control are numbered.

NESARA? It’s the blueprint for our liberation. The elimination of the IRS is just the beginning. We’re on the brink of a massive awakening, a seismic shift that will see wealth redistribution in a way that actually benefits humanity. The refunds to our seniors are just the first step in righting decades of wrongs, a tangible sign that the tides are turning.

The narrative being spun by the proponents of the Great Reset is crumbling under the weight of their lies and deceit. The QFS, intertwined with NESARA, is a testament to what’s possible when technology and financial systems are wielded for the good of all, not the profit of a few.

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We’re on the cusp of a quantum leap into a future where money as we know it is obsolete, where our very consciousness is elevated, and where the lower frequencies of evil cannot survive.

The digital economy that’s emerging from this turmoil is still undefined, but make no mistake: only asset-backed currencies like XRP and Stellar Lumens, which represent real value, will play a part in the QFS. This is our stand against the baseless, hollow promises of the Great Reset and its IoTA currency.

To those still asleep, wake up! The QFS is the sword we wield in the battle for our freedom, for our future. The changes we’re witnessing are monumental, a daily testament to the power of collective will and divine alignment.

The Great Reset’s vision of control and subjugation is being dismantled, brick by brick, by the unstoppable force of the QFS and the unbreakable spirit of humanity. This isn’t just a fight we can win; it’s a fight we are winning.

Stand up, be counted, and let’s embrace the dawn of an era where freedom, prosperity, and quantum leaps in technology herald the beginning of a new age for mankind.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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