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Iran’s attack on Israel constitutes a turning point towards open confrontation – President of the European Commission.

Russia’s arms pact with Iran: Moscow pledges fighter jets and air defenses to Tehran including advanced missiles capable of shooting down US and Israeli stealth planes. ->

Under Pahlavi, Iran saw brutal purges and censorship, driven by corrupt Western influences. This led to a revolt, ushering in Khomeini’s Islamic Republic, which highlighted U.S. and UK exploitation for oil, sparking decades of unrest.

This history fuels Iran’s deep resentment towards the West. Trump claims he halted further conflicts and aims to prevent World War III, citing his insider knowledge of global manipulations.

Current secret U.S.-Iran negotiations aim to dismantle decades of Western interference. Despite elite efforts to provoke war, there’s a push for global peace, anticipating Trump’s leadership in combating deep state corruption and fostering a peaceful future.

The gears are in motion, the stakes are astronomical, and every calculated step reveals a meticulously orchestrated maneuver. As we turn our gaze to Zimbabwe’s declaration of a new currency, a ripple spreads across the globe, signifying a seismic shift in the world’s financial underpinnings. With nations transitioning to gold-backed currencies, it’s evident that a powerful transformation is underway. -> Global Shockwaves: Zimbabwe’s Gold-Backed Currency, Trump’s Demise and Nuclear Chaos, GESARA/NESARA!

The clock ominously counts down to an event of biblical proportions, known simply as “THE EVENT.” This name, while evocative of apocalyptic disorder, actually conceals a carefully planned disruption intended to overthrow the foundations of a longstanding, secretive authority. Yet, the world remains oblivious, perched on the edge of a staged event designed to mimic World War III. -> THE EVENT – Secret Military Operation Targets 34 Strategic Locations in an Imminent Global Blackout – EBS Activation for a Biblical Event Designed to Free Humanity!

President Trump has announced that traditional hospital equipment will soon be obsolete, replaced by Med Beds that utilize advanced technologies from Nikola Tesla’s patents. These beds, which will be located at military bases and other undisclosed sites, represent a shift away from conventional pharmaceutical-driven healthcare towards a more accessible, transformative system. –

The world is on the brink of a major financial disaster that is unfolding in real time. Get set for an explosive revelation of grave war crimes and a wave of tribunals unprecedented in history! Billions of U.S. Treasury Bonds are being returned in droves, undermining what was once a symbol of economic stability, throwing the U.S. and the rest of the world into chaos. ->

A Delta Force strike team arrested 86-year-old World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab Friday following a deadly firefight that started at the fortified gate at his 7,770-square-foot, six-acre compound in Switzerland and ended in his bed-chamber, where the death-bringing geezer lay in bed hooked up to a self-dispensing Adrenochrome infusion machine, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News. ->

The reauthorization of FISA’s Section 702 poses a grave threat to American privacy. Originally intended for foreign surveillance, FISA now risks entangling U.S. citizens in extensive government monitoring. This is a concerning potential overreach into our private lives. ->

15 April Black Swan Events have begun. Big things to happen over the next 24-48 hours, WW3 rhetoric is on increase, Balfour Agreement expired a little over an hour ago at 6pm Israeli time (6 O’clock is a dangerous time – Q) Worldwide Martial Law Lockdown is imminent.

15 April 2024 – “My Fellow Americans what you are about to go through will be very painful. You will learn that your whole life and the generations before you have been nothing but lies. It will take you a good six months to get over it. Some may never. The entire planet will be rewired. Every system and technology you know now will be obsolete. A lot of money is goin to come back.” -> Q+ on Telegram

14 APRIL 2024 – There is going to be a BIG Biblical Scenario where they make out it’s WW3 but really they are activating Militaries then bombing all of these Satanic Luceriferian landmarks. Enacting GESARA funds and We The People rebuild. – Ben Fulford Report

After Chicago Approves $70M More for Illegals, Alderman Says “We are Not Taking Care of Our Own’ ->

Federal criminal investigation opened into Key Bridge crash

Six construction workers died after the container ship Dali lost power and slammed into a pillar of the Francis Scott Key Bridge on March 26 in the Port of Baltimore. ->

VATICAN – The ancient Canaanite descendants of Cain worshipped Satan through the torture of Children, Pedophilia and Child Sacrifice – dark practices passed down through Roman Pagan Worship that were eventually infiltrated by the 13 Illuminati Families into the dual worship of both good and evil of the Vatican.

White Swan Event! Blackout Imminent! BRICS Equals NESARA/GESARA! Plane/Trains Grounded! (Video) –

Situation Update: “Worldwide Activation Of Operations Storm Under Global Military Alliance CIC Donald Trump!” Black Swan Events Incoming! Global Martial Law Lockdown Anytime! Highways To Shut Down! –

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Ethan White
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