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EBS Alert! NESARA/GESARA’s Global Shift and Its Tie to the Emergency Broadcast System!

In the looming shadow of uncertainty, a question resonates among the digital whisperers: How long does EBS truly last? The consensus varies, suggesting anything between 48 to 72 hours. Yet, with clouds of doubt enveloping us, the only certainty is the minimum: 48 hours.

Rumors abound, tales of switches and systems, and yet, an overarching question looms – when will that crucial switch be flipped? It’s a question perhaps only the military can answer. Through our lens, the situation seems roundabout, elusive, and abstract. Our vision is reduced, and for many, it’s relayed through intermediaries.

Remember: EBS isn’t just about broadcasts and interruptions. This reminds us of the importance of preparation, suggesting stockpiling pet food and human sustenance alike. Memories of previous discussions, stockpiling, and concerns about food security arise, emphasizing the importance of non-perishable foods. In times like these, dehydration and freeze drying might be our salvation.

But amidst the chatter, a controversial query emerges: Will the GITMO exam be broadcast on EBS? The question ignites heated discussions among those in the know. Concerns about the younger generation, who are more plugged in than ever, are raised. Do we want our children exposed to such realities? The gravity of the situation is not about protecting the adult public; it’s about safeguarding the innocence of the young.

Then there’s the big question: What will trigger EBS? Word on the street is that it would be an arrest, a significant one that will make everyone stand up and take notice.

But the most existential question remains: What awaits us post-EBS?

Our world, as we know it, is under the control of a powerful cabal, an intricate banking system that drains half our earnings. This money, shockingly, funnels out to foreign entities. The very media we consume, the news we watch, is puppeteered by the same forces. Our current reality is a façade, with many living in bubbles to protect themselves from the harshness around. But post-EBS, it’s hoped that the world will be reborn, free from central banks, taxes, and societal divisions. A world where unity and divinity will reign supreme.

Intriguingly, there’s whispers of a VIP arrest – the very ignition for EBS. Who could this VIP be? Only a select few know, and their lips are sealed.

And what of our devices during EBS? With phones becoming our lifelines, their functionality might be compromised, from limited browsing capabilities to potential email blocks. In this tense atmosphere, overloaded networks and power outages could be the norm.

The directive is clear: Once EBS kicks in, all must return to their ‘home‘ – their current location, whether it’s a vacation spot, relative’s house, or otherwise. Plans will be disrupted, vacations halted. Yet, there’s solace in knowing that provisions have been made, even for the likes of truck drivers who might find themselves stranded.

In essence, the very fabric of our daily life may be disrupted. But amidst the chaos, a singular truth prevails: The intent of EBS is not malevolent. It is, after all, about nabbing the culprits and enlightening us about the world’s clandestine puppeteers.

NESARA/GESARA: Why World Finance Will Never Be the Same Again!

In the cataclysmic shadow of global financial transformation, the whispers of NESARA/GESARA ripple through the corridors of power. As we stand on the precipice of change, one question burns in the hearts of many: “How will NESARA/GESARA benefit us?

Gaze around; the earth-shaking shifts have already begun. Banks crumble to ashes, with their failures now more a rule than exception. Mortgages hang like Damocles’ sword, poised to plunge. The media relishes these tales of financial Armageddon. Memories of the mortgage crisis, the bursting of the housing bubble – these specters of the past haunt our present. The silver screen, with epics like ‘The Big Short‘, immortalizes these financial tremors.

As the Fed and Treasury’s mighty figures – Bernanke, Paulson, Geithner – stand tall, others, like the Bushes, remain blissfully unaware, lost in a web of their own design. The genesis of this impending financial metamorphosis began in the early 2000s, its seeds sown by the shockwaves of 9/11, ironically believed to be spurred by the mere announcement of NESARA.

2017 marked a pivotal year when then – President Trump embarked on a world tour, solidifying international ties. Reports of 650 planes returning laden with gold nuggets from the Vatican have since flooded the global rumor mill. Yet, the true destiny of this gold remains an enigma, buried deep within the bowels of the New York Fed or possibly concealed beneath the Vatican’s veiled grandeur.

Meanwhile, the world watches as Trump readies to take the reins of the financial system, which he began orchestrating back in 2017. A world leader standing atop the ruins of old financial orders, not bowing to cabal demands. A beacon in a time when gold, some of it tainted with the infamy of the Nazis, becomes the focal point of global contention.

Amidst these tumultuous times, questions about the BRICS’ gold-backed securities announcement scheduled for August 22nd swirl, intertwining with rumors of an impending EBS (Emergency Broadcasting System). With global resources stretched thin, the feasibility of backing currencies with gold remains dubious. A document reveals that only the USA stands with the capability to back the world with a gold currency.

The financial tempest threatens to plunge the world into chaos. Will the announcement of BRICS, believed to precede a market crash, usher in a new era, or will it push humanity to the brink? And where do cryptocurrencies like XRP and XLM fit into this jigsaw? As the world grapples with these uncertainties, a beacon of hope remains: Social Security. Amidst the tempest of failing banks, this pillar remains unshaken, ensuring beneficiaries receive what they’re due.

Yet, as this seismic shift looms closer, countless questions plague the collective consciousness. “Why is this taking so long?” “When will the rightful leader reclaim his throne?” The intricate dance of NESARA/GESARA, banking reforms, and currency exchanges is a colossal endeavor, demanding utmost secrecy and global coordination.

Perhaps the most poignant revelation remains the chains that bind humanity to the central banks. Institutions like the Federal Reserve, controlled by dynasties like the Rockefellers, Kissingers, and Rothschilds, drain the fruits of our labor, leaving us in perpetual servitude. A modern-day slavery, inconspicuous, yet omnipresent.

This tale is one of struggle and hope.

A world yearning for change, for a new dawn devoid of shadows cast by central banks.

A world where hard-earned money isn’t siphoned off into the coffers of foreign entities.

The battle for financial freedom rages on.

Will we emerge unshackled, or will we remain ensnared in this age-old tale of servitude?

Only time will tell.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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