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End of the World must be Announced Softly and Non-Chalantly, Big Brother Orders!

I write about Geopolitics because I personally, rightly or wrongly, attribute to myself some quality of sensor equipped with antennas that sometimes enable me to glimpse future historical developments or in some other cases past events go unnoticed and/or not understood in their true nature because they are masked as something different from what they really are.

Often capable of seeing through the fog of misinformation or the fog of war.

Or perhaps just having the knowledge of some Dystopian Prophets.

George Orwell & Aldous Huxley

Naturally, my errors, if there have been any, can be verified by everyone, at least with regard to the content of my pieces published in the past by passing them through historical verification.

In this activity as a prophet or seer through the fog of disinformation and war I find my challenge and at the same time my great source of satisfaction.

Of pleasure, almost sexual.

In recent times I have been crossed (this is the exact term to describe my perception as a medium) by a kind of intuition.

My intuition is about the consequences that may follow the fact that Russia is probably winning its war in Ukraine. SMO according to Putin’s lexicon.

You Won’t Believe What’s REALLY Behind the Russia-Ukraine War – It’s Not What The West Wants You To Think!

Now in and of itself, this would be a fairly limited fact that should concern mainly just Ukrainians and Russians very directly.

And, reasoning in a very selfish way but rather realistically, this fact should concern only very secondarily the Europeans and the Americans.

Except for the compassion for the poor lives of the Ukrainian and Russian civilian and military victims of this conflict, brutally interrupted or worsened by the consequences of the war on their bodies and souls.

And instead, everything that happens and above all the way in which it happens leads me to think that much more is at stake here than the lives and economic interests of Ukrainians and Russians.

I don’t believe much in the Western vulgate of great altruism on the part of the USA and Europe towards Ukraine.

In fact, I don’t believe in the humanitarian spirit of the USA and Europe at all.

Also this humanitarian spirit operates with alternating current and with double standards.

Against Russia, but never against China and Saudi Arabia, who knows why?

We know it very well. An ancient Italian saying says: ”You beat the saddle so as not to beat the horse”.

A way of saying that is used when someone, not being able to take it out on those who would like (and deserve it), vents on those who can or on those who are weaker and less protected.

War is a racket, after all, as Smedley D. Butler taught us.

A young Major General Smedley Darlington Butler nicknamed the ”Maverick Marine’

But let’s get to the heart of the matter: I believe, I strongly believe even if I am not able to provide an adequate causal explanation for it that a possible defeat of Ukraine (read the West) could lead to a global paradigm shift. Unwanted by the Elite that rules the West.

Such as the end of the global monetary system based on the dollar and the military and political hegemony of the United States of America in the World.

Deep State’s Downfall: How QFS & Trump Teamed Up to Break the Chains of Financial Slavery!

Not to mention all its instruments as the Fed, IMF, WHO, and all the UN agencies.

But I’m not saying it, Rothschild said it to the English politicians at the beginning of the war. That it was necessary to wage war on Russia at all costs otherwise the system would collapse.

Let Rothschild talk nonsense in a British political forum at the highest level.

I do not believe it.

And this has nothing to do with liking/disliking the character.

US protests against the war in Vietnam

This financial and political paradigm shift associated with the end of a war with the US ruler’s defeat reminds me in some way of the end of the war in Vietnam associated with the end in 1971 of the Gold Exchange Standard monetary system which was then followed by the Dollar Standard.

The association of this financial paradigm shift with the end of the war in Vietnam is not as far-fetched and arbitrary as it might seem.

President Richard Nixon illustrated to the press the progress of the controversial incursion into Cambodia in April 1970

In fact, it was said at the time that the monetary reform of 1971 had been made by President Nixon to finance a surplus in the issuance of dollars necessary to cover the additional costs of the war which represented the last attempt to try to win the war with a final push, then failed.

The gold convertibility of the previous monetary regime hindered and limited this extra dollar issue which was supposed to serve to try finally to win the war.

Now what we are experiencing is a hybrid war that employs political warfare and blends conventional warfare, irregular warfare, and cyberwarfare with other influencing methods, such as fake news, diplomacy, lawfare, and foreign electoral intervention.

By combining kinetic operations with subversive efforts, the attacker intends to avoid attribution or retribution.

The censorship that is now spreading on all the web and which inhibits the use of hard and shocking images and impressive titles is a typical means of lawfare which necessarily leads to a lack of democracy through the lack of transparency.

As well as being a misrepresentation of reality, a fake reality in that it omits some images and a narrative that is actually absolutely real, at times.

However, I believe that we are experiencing the final phase of the war in Ukraine given what in my eyes appear to be the last desperate attempts of the Elite that rule the World to overturn the outcome of the war.

Mostly through various forms of corruption, including sophisticated ones and State ones, as well as through the spread of disinformation.

It’s all too banal to repeat it today again and again but George Orwell (a disciple of Aldous Huxley, among other things) in his SciFi 1984 had predicted all this more than 70 years ago in 1948.

Breaking!!! Weapons of Mass Destruction: Biden’s Lethal Gifts to Israel Unveiled!
Ethan White
Ethan White
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