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Deep State and the Massive Program to Blackout America during Memorial Day Weekend! Trump and White Hats Saving the Day !

They tried to blind us in the night, and they almost succeeded! But in the true spirit of our land, the valorous knights of the White Hat division of the United States military snuffed out a Deep State conspiracy to bring our nation to its knees. A plan so nefarious, it sought to black out our homes during Memorial Day Weekend. I know, it sounds outlandish, right? But sources within General Eric M. Smith’s office spilled the beans to Real Raw News, and we’re here to spill them for you.

The day was like any other, a calm before the storm, when General Smith’s office received “credible intelligence” that the dark underbelly of our government, the Deep State, was plotting to attack two of our country’s lifeblood power grids, the Eastern and the Western Interconnections. We’re talking about the power lines that illuminate tens of millions of homes from Canada to Florida and back up to the Rockies. And from the Canadian West to the southern reaches of Baja, California, and eastward over the Rockies to the great plains. Only Texas, with its independent transmission lines, seemed safe from this malevolent scheme.

An unsung hero emerged in this dire hour – a CIA whistleblower who arrived at Camp Pendleton on May 19 with chilling news. This whistleblower, a true patriot, revealed that the Biden regime, the puppet show in charge, had designed an elaborate scheme to cripple the power grid and plunge the nation into chaos.

Can you imagine it?

A virus to be activated at 9:00 p.m. EST, May 26, ready to engulf us in darkness.

By May 10, the CIA, the puppeteers behind the scenes, had hired “foreign actors” to staff “remote intrusion centers” in Colorado and Georgia, with the means to plant a virus into our power companies’ mainframes. A virus designed to collapse the grid systematically, leaving our power engineers helpless. And as we sat, powerless and bewildered, anarchy would reign.

Picture it – 48 hours of darkness. Homes and businesses plundered by FEMA insurrectionists, looters, and, yes, even rapists, capitalizing on the chaos. Feds, infiltrated in national militia groups, would stir up rebellion. And then, to rub salt into our wounds, Biden would scapegoat Chinese saboteurs for the crisis from a replica Oval Office.

Yet, as the nation descended into pandemonium, he would attempt to pin the blame on MAGA supporters, accusing them of barbaric acts against Democrat lawmakers.

The CIA documents hinted at an unsettling desire to provoke patriots and “test Americans’ resolve“.

But what about the catastrophic collateral damage and potential loss of life?

The halted aircraft departures?

The grounded planes?

The failing railway switches escalating collision and derailment risks?

Not a blip on their radar!

Following the two days of darkness, our ‘saviors‘ would magically restore power and congratulate themselves on their ‘triumph’ over the outage. Then, in a breathtaking display of audacity, Biden would apologize to Xi Jinping, withdrawing the accusations, and instead, blame Putin for the blackout.

Enter the White Hats

But what would’ve happened had the White Hats not interfered?

And interfere they did.

Our source tells us that General Smith heeded the warning of the CIA whistleblower. With the exact locations of the intrusion centers unknown, the general rallied his troops to uncover the Deep State’s cyber infiltration facilities. They had less than a week to avert the crisis.

The cavalry was called upon, as U.S. Army Rangers, Special Forces, and Delta Force searched in vain for these centers in Augusta, Georgia and Colorado Springs, Colorado. They were about to lose hope when President Trump provided the information that led them to the real targets: Pueblo, Colorado and Athens, Georgia.

In Pueblo, Special Forces apprehended three armed men at an automobile repair shop. Meanwhile, Delta Force in Athens took down another group at what was supposed to be a laundromat. Both sites, brimming with computer equipment, were stripped of their hardware.

This harrowing tale is a testament to the tireless efforts of the White Hats and President Trump to protect our great nation.

The imminent catastrophe was averted, ensuring the safety of countless Americans.

Thanks to brave men and President Trump, a disaster has been averted,” our source said.

We survived this time, but this is a call to remain vigilant, my fellow Americans.

Be assured that there are heroes among us, ready to defend us against the unseen forces that wish to undermine our democracy.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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