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Breaking!!! June 6, 2024 Deadline: Trump’s Master Plan—Mar-a-Lago’s Secret Meetings for NESARA and QFS Activation—Prepare to Activate Your QFS Account as Massive Extraditions Loom!

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The countdown has begun. By the first week of June, critical systems like the RV, NESARA, QFS, GCR, and EAS/EBS must be fully operational. The time for action is now, and it’s up to us—the vigilant, the prepared, the aware—to step up and force the hand of those who’ve been toying with power. There’s no room for hesitation; it’s do or die.

What’s at stake here is far more than bureaucratic tape or typical governmental delay; it’s about the survival and sovereignty of our nation. Trump and the White Hats are in the middle of a high-stakes chess game.

As the clock counts down to June 6, 2024—a date ominously aligning with ‘666’—the world stands on the brink. The Worldwide Web is set to take over Declass. This is the final countdown. Notifications are not just recommended; they are essential. We need to prepare, and prepare we must, for what could very well be the endgame.

Why is this coffee so special? Watch the video below:

Consider the maneuvers that have been made: Trump, a master strategist, ostensibly stepped down, allowing Biden to assume the presidency. Yet, what seems to be an act of concession is, in fact, a calculated move in a much larger strategy. Trump has never really left the arena. Instead, he’s been quietly pulling the strings, letting the Deep State actors unravel themselves.

The Silent Strategist: Trump’s Master Plan

Remember when Trump hosted a series of closed-door meetings at Mar-a-Lago, right after the 2020 election?

These weren’t just casual gatherings.

Reliable sources have leaked that these were strategic planning sessions with top military officials and financial experts discussing the imminent rollout of NESARA and the QFS. They devised a plan to slowly let the deep state actors believe they were gaining control while setting them up for a massive fall.

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The Democrats’ Misstep

The Democrats, meanwhile, believe they’re capitalizing on this. They see it as a sure-win strategy for re-election, focusing solely on the superficial benefits of QFS accounts and NESARA without understanding the full scope. But this is where they falter. This is where we see the real game being played. It’s a game where over a billion newcomers could potentially reset the demographic and political landscape of America, or so they are made to believe.

Remember the sudden, unexplained influx of executive orders and policies favoring massive immigration surges under the Biden administration? These weren’t just random acts. They were deliberate moves, encouraged by planted operatives within the administration, designed to accelerate the timeline of NESARA and the QFS, catching the deep state off guard.

The NESARA Birth Certificate Bombshell

When whispers turn into conversations about birth certificates and NESARA payments backing QFS accounts, you realize this is a seismic shift in how citizenship and sovereignty are defined. Democrats and other deep state actors are cornered, fully aware yet unable to stop the tidal wave they helped summon.

Every new birth certificate is a step towards a blockchain-based identification system that ties directly into the QFS. This is why Trump has been quietly supporting these tech advancements while keeping his public rhetoric focused on traditional values.

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The Ultimate Trap: Economic Warfare

And here’s the clincher: only those born here can truly benefit from the QFS accounts through NESARA/GESARA. Foreigners must return unless they entered legally, turning the narrative of inclusivity on its head.

Those caught in this dragnet face extradition, with their home countries fined heavily—up to $1,000,000 per returned individual. And if these countries refuse to comply, they face severe economic isolation.

This isn’t about managing immigration or fostering international relations; it’s about setting a trap that redefines global alliances and internal policies. Those leaders who once dared to send their criminals through convoluted paths must now reckon with the consequences.

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The Final Countdown to November 5, 2024

As we edge closer to November 5, 2024, Trump’s strategy will unfold. This is about reshaping the very fabric of the nation. We’re in a battlefield where every move, every policy, every new account, and every newcomer is a chess piece in a grand strategy to reclaim and reinstate a vision of America as dictated by those who truly hold the power.

Remember, Trump has been quietly amassing support, not just from traditional allies but from insiders within the deep state. These insiders have provided crucial information, turning the tide in favor of the patriots. The abrupt resignations and unexplained departures of high-ranking officials? These are the early signs of the Trump strategy in action.

Stay alert, stay informed, and be prepared to act. The next move could very well determine the fate of the republic. The pieces are in place, the board is set, and the final play is imminent.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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