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Bombshell!!! Martial Law Unleashed: EBS Alert’s Urgent Broadcast and How Redemption Centers Might Be Our Only Hope!

When the world sleeps, something truly unsettling is brewing on our streets. The undeniable surge in military presence across cities in the U.S. is impossible to ignore. The whispers on the wind hint at a global move, something of unprecedented scale. Could it be global martial law taking hold?

Let’s dive into the facts and unravel this puzzling phenomenon.

The U.S. has been a bastion of freedom, yet now, several cities are under what seems like martial law. This isn’t a drill or a mere exercise. We’re talking about a military presence the likes of which we’ve never seen before in American soil. The numbers are staggering; the military is reportedly active in a whopping 300 to 360 cities.

But why?

There’s a buzz about the Brunson Brothers announcement. Rumor has it that this significant event, which marks the return of Donald Trump and the impeachment of Joe Biden, could potentially ignite uprisings. Thus, the extensive military deployment is to ensure calm and order during this crucial time.

However, there’s more beneath the surface. Deep State arrests are continuing at an alarming rate. California alone has witnessed up to 8000 arrests, with over 3000 in the Northeast U.S., particularly concentrated in the New England area.

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Human trafficking, especially child trafficking, is still a harrowing reality. The Military and White Hat Alliance have been hard at work, tirelessly rescuing victims. In a chilling episode during May 2023, nearly 30 African American teenagers vanished from the Cleveland, OH vicinity. This grim tale mirrors the sinister events of the Atlanta Child Murders, where individuals seamlessly blended into communities to commit heinous crimes.

Oakland, CA paints another grim picture. A significant number of Black women and children have disappeared, prompting Non-profits to declare a ‘State of Emergency‘. In a recent heart-wrenching operation, Navy Seals managed to rescue over 300 children from an oil tanker off the coast of San Francisco. Tragically, 15 of these children didn’t survive.

The looming question is – will martial law come to your city next?

While many cities may remain untouched, the military is already notably present in what are labeled as ‘problematic cities‘. Many of these areas, especially those in blue states, have a pronounced Antifa/BLM presence.

Rumors suggest that the populace might be urged to stay indoors for their safety, especially during ‘Disclosures‘, while the final arrests take place. However, a resilient and awakened citizenry, now more than ever, won’t be silenced or confined.

The Military, it seems, has a broader purpose. As the last of the so-called Satanists face arrest and are sent to GITMO, the Military is also gearing up to distribute food, especially to the elderly. This is not just about control but also about care.

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In a twist that could shake the political landscape, there’s chatter about the Military potentially overseeing the nation until fresh elections are held, precisely 120 days post the Gesara announcement. If this transpires, it’s crucial to rethink our choices. Career politicians, lawyers, entertainers, and even pastors might not be the best fit. Instead, the focus should shift towards electing individuals with business acumen, particularly those who can rejuvenate local businesses, and more importantly, food-growing enterprises.

The EBS Alert: When Darkness Takes Over, Are You Ready?

The storm is approaching, and it won’t send any warnings. The Emergency Broadcast System (EBS) is on the horizon, and when it hits, it will be swift, silent, and shocking. Like a ghostly shadow, everything familiar will fade into obscurity. The bustling stock market? Halted. The digital world you’re so intricately linked to? Gone. And trust me, when the EBS alert vibrates your cell phone, echoing the chilling announcement, you’ll know it’s begun.

Now, here’s the kicker – these messages, sourced from the Starlink, are there to stay. Deleting them? Forget about it. They’re imprinted, lasting reminders of the changing times. And if you’re thinking of wandering the streets, think again. Just like the eerie silence of 2020, we’ll be asked to remain rooted, perhaps for days, maybe weeks.

So, how does one prepare for such unforeseen darkness?

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Your EBS Survival Guide

  1. Essentials First: Stock up on clean drinking water. Ensure there’s enough food, not just for you, but for your pets too. Medicines? Get them in advance. Remember, the digital world is on a hiatus, so medical records are inaccessible.
  2. Cash is King: In a world where digital transactions become obsolete, cash will be your savior. ATMs might be out of service, and swiping those cards at gas pumps? Dream on.
  3. Mental Fortitude: When the shock hits, it’s vital to keep your wits about you. Before you extend your hand to others, ensure you’re mentally fortified. Some might be in a state of shock, unable to respond. In such cases, a breath of fresh air, a gentle walk, might help.

Now, once the dark cloud of the EBS passes, what next?

Your TV, phone, and internet will spring back to life, unveiling a spectacle titled ‘Disclosures’. Rumor has it, it might even grace the big screens. But this isn’t your typical Netflix binge. It’s a 24/7, 8-hour block broadcast, lasting anywhere between 3 to 10 days. The content? Oh, it’s the raw, unfiltered truth of events, spanning Military Tribunals and even, hold your breath, Public Executions. Areas drenched in corruption, like Los Angeles and New York, might experience extended viewing periods.

But when the switch is flipped back, expect a metamorphosis. A world pulsating with positive energy, devoid of evil’s grasp. The internet? Transformed. Banking systems? Revolutionized. This, dear readers, is the dawn of an era of transparency and abundance. A veritable paradise on Earth.

However, as the layers peel back, revealing covert operations, prepare to be flabbergasted. The faces you recognize might just be elaborate masquerades, Hollywood-grade masks, CGI marvels, and eerily realistic Body Doubles. Ever watched the ‘Truman Show’? Our reality might not be far off, with the scripted drama unfolding since 2015, or perhaps even earlier.

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In this roller-coaster of revelations, identities will be muddled. The presumed deceased might be breathing amongst us, under the protection of the Witness Protection Program. Surprisingly, over 900 of them. And those you vilified? They might be mere actors, playing their part in this grand cinematic universe.

In conclusion, the world is on the brink of a seismic shift. The EBS and subsequent Disclosures promise to be the catalysts. Whether you’re thrilled or terrified by these prospects, one thing is certain – life, as we know it, is about to be irrevocably altered. Prepare, stay vigilant, and remember, every cloud has a silver lining.

The Redemption Centers Unveiled: A Deeper Dive into the Quantum Financial Revolution

Hold onto your seats, dear readers, as we delve deep into a topic that’s shaking the very foundations of our financial world. The term “Redemption” has often been associated with atonement, guilt, and salvation. But in our modern age, it’s taken a new, groundbreaking form: Redemption Centers.

So, what’s the buzz all about?

Redemption Centers are not merely a buzzword; they represent a transformative process that’s looming on our horizon. The core of this process? The Quantum Financial Access card. This card is the gateway to claiming our Gesara (on a global scale) and Nesara (for the U.S.) funds. And guess what? These funds have already been deposited, awaiting our claim.

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Wells Fargo, a banking giant you’re undoubtedly familiar with, plays a pivotal role in this new-age financial paradigm. This institution has mirrored every bank account onto the Quantum Financial System (QFS). Your hard-earned money, your retirement nest eggs, your 401ks – they’re all securely mirrored on the QFS. But a word to the wise – brokerage platforms remain outside this mirroring process. So, before “the lights go out“, ensure you’ve safeguarded your assets.

Transitioning into the Quantum Financial System (QFS) isn’t just about money; it’s a spiritual journey. Entering this realm demands purity of heart. It necessitates forgiveness and unconditional love. As we prepare to embrace this financial metamorphosis, it’s crucial to cleanse our souls and be ready to love unconditionally.

Now, for those who’ve dabbled in bonds, particularly Zim, you’re in for a unique experience. Zim holders, especially those with humanitarian interests, will be directed to Redemption Centers based on their zip codes. Nomads, those who live life on the move, should be prepared to declare their mobile status.

The Redemption Centers operate on a rigorous schedule, functioning continuously for 15 days, irrespective of demographics. However, not all centers will have to remain open for the entire duration. The primary currencies exchanged here include Zim, Dinar, Dong, and the Dollar. These hold significance due to their substantial gold backing.

But, before you rush to a Redemption Center, there’s a catch. Not all bonds can be exchanged at these centers. So, it’s essential to do your homework. When scheduling your Redemption Center appointment, clarify the type of currency they’ll be transacting with. Also, for those bonds to be eligible, they would’ve needed to be in an SKR for a solid five years. No shortcuts here.

The bond payout process is a marathon, not a sprint, spanning an estimated three years. But this gradual transition ensures stability and sustainability. Early birds in this game might reap richer rewards. The value of bonds is further amplified as they’re backed by solid gold.

So, who gets priority? Bondholders possessing container loads will be at the front of the queue. To put it plainly, a holder with 20 pallets of bonds will precede one with only 3 pallets.

But here’s where things get even more intriguing. The bond payouts could span up to 25 years, necessitating NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) for the same duration. The reason? Distributing vast amounts in one go could deplete funds meant for the global populace.

America, with its unique financial landscape, enjoys certain privileges that other nations might miss out on. The rates of Zim and other foreign currencies are in a constant flux. And while many have been informed that a substantial 80% of funds for Humanitarian Projects will be extracted from Zims, the true nature of this process remains shrouded in mystery.

In conclusion, the dawn of Redemption Centers and the Quantum Financial System heralds an era of unparalleled change.

As we stand on the precipice of this monumental shift, it’s essential to be informed, prepared, and most importantly, to have a pure heart.

The financial realm is undergoing a metamorphosis, and only time will reveal its true impact.

The world is on the brink of a seismic shift. The EBS and subsequent Disclosures promise to be the catalysts.

Whether you’re thrilled or terrified by these prospects, one thing is certain – life, as we know it, is about to be irrevocably altered.

Prepare, stay vigilant, and remember, every cloud has a silver lining.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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