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UPDATE!!! EBS & GESARA Countdown: Exposing Deep State & Banking Betrayal, QFS Revolution, 5D Earth Shift, Trump-Obama Power Play, Petrodollar’s End, and Iraq’s White Hat Alliance!

Prepare yourselves, for we are on the brink of a radical societal metamorphosis. Decades of lies, deceit, and fraud by the powers that be are reaching their inevitable end. It’s time for us to wake up and recognize the seismic shifts that are about to redefine the course of human history.

EBS, Martial Law, and Gesara: The Countdown Begins
The way things will unfold is meticulously planned. It starts with the EBS, the Emergency Broadcast System – the messenger of utmost importance. The Martial Law declaration will follow, all in line with the monumental GESARA announcement. Is the EBS preceding or succeeding the GESARA? Ah, the uncertainties remain, but one thing is certain: once Disclosures come to light, the Redemption Center Appointments will beckon.

The Redemption Centers: It’s Not Just About the Money
Every single one of us will have to pass through these Redemption Centers. And it’s not just for those fortunate to possess foreign currency. All the dark deeds, including military tribunals, public punishments, and much more, will finally be unveiled.

The Sinister Secrets of Banks Revealed
Our trusted financial institutions? The very banks that promised to safeguard our futures? They’ve betrayed us all. Not just you, but the generations before you. With the initiation of GESARA and NESARA, a financial reckoning is upon us. The mighty dollar will be returned to its rightful owners: the people.

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Trace it back and you find the root: the farmers. Now, they are being recompensed a whopping $800 million. This is not mere restitution. This is the collapse of the treacherous Deep State Cabal Central Banking System. The chains that have ensnared us for so long have finally been broken.

Enter the Quantum Financial System (QFS)
The dawn of the QFS is here. Gone are the days when crimes against humanity could be committed under the shield of financial transactions. The new system is not just about money; it’s about morality. It senses foul play and can put an immediate stop to heinous acts ranging from trafficking to money laundering.

The Revolution in Currency
Get ready. Your banks and credit unions are already armed with the NEW RAINBOW CURRENCY. As we fully embrace Gesara, this transformational currency will be launched, promising an egalitarian economic environment.

Eradicating Debts & Elevating Lives
Imagine a world where debts are a thing of the past. A world where the money you paid in taxes over the last 30 years returns to you. This isn’t some financial fantasy; it’s our impending reality.

Social security retirees, take note. Your monetary struggles are about to end. Expect a considerable surge in your funds. As for the youth, the retirement horizon just got closer; the age threshold is now just 60.

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A Home for All
Gesara promises a world where homelessness is eradicated. Everyone, from veterans to the mentally ill, will have a roof over their heads. Furthermore, the oppressive property taxes on older homes will be no more.

End of Big Pharma
The colossal profit-driven industries of pharmaceuticals and medical care are coming to an unprecedented halt. Imagine a world where ailments are extinct, and the need for hospitals or urgent care vanishes. Military Med Beds, controlled by the clandestine Military Secret Space Force Program, are gearing up to be our new healing sanctuaries.

A 5D World Beckons
We are transcending beyond our known reality, stepping into a New 5D World. This is not just a technological upgrade but an evolution of consciousness. A NEW GOLDEN ERA is on the horizon, and with it, an unparalleled age of prosperity, creativity, and equality.

Re-imagine your career. Rekindle childhood dreams. The traditional grind of the 5-day workweek will soon be a relic of the past. With reduced work hours, humanity can refocus on creativity, humanitarian projects, and rebuilding the values that once bonded us.

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A Reformed Media Landscape
The toxic influences of the TV and music industries are on their last legs. No longer will these mediums be utilized to destabilize families. As the negative frequencies get dialed down, we, as a society, can turn our attention to learning essential life skills, from growing our food to establishing businesses rooted in purpose and community welfare.

Jailbirds No More
Maritime and Admiralty Laws, the hidden shackles that filled jails unjustly, are about to be discarded. An era is coming where crime is non-existent, rendering police forces obsolete.

The Erosion of U.S. Dominance: Unmasking the Power Dynamics

Dive deeper into the annals of global history, and the reasons for the U.S.’s unmatched power become evident. But as they say, “With great power comes great responsibility,” and sadly, the U.S. didn’t always utilize its influence judiciously.

The Trump Era: A Refreshing Change
Amidst all the criticism and debates surrounding President Trump’s tenure, one fact remains indisputable: he refrained from engaging the U.S. in fresh international wars. The same, unfortunately, can’t be said about his predecessor, Obama. His brazen boasting about drone strikes against foreign countries echoes the very essence of unbridled might. As for his fate? He’s met his reckoning, as the whispers of Gitmoed and Executed suggest.

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The Petrodollar Reign
The era of America strong-arming the globe was largely facilitated by the Petrodollar system. Abandoning the gold standard, the U.S. coerced the world into a system where international market transactions were dependent on the dollar, making it the MOST PRINTED CURRENCY globally. This financial maneuver was a masterstroke, granting America unparalleled power and influence.

But with the advent of the Quantum Financial System (QFS), this age of unilateral dominance is waning. The QFS’s very essence ensures no single nation can exploit its financial muscle to subjugate others. Instead, a nation’s strength will correlate with its gold, silver, and oil reserves, ensuring a more equitable distribution of global power. Moreover, enhanced privacy features in the new system further level the playing field.

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The Unique U.S. Privilege
Even though the U.S.’s global dominance might be diluted, it retains certain advantages that others can’t claim. Unique tax provisions, for instance. While America may initially enjoy more benefits than other nations, the gap will narrow with time. As the transition to the 5D Earth accelerates, societal norms, including taxation, will gradually metamorphose.

QFS & GCR: Why the Delay?
The ardent followers of global finance would naturally question the holdup in launching the Quantum Financial System (QFS) and the Global Currency Reset (GCR). A combination of factors — from the rigorous testing of the QFS to the incarceration of rogue bankers — contributed to these postponements. The inner workings and the decision-making apparatus remain a well-guarded secret, accessible only to an elite few.

A special spotlight shines on Iraq, a nation that has, for long, borne the brunt of U.S. aggression. Labelled as the nexus for its region, the constant chatter surrounding Iraq’s Dinar rate has been deafening. Add to this mix, the existence of Iranian-owned banks, which were still tethered to the nefarious designs of the old Deep State Rothschild proxies. The Herculean task of unmasking and tackling these Deep State entities has been a daunting challenge for both the Military and the White Hat Alliance.

In Conclusion
The landscape of global power dynamics is in a state of flux. The past era of unchecked U.S. dominance is making way for a more equitable and balanced world order. While challenges remain and the path ahead is still murky, the promise of a fairer, just, and harmonious global society gives hope to billions. As we inch closer to the 5D Earth, the future, though uncertain, appears to be on the right trajectory.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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