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Biggest Sting Operation in History: Over 64,000 CIA-Controlled MS13 Members Arrested in Largest Cartel Bust Ever!

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The storm unleashed its fury. The operation is massive, the scale unprecedented. We’re talking about over 64,000 cartel members arrested in one of the largest sting operations ever executed, just 1500 miles south of the U.S. border. But who are these people, and why does it matter? They are the most deadly cartel operatives—MS13 members, controlled by none other than the CIA as part of a long-standing and dark agenda.

For years, the public has been fed a narrative of MS13 as a standalone horror, a rogue entity of chaos breeding violence and fear. This is only a fragment of a much larger, more sinister picture. Sources and evidence indicate that MS13 was not merely a byproduct of societal decay but a meticulously crafted tool of the CIA, designed for what they call “4th and 5th generation warfare.” These operations were not random outbreaks of violence but calculated moves in a global game of control, targeting governmental and financial structures within the United States and beyond.

The reach and implications of these actions are staggering. High-ranking officials, influential leaders, and key spokespersons, primarily those linked with the banking, news, and corporate sectors, have been systematically threatened or eliminated.

These are strategic attacks against individuals who refuse to align with the Deep State agendas. The chilling part? The majority of MS13 members don’t even realize they are pawns in a much larger scheme, manipulated by the shadows of the CIA.

What’s more shocking is the inaction and possible complicity of prominent figures during critical periods of escalation. From 2014 to 2016, the violence perpetrated by this CIA-backed network reached its zenith, spreading fear and cementing control.

And what was done about it?

Under the Obama administration, these alarming developments were largely ignored, or worse, allowed to fester. The connections to the Rockefeller CIA projects, aimed explicitly at subduing political opposition through ruthless and unspeakable means, were conveniently overlooked.

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Enter the spyware saga. In the digital age, warfare transcends physical bounds, invading the privacy of every individual deemed a threat. Under the guise of national security, DARPA and the CIA implemented surveillance mechanisms capable of tracking all manners of communication—phones, emails, computers.

The revelations by Edward Snowden barely scratched the surface. The real depth of this invasion includes planting incriminating material such as unwanted pornography and falsified financial records to discredit and manipulate influential figures.

It took the foresight and determination of the Military Alliance, a group that realized post-9/11 the dangerous path the CIA had taken MS13 down. Their solution was radical yet necessary—they helped bring to power a figure who would not hesitate to challenge the status quo.

Donald Trump was the first president in recent history to recognize and act against the depth of corruption facilitated by his predecessors. His declaration of MS13 as a terrorist group and subsequent actions against them were not random acts of policy-making but part of a broader strategy to dismantle the control of the Deep State over the nation.

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Today, as we witness what may only be the tip of the iceberg with these arrests, the implications go beyond just crime prevention. This is about reclamation and decontamination of a body politic long infected by covert operations designed to undermine its very foundations. The operations now unfolding in El Salvador, once a Nazi stronghold, represent not just an attack on a violent gang but a profound cleansing of deeply ingrained corruption.

The ongoing military operations, a combined effort of U.S. forces and local entities, are monumental. They aren’t just breaking down the physical power of MS13; they’re aiming to collapse the entire network of control, surveillance, and manipulation that has allowed such entities to thrive.

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The vastness of this plot becomes even clearer when we examine the unexpected resurgence of anti-government militias in the U.S. While the media often dismisses these groups as fringe extremists, they have reportedly been the target of MS13’s terror tactics, a move orchestrated by the CIA to destabilize any opposition to their agenda.

Many of these militia groups have uncovered evidence linking MS13 operations directly to secretive government projects aimed at population control and suppression of dissent.

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Moreover, the epidemic of drug addiction in America is no coincidence. MS13, under the direction of the CIA, has been flooding the streets with narcotics, creating chaos and dependence, making the populace easier to control. The opioid crisis, often attributed to pharmaceutical companies and negligent doctors, is in reality a deliberate act of warfare against the American people.

The infiltration goes deeper than just street gangs and drugs. The CIA’s reach extends into Silicon Valley, where tech giants are complicit in surveilling and silencing voices that question the status quo. Whistleblowers within these companies have risked their lives to expose the collaboration between tech CEOs and intelligence agencies. Their stories, though rarely publicized, paint a grim picture of a society where privacy is an illusion, and free speech is constantly under threat.

Finally, the resurgence of nationalism and patriotism in recent years can be seen as a direct response to the globalist agenda pushed by the Deep State. The arrests of MS13 members signal a turning point, a reclaiming of sovereignty from those who have sought to undermine it for decades. It’s not just about taking down a gang; it’s about dismantling an entire system of control.

As we continue to uncover the layers of this conspiracy, it’s essential to remain vigilant and question the official narratives. The truth is often stranger than fiction, and in the case of MS13 and the CIA, it is a dark reality that we must confront head-on. This is a battle for the very soul of our nation, and we must stand united against the forces that seek to destroy it from within.

Ethan White
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