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Beneath the Prime: Is Amazon’s Robotic Army Set to Overthrow Human Workers?

Oh, the great Amazon has pulled another rabbit out of its hat! Ready for this? A staggering “750,000 robots working collaboratively” with their human counterparts. Sounds like a sci-fi movie plot, doesn’t it? But no, it’s our reality. As if this wasn’t enough to raise eyebrows and alarm bells, Amazon drops another bombshell – two, in fact.

Posted candidly on a seemingly innocuous Oct. 18 blog post, Amazon gleefully introduces “Digit”, its bipedal minion. Stationed like a sentinel at a site south of Seattle, this two-legged tech marvel shuffles around stacking boxes. The big reveal? Digit “can move, grasp, and handle items in spaces and corners of warehouses in novel ways.”

Translation: Watch your back, because this ‘Terminator’ is designed for spaces built for us mere mortals! Amazon is all but declaring open season with its “big opportunity to scale a mobile manipulator solution” which, lo and behold, ‘collaborates’ with employees. Talk about irony!

But wait, there’s more. For those dreary human souls stuck with tote recycling, a “highly repetitive process”, enter Digit! After all, why let humans do a robot’s job?

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Pause for a second and digest this: Amazon, over the past decade, has been busy little bees, toying with “hundreds of thousands of robotics systems”, and yet they’ve miraculously also “created hundreds of thousands of new jobs”. Sounds like magic, right?

They proudly tout 700 categories of new job roles – ones that, in their own words, didn’t even exist within Amazon before! Ah, but here’s the catch. It’s all about equipping these human workers “with new technology and training them to develop new skills”. So, humans… adapt or perish?

And for the grand finale: meet Sequoia. Faster than a speeding bullet (well, not really, but close enough), it’s the newest robotic darling, all set to revolutionize Amazon’s Texas fulfillment center. Remember those speedy deliveries? Thank Sequoia, not the humans hustling behind the scenes.

This machine is all set to push the envelope, making fulfillment centers 75% faster and cutting down order processing time by a whopping 25%. The result? Amazon promising even quicker deliveries. Great for customers, but what about the workers?

Topping off this techno cake? A daunting prediction from Jan Hatzius, the mastermind at Goldman Sachs. His findings? Hold onto your hats – generative AI could potentially threaten 300 million full-time jobs worldwide. His verdict paints a dystopian picture with two-thirds of occupations getting “partially automated by AI.”

Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s a world where Amazon’s robots are ‘collaborative’, but for how long? Are humans on the brink of becoming obsolete in their own game? The lines are blurred, the stakes are high, and the future? Well, let’s just say it’s anyone’s guess!

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Ethan White
Ethan White
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