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THE GREAT TAKING is Here: Global Puppeteers, Corporate Sharks, and Media Lies – Their Sick Game to Leave Us With NOTHING!

Bare your mind and hold your breath. Today, we uncover an audacious plot that’s been in motion for decades, orchestrated with impeccable finesse and near-surgical precision. It revolves around one thing: collateral. Yes, every single asset you’ve ever thought you owned, from your stocks to your intellectual property, is on the brink of vanishing.

At the heart of this web of deceit are a select few, the puppet masters, whose meticulous planning and influence over the global financial structure have enabled them to design a future where all assets—financial, tangible, and intellectual—are in their grasp. These are not your everyday billionaires or politicians. These individuals lurk in the shadows, their identities concealed, pulling the strings of power across the globe.

And what are these strings? They are:

  • Global Governments and Political Parties: Whether left, right, or center, they dictate the agenda. -> More HERE
  • Intelligence Agencies: With a plethora of front organizations, they ensure that their narratives are the only ones that matter.
  • Military and Police: The boots on the ground, ensuring their orders are executed. -> More HERE!
  • Major Corporations: Dominating markets and influencing consumers.
  • The Media: The mouthpiece, ensuring the public hears what they want them to hear.

Their objective? A hybrid warfare, not against nations, but against humanity itself. These puppeteers are gearing up for what can only be termed as “The Great Taking.

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Now, let’s talk about how they’re achieving this.

Webb, a name I urge you to remember, has meticulously documented the gradual erosion of property rights over the past half-century. Fifty years ago, if you held a physical paper share certificate, it symbolized genuine ownership. Fast forward to today, and this semblance of control is but an illusion.

In the modern financial era, the concept of ownership has been distorted. The very assets you believe you possess are nothing more than entries in digital ledgers, far removed from your grasp. The reality? Financial institutions have been cunningly rehypothecating these assets, effectively creating multiple claims on the same entity. The result? You are left clinging to a mirage.

Consider the tragic tale of a small Florida broker who declared bankruptcy during the 2008 financial meltdown. Traditionally, clients’ securities would be transferred to another broker. Not this time. These assets were consumed by the voracious maw of the bankruptcy receiver. This wasn’t an isolated incident. The collapse of Lehman Brothers further solidified this disturbing trend. In the event of insolvency, client assets are now up for grabs by the top-tier secured creditors. Names like JP Morgan, BlackRock, and Goldman Sachs should ring a bell. These institutions stand at the pinnacle of this pyramid, closest to the central banks and ready to benefit from the impending “Great Taking.

Imagine a future crisis, one that dwarfs the 2008 recession. The legal frameworks are already set, the trap has been laid out, and all they await is the right moment. A cascade of bankruptcies will unleash a torrent, allowing these hidden overlords to seize not just securities but ANY asset shadowed by debt—homes, vehicles, businesses. Everything you’ve worked for, everything you’ve built, gone in the blink of an eye.

Webb’s prophetic words resonate now more than ever: “There will be a game of musical chairs. When the music stops, you will not have a seat… It is designed to work that way.

The Hidden Agenda: The Global Elite’s Master Plan for Financial Domination

You’ve probably heard that history repeats itself. But have you ever stopped to question why? Sometimes, it’s not just a sequence of random events but a carefully orchestrated series of dominoes set to fall. One man, Webb, has been sounding the alarm about what’s coming next, and it’s a revelation that may shake you to your very core.

Webb’s arguments are nothing short of bone-chilling. He presents an irrefutable case that the forthcoming financial crisis isn’t some unforeseeable accident. No, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a meticulously crafted scheme designed by the global elite, and they’ve named it “The Great Taking.

Now, think about it for a moment. How is it that for over half a century, such a systematic and intelligent plan has been unfolding right under our noses? It’s certainly no accident. Those shadowy figures controlling central banking, the puppeteers of fake money creation, are no amateurs. They are well aware of the boom-bust cycle they instigate by manipulating the money supply. Their grand design is to inflate the “Everything Bubble” to such extremes that its inevitable bust will pave the way for them to execute their ultimate power play: The Great Taking.

And where does the average Joe and Jane stand in all this? Drowning in debt. Americans have been seduced by the allure of credit, beckoned by the siren’s call to spend beyond their means. And now, many are teetering on the edge, saturated with debt and primed to be plucked by these elites.

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Webb’s voice resounds with a truth that many might find hard to digest. He posits that debt, as we know it, is nothing but a fabricated concept—a tool employed to strip real assets from the unsuspecting masses. For centuries, it has been a weapon of dispossession, robbing individuals of their property, capital, and investments.

But is all hope lost? No, it isn’t.

While the exact manifestations of The Great Taking remain cloaked in uncertainty, you aren’t entirely powerless. There are tangible steps you can undertake to fortify yourself against this impending calamity. Your first line of defense? Ensure you aren’t an easy target, not just another piece of the low-hanging fruit.

Achieving a debt-free status and possessing unadulterated assets should be your primary goal. Owning something that doubles up as a liability for someone else? That’s a recipe for disaster. Especially when the legal machinations to snatch it away from you during a crisis are already in place. Consider this: the money you deposit in a bank isn’t truly yours. In the eyes of the law, it belongs to the bank, and you merely hold an unsecured claim against it.

So, how do you combat this?

For starters, tangible assets like gold and silver bullion coins, especially renowned ones like the Canadian Maple Leaf or the American Eagle, can serve as a safe haven. But don’t be naive enough to entrust them to a bank’s safe deposit box. When the storm hits, they’ll be the prime targets.

Moreover, consider real estate, businesses, and other tangible assets, provided they’re free from debt and any counterclaims.

And then there’s the digital marvel: Bitcoin. Serving as a digital bearer instrument, Bitcoin puts ownership power squarely in the hands of the possessor. Unlike traditional assets, it’s not burdened by someone else’s liabilities. Bitcoin’s unique attributes could very well render central banks redundant, thereby emancipating money from the clutches of the state. It’s no wonder that Bitcoin is viewed as a lethal adversary to the sinister forces championing The Great Taking.

In conclusion, the writing is on the wall. The global elite’s sinister plan, The Great Taking, is slowly but surely unfurling. But knowledge is power.

With Webb’s insights and a proactive approach, you can safeguard your assets and stand resilient against the looming financial apocalypse.

Stand vigilant, stand informed, and most importantly, stand prepared. The storm is coming, but you don’t have to be swept away.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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