Sunday, May 26, 2024

ALERT! America’s Military Collapse Imminent as CIA, MI6, and MOSSAD Wage Secret War – Deep State’s Plan to Manipulate the U.S. into a Devastating Global Conflict!

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As the dust begins to settle on Ukraine’s battered battlegrounds, the sheer scale of deception orchestrated by the global puppet masters becomes glaringly evident. What has transpired is not a mere geopolitical skirmish but a meticulously crafted war for profit, waged under the guise of democracy and liberation. The narrative spun by these shadowy figures is crumbling, exposing the grim reality of their failure and desperation.

Colonel Douglas Macgregor, a voice amidst the placating hum of mainstream mendacity, has boldly revealed the sinister motivations behind the conflict—turn Ukraine into a battleground to directly challenge Russia, with an eye on its staggering $75 trillion in natural resources and crucial lithium reserves. Entities like BLACKROCK, CIA, MI6, and MOSSAD are central players in this game of thrones, orchestrating chaos to feed their insatiable greed.

The ineptitude displayed by these orchestrators is palpable. Their grand strategy has backfired spectacularly, leaving them scrambling to maintain a veneer of control. Meanwhile, the mainstream media, those complicit lapdogs, beat the drums of World War III, a calculated scare tactic to bilk a cool $1.2 trillion from taxpayers, supposedly to bolster Israel in its next phase of conflict.

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The situation on the Ukrainian front is a stark contradiction to the fables peddled by the U.S. administration. While President Biden parrots lines about Russian setbacks, Russian forces have methodically taken control of Kharkiv and are pushing inexorably toward the West. The potential capture of Odessa looms large, a strategic victory that would further erode the façade of Western triumph.

Amidst this chaos, the so-called deep state has pivoted its attention to the Middle East, fueling conflicts to redirect the global gaze. Turkey’s realignment within NATO, conducting naval exercises and amassing troops, isn’t a mere shift in military tactics but a profound geopolitical realignment. This is backed by Pakistan and further supported by China and Russia, signaling a formidable axis of power challenging Western hegemony.

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The military ineptitude of the United States in this new global theatre is embarrassingly evident. Stripped of the necessary armaments and strategic depth, the U.S. is portrayed as a fading giant, unable to match the burgeoning military might of Iran, Syria, Lebanon, and Turkey—nations now emboldened by Russian and Chinese backing. Iran’s missile capabilities alone could decimate U.S. naval forces in the region, a stark reminder of the shifting balance of power.

Predictions of an imminent global conflict by late 2024 underscore the desperation of a corrupt elite cornered by their own failures. This is a foretold cataclysm that could shake the very foundations of the corrupt U.S. military-industrial complex, exposing the decadence and corruption rotting at its core.

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As these orchestrated crises continue to unfold, possibly pulling North Korea into the fray, it’s crucial to remain vigilant and unswayed by the fear-mongering tactics employed by those in power. The push towards World War III is not an inevitability but a carefully engineered distraction, a smoke screen to cover the tracks of the greedy and the power-hungry.

We must rip away the curtain of lies, see beyond the smokescreen, and understand the true nature of these global maneuvers. This is a call to reject the narrative fed to us, to question every headline, and to resist the seductive lure of propaganda. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and the time to awaken to the truth is now.

This is our world, and we will not let it be ruled by the whims of the corrupt few. Stand firm, question everything, and prepare to take back the narrative. This isn’t just a fight for the truth—it’s a battle for the future of our world.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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