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Zionist Cabal Throws Americans in Jail for Criticizing Israel: Rothschild Puppets and Global Elites Weaponize Fear – FBI’s Dirty Tricks From JFK’s Murder to the 9/11 Inside Job!

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The axis of evil has always been a convenient scapegoat for the globalist-controlled, fascist U.S. government, which conspires with mainstream media giants to prop up false narratives, obscure truth, and suppress dissent. Just as NATO thrives on an imagined Russian bogeyman, the Anti-Defamation League and Israel itself rely on the specter of antisemitism to justify their brutal policies.

The agenda is clear: censor, prohibit, and criminalize any critique of Jews, Israel, or Zionism. The endgame? Maintain the illusion of victimhood while cloaking ruthless oppression under layers of deceit and manipulation.

No other nation enjoys such untouchable status as the Jewish State. While Russia, China, and Iran are vilified, Israel is shielded from criticism, cocooned in a protective layer of mainstream propaganda. The familiar phrase falsely attributed to Voltaire rings true: “To know who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” And yet, the façade is crumbling.

The world can no longer ignore Israel’s heinous crimes and genocide, concealed behind cries of antisemitism and hate speech laws designed to muzzle opposition. The authoritarian police state and its weaponized rhetoric cannot silence those who dare speak out against the appalling slaughter of the Palestinian people.

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They argue antisemitism is rising, citing a supposed quadrupling of cases in France and doubling in the U.S. But they ignore the context: October 7th and its aftermath. Israel’s unchecked impunity has sparked global outrage, and the world’s disgust is not antisemitism—it’s a reaction to state-sponsored genocide.

The legacy of Israel’s deception stretches back decades. They stole U.S. nuclear secrets and uranium to covertly develop nuclear weapons under the “Sampson option.” JFK, the last president who dared confront Israel’s nuclear ambitions, was assassinated shortly before the CIA and Israel orchestrated his death.

The USS Liberty false flag attack saw dozens of U.S. Navy seamen slaughtered by an “ally,” while Netanyahu’s infamous “Fink Bar” boast detailed plans to bleed America dry like a “golden calf,” paving the way for the 9/11 inside job. The fingerprints of Zionist manipulation and deceit are everywhere.

Today, any criticism of Israel or the Jews is branded as a “hate speech crime,” threatening jail time for American citizens. The treasonous lapdog Congress, bought and blackmailed by Zionist interests, answers to Israel and their City of London overlords.

The worldwide anti-Israel protests are a direct response to Israel’s barbaric policies. The media and government liars can’t control the narrative anymore because enough of us see through their layers of deception.

In their desperation, the deep-state-controlled Israeli government is doubling down on authoritarian overreach, locking up critics and enacting draconian measures to preserve their hold on power. But their lies cannot withstand the weight of reality forever.

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How the Zionist Cabal Manipulates the Media to Silence Protesters

They try to tell you the students are the villains here. They spin their propaganda and vomit their lies about “pro-Hamas terrorists” and “terrorist sympathizers.” But let’s be blunt about who’s really orchestrating the show.

The Zionist-controlled corporate media and puppet politicians—bent over backward to serve their Rothschild overlords—have the audacity to defame peaceful protesters as radical extremists when, in fact, the true extremists are the ones sitting in Washington and Tel Aviv. These are the perpetrators of genocide, bombing Palestinian neighborhoods into oblivion with 2,000-pound weapons of terror.

The so-called pro-Hamas agitators among the protesters? Likely FBI, ADL, and Soros agents provocateurs planted to create a mirage of chaos to justify cracking down on legitimate voices. They’re paid shills sent to muddy the waters, to misrepresent the vast majority of peaceful protesters as violent anti-Semites.

They want you to believe this uprising is just a cesspool of hate, a fringe movement led by lunatics. The truth is that these protesters are the only ones brave enough to expose the naked evil of the Zionist agenda.

The Zionist cabal, fortified by their grip on the media, relentlessly exploits the protests to demonize those who stand against the massacre in Gaza. The ADL, AIPAC, and their Marxist lackeys, fueled by Soros and their ilk, are hell-bent on destroying the students’ solidarity with Palestinians.

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The FBI’s dirty tricks aren’t new either. They’ve used them for decades to disrupt genuine resistance movements. They infiltrated the Black Panthers and Students for a Democratic Society in the 60s. And at Kent State, the National Guard slaughtered unarmed protesters. Now, as then, the state conspires with paid media stooges to vilify those who dare to rise up.

False flags are the Zionist playbook’s bread and butter. Create chaos with planted operatives, pin it on the opposition, and then crush the movement. The Rothschild-owned marionettes in the media are the mouthpieces, and the violent “pro-Hamas” actors are their minions.

Together, they cast the anti-Israel movement as pro-terrorist, a sleight of hand to obscure the very real atrocities happening in Gaza, the West Bank, and beyond. They’re terrified that this movement will ignite an anti-globalist rebellion that could shake their power structures to the core.

The Zionist-US cabal won’t allow an organic, grassroots revolt against their domination. They crush any threat to their empire with ruthless police state tactics honed by apartheid-trained Israeli forces.

Our police departments are subservient, indoctrinated by the same Zionist hands that direct genocidal campaigns in Gaza. And the Zionist-controlled corporate media turns this all into a twisted theater, where the occupier is the victim and the victims are the terrorists.

The narrative of the Holocaust has been weaponized into a shield for every crime Israel commits. No other genocide matters because the Zionist agenda has ensured that the Holocaust stands alone as untouchable. Never mind the countless lives destroyed by Israeli bombs or bulldozers—the world is blinded by a narrative that absolves Israel of any guilt while vilifying anyone who criticizes them as an anti-Semite.

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Behind the scenes, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are calling the shots, their fingers in every pie from London to Tel Aviv. They engineered the global power structure after WWII to ensure Israel would emerge, arm-in-arm with the UK, the US, and the UN. Antisemitism is their cudgel to silence any dissent, turning genuine criticism into hate speech and ensuring the world turns a blind eye to the apartheid regime that keeps the Middle East in flames.

This uprising is a direct threat to their control, and that’s why they’re fighting so ferociously to suppress it. The students on the front lines are fighting not just for Palestinian rights but against an entire system that thrives on division, brutality, and lies. Their bravery is a beacon, shining through the smokescreen of deceit spun by the media and their Zionist puppet masters.

The Zionist machine will not succeed in its campaign to crush this movement because people are waking up to the truth. The tide is turning, and despite their ruthless attempts to smear and intimidate, the voices of the brave will not be silenced.

They will expose this rotten structure for what it is—a blood-soaked empire built on lies, exploitation, and ruthless domination. And when it crumbles, history will remember who stood on the right side.

Ethan White
Ethan White
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