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When You Have Elections Most DO NOT Trust, No Border, A Govt That Terrorizes ‘The People’ And A Dithering, Corrupt Stooge Sitting In The White House, You No Longer Have A Country 

Last week, over at “Just the News,” the headline blared: “Trump leads Biden in 5 battleground states in New York Times poll.” 

Other than a feelgood rush, so what? The official date for the ‘24 elections is November 5, though Election Day has become a nugget surrounded by gobs of ballot-stuffing and electronic hijinks. November 5 is now less than a year hence. Whatever the polls report today won’t necessarily reflect outcomes then, even if they’re honestly tallied. 

Let’s venture that next year’s elections are held (yes, you read that right). The results, either way, will inevitably be disputed — and not civilly, not if Democrats manage to lose. Between Trump derangement syndrome and an unending hunger for power and money, Democrats simply can’t lose to Trump and not go bonkers. 

Suspending elections sounds like something out of a beach read. Maybe so. Never happened in the good old U.S. of A., you say. Check. But the world and country are headed for oversized calamities, they’re on our doorsteps now. Saying next year’s presidential contest is critical has become cliché. 

The world is spinning out of control. Look no further than Ukraine, where the possibility of a wider war developing is real, though D.C. lifers are backing off some. Ukrainians have lost the war. The elites shiny new toy is the Middle East.

The Israeli-Hamas war is in full swing. U.S. Navy warships are parked off Lebanon. Turkey’s Erdoğan, Iran’s mullahs, and Hezb’allah have made noises about Hamas’ fate. Israel has a right — indeed, a duty — to strike Hamas in Gaza. Yet, it’s thinkable that this fight could trigger a regional war, with the U.S. embroiled. 

The U.S. and Chinese economies are shaky. If those economies trip, a lot of others trip with them. Recessions loom. 

No need to inventory the multiplying troubles here at home. You know them. They stem from dreadful policies and mis-governance compliments of Biden’s handlers. Compounding woes, the miserable governance by Democrats of blue states and localities. Mass misery in WAY less than three years. 

Oh, and vast right-wing conspiracies bubble and brew, say Democrats. Trump poses an existential threat to democracy. 

Joe Biden’s good friend, autocrat Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has suspended elections in Ukraine, because no elections make democracy stronger. In Biden’s borderless America, why shouldn’t Joe’s handlers copy Volod? 

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Okay, Vegas odds are north of 50-50 that elections occur next year. But Hillary Clinton has sort of hinted that maybe the presidential contest needs to be scrubbed. We’ll get to that in a sec.

If there’s a presidential election, the betting odds are that the outcome fails to legitimize the winner. Here’s why. 

Should Trump lose again — by razor thin margins in battleground states — the pall of cheating will hang in the air far heavier than ‘20. Another election where Trump leads the Democrat by hundreds of thousands of votes in, say, Pennsylvania, only to see that margin vanish overnight will be met with immense skepticism. RFK Jr. and Jill Stein are bound to bleed off a slew of votes from Joe, Gavin, or whoever the elite pick. Reliable runup polls likely show that. If Trump is leading significantly, his losing narrowly in overnight counts in battleground states will smell of rat.

Should Biden or the next-in-line lose, the allegations won’t be cheating, of course, since key battleground states are either bluish or purple bastions. Hillary has teed up the charge, which clues us in to the Democrats’ ’24 battle plan, if needed. She tipped her side’s hand last Wednesday on “The View.” 

Trump means to establish a dictatorship on a Hitlerian scale, babbled Hillary insanely. Trump, says she, will have his enemies perp walked into the D.C. jail, where they’ll swap places with J6 martyrs. Hillary must wonder about her fate. 

In fact, as president, Trump promises to clean out D.C. like they’re Augean stables. For D.C. lifers, Trump might as well pledge to drop a neutron bomb on the city. 

Hillary continued: Future elections will be verboten under Trump’s iron-fisted rule. Vox populi goes out the window once Der Führer and his jackboots take control. 

Topping things off, Hillary claims that corporate media will be ash-canned. Does Hillary want to convince us that dictatorship has a saving grace? 

Hillary’s signaling to blue America is an inadvertent alarm for red America. She’s providing the raison d’être for — well, let’s say — “An outpouring of anti-fascist fervor.”

Provided the lawfare being waged by Jack Smith, Fanni Willis, Letitia James, and Alvin Bragg goes down the toilet, how does the establishment make sure Trump never steps foot in the Oval Office again — unless he’s paraded there in leg irons in some ancient Roman display of triumph? 

Surely, elites are now hatching other devilish ways to stop Trump. Their desperate 14th Amendment ploy to keep Trump off state ballots ain’t flying. It begs a SCOTUS slap-down. 

In light of Hillary’s comments, what does ’24 look like? 

2020 happens again, that’s what, though worse. Antifa and BLM will stoke riots and bloodshed in cities, maybe accusing Jews of dastardly acts against Palestinians. Maybe it’s time to spread mayhem to the ‘burbs? Maybe Democrats commit trademark infringement again, staging Kristallnacht II, sans inauguration day crowds. Then Biden is trotted out. He delivers a national address declaring martial law to quell insurrection. 

If The Donald is Hitler with a nicer coiffure, and if his election brings dictatorship, then won’t it be incumbent on Democrats to pull out the stops? If democracy hangs in the balance, isn’t Zelenskyy’s way the only practical alternative? If Democrats are as cocksure as Hillary, how can they — keepers of the public trust — permit Trump winning? 

Or maybe Democrats lose their nerve and Trump wins. 

But post-election, Trump’s imminent swearing in causes delusional Democrats to entirely unglue. D.C. is on fire with speculation about Gitmo and beheadings under Der Führer

Just the thought of Trump’s DoJ letting subpoenas and indictments fly proves too much. Desperation sweeps through bluedom like a nasty case of COVID. The keepers of democracy’s flame decide that Trump must be denied the White House before January 20.

Democrats pull General Mark Milley — the establishment’s Ted Baxter — out of mothballs. Milley confirms that the PRC’s general staff agrees that a Trump presidency is too risky. He’d nuke Beijing. Xi’s generals greenlight stopping Trump. Democrats intensify their Trump-as-Hitler rhetoric, which corporate media amplifies. Trump’s filthy paws must never touch White House china again! 

But there’s a catch. Americans aren’t buying the Heil Hitler! nonsense. Democrat claims — again echoed by corporate media — that Trump colluded with Putin to win isn’t washing. Protest marches and more riots fail to persuade a revulsed public. Trump is sworn in. 

Yet, the establishment, more desperate than ever, hatch new schemes to get Trump. America’s roiling waters roil on, more dangerous than ever. 

James Woods and a fellow called “2024” had this exchange at X the other day: 

Opined “2024”

Next November will be chaotic. The losing side will cry foul and there will be blood in the streets. We are headed into troubling times like we’ve never seen beforeAnd it is all due to a lack of confidence in our election process. God help us. 

Replied Woods: 

Once confidence in elections is dead, once the border no longer exists, once a dithering stooge sits in the White House… …you no longer have a country. You are right on the money, sir. I only pray you are armed and well-stocked. 

Exaggerated fear? Fiction? Let’s hope so. For those of us who cling to our bibles, let’s drop to our knees and pray. 

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