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What do cigarette addiction, alcoholism and mRNA vaccines all have in common?

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If you are wondering what cigarette addiction, alcoholism and mRNA vaccines have in common, you can stop wondering now. They all cause chronic inflammation, cancer, respiratory strain and early death. Did you know that smoking cigarettes can cause cancer nearly anywhere in the body? It’s true. By combining ammonia, bleach, formaldehyde and pesticides in commercial cigarettes, the lethal smoke causes chronic inflammation, while the nicotine constricts blood vessels, putting a major strain on the heart and central nervous system.

Also, a mountain of research reveals that drinking three or more alcoholic drinks daily heightens the risk of pancreatic cancers, stomach cancer and prostate cancer. All alcoholic drinks fall under this umbrella, including white and red wines, beer and liquor.

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Then there are the bloody “spike protein” stabs that 270 million Americans rushed out to get the second they became available, though not one single clinical study proved them safe or effective. That’s because they are the polar opposite, as they are ineffective and dangerous. In fact, Dr. Charles Hoffe, a British Columbian medical doctor, ran PET/CT scans on cancer patients who had received the Pfizer mRNA booster shot just eight days prior, and what he found will blow your mind.

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Dr. Hoffe discovered the rapid progression of T-cell lymphoma, a dramatic increase of gastrointestinal lesions, and a turbo-effect of spreading of cells in the lymph nodes under the arms near the armpits. Also known as turbo-cancer, the cause is spike proteins clinging to the inner walls of blood vessels, depositing in vital organs and coming together to form strange, fibrous, rubbery white clots throughout the human body and brain.

In other words, spike proteins from mRNA jabs are carcinogens that literally feed cancer, propelling it to multiply exponentially to invade the rest of the body. Meanwhile, spike protein turn OFF genes that fight cancer, so the injected people are burning the candle at both ends.

Got carcinogens? mRNA jabs, cigarettes, alcohol drive chronic inflammation, heart strain, cancer

One important health factor many medical doctors fail to address properly is chronic inflammation and its root causes. Because so many (nearly all) prescription medications and vaccines, including the flu shots and COVID jabs, cause horrific, chronic and acute inflammation, doctors are reluctant to discuss and solve the inflammation problems for their patients. Tack on the fact that tens of millions of Americans are overweight, drink, smoke, get vaccines regularly and eat processed, conventional toxic food all day, every day of their shortened lives.

This chronic inflammation is possibly the number one killer in the world, silently working behind the scenes, where there’s no visible injury or “invader,” and where healthy body parts break down and suffer from a wide range of chronic, preventable diseases and disorders.

Understand that cigarette smoke promotes chronic inflammation, and regular alcohol use and abuse is directly linked to inflammation and chronic diseases. This is well-established. So is the scientific, evidence-based FACT that COVID gene-therapy injections form spike proteins in heart cells, causing irregular heart contractions and full blown cardiomyopathy. For the past 3 years, scientists and doctors have been documenting SERIOUS INJURIES to the heart muscle (myocarditis) and inflammation of the sac around the heart (pericarditis) for COVID “vaccine” recipients.

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Helena Carey
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