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Welcome to the Future: Your 15-Minute City, Big Brother’s Ultimate Surveillance Ground and Your New Labor Camp!

The veneer of civilization is shrinking at an alarming pace. The desire for simplicity, efficiency, and “green” living has given birth to a new urban revolution – the 15-minute city. Oh, it’s a seemingly blissful concept, a utopia where every human need is just a 15-minute walk away. Nostalgic, isn’t it? A throwback to the old village life where the weekly market was the hub of existence, where people bought their daily necessities, and the butcher, baker, and grocer were the lifeblood of the community.

But here’s the twist.

This is not just a nostalgic return to simplicity; it is the birth of a new world order.

And it all starts with the 15-minute city.

No need to venture outside your neighborhoods anymore.

Every. Single. Thing. You need for life is within a 15-minute radius.

A utopia, right? But, wait! There’s more to the story.

Envision the scene, the butcher shops – gone. The meat, too much CO2 producer, a luxury you can’t afford. The only animal protein available – insects. And if you do crave meat, you might have to go downtown, which at the moment is a possibility. However, you should know that plans to prohibit this privilege already exist.

Yes, dear reader, the extinction of the livestock breeds is not just a probability, but a certainty. The days of cows, pigs, ducks, chickens, and geese are numbered. Once gone, they cannot be reintroduced. Thus, we witness a disaster in the making.

This 15-minute city, currently voluntary, is being marketed as the hippest, coolest urban development. The vegans and hipsters are already applauding, but it’s only a matter of time before this seemingly voluntary participation becomes compulsory. You’d only be able to make a limited number of trips outside the 15-minute zone. Surplus “trips” will be fined and unauthorized movements penalized. Your life under constant surveillance.

Yes, Artificial Intelligence is becoming the new sheriff in town. Automated cities planned, directed, regulated, observed, and controlled with ruthless efficiency. All under the guise of productivity and safety. However, the video doesn’t reveal the entire picture, the complete truth. It doesn’t show the consequences of a “cared-for” life.

Today, in China, and slowly but surely in Europe, surveillance has become an accepted reality. But that’s not all. The government wants to dictate what you eat, where you pay your medical bills, and how you spend your money.

A step out of line?

A slip in vaccination status?

There will be consequences.

Your actions will be seen, evaluated, and have repercussions.

Total control is imminent.

Digital currency, social points, surveillance – the new leashes of control. Every minute detail affecting your social points account, making your life easier or harder. Everything is SMART. The electricity you use, the CO2 you consume, all accounted for. These smart devices not only record data but also communicate with your body. And the cherry on top – 5G, 6G, and more G’s. The icing on the dystopian cake – they can already read, transmit, and influence people’s minds.

Welcome to the world of smart cities blanketed with 5G antennas, where humans become puppets controlled by Artificial Intelligence. Work and consume by the rules. Everything you do, everything about you, collected, stored, and controlled by global pharmaceutical companies, clothing manufacturers, health centers, government agencies, and financial institutions. Even your ability to buy sugary drinks will be under control, and every excess gram of CO2 will have a penalty.

A Silicon Valley engineer, Aman Jabbi warns, “By giving them your data, you give them the ability to monitor and score their behavior, which can now be turned into a social credit score.

The grim reality of smart cities is that no one owns anything anymore. Every detail about you is stored, and Big Brother knows all. This knowledge will be used against you when you step out of line. “The new masters of the world will own this data,” says Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, an Economic Forum Advisor.

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The advent of the Internet of Things has now evolved into the Internet of the Body. With the human-machine relationship changing, these Artificial Intelligences are using humans as “things.” The emotional void filled with a virtual artistic identity, real life replaced by a virtual reality.

The World Economic Forum founder, Klaus Schwab, openly talks about genetic manipulation of humans. This will fundamentally change the human condition. A separation between “normal” humans and the world’s financial elite – a new lineage of superior humans.

In this brave new world, smart cities are emerging all over Europe and around the world. London, Oxford, Boston, Miami, Washington DC, Vancouver, Toronto, Milan, Rome, Mumbai, Hanoi, Paris, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Barcelona, Bangkok, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, Stockholm, Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg. The list goes on.

The C40 Cities, a global network of major city mayors focusing on the climate crisis, is aiding cities to implement the 15-minute city concept. The President of C40 Cities is none other than Sadiq Khan, the poster boy of the WEF.

So, I ask you, are these cities a dream come true or a nightmare in disguise?

Only time will tell.

Until then, keep your eyes wide open and your minds sharp.

Be aware.

Stay prepared.

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Ethan White
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