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We May Soon See ‘A Whole New Level Of War’ And An ‘Unbearable Disaster’ As Ukraine Wages A Counteroffensive, ‘Air Defense 23’ Taking Place In The Days Ahead And Ukraine To Join NATO

According to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenksyy, Ukraine is now ready for a ‘counter-offensive‘ against Russia, but that “many will die.” Telling the Wall Street Journal that “it will take some time and at some cost,” this ‘counter-offensive‘ comes at nearly the exact same time as Air Defender 23, the huge military air defense exercise planned in Europe for June 12th through June 23rd, what will be the largest exercise of air forces in NATO’s history involving 10,000 participants and 220 aircraft.

And while Air Defender 23 will only take place over European air space and be carried out under the control of the German Air Force, or the Luftwaffe, the mere fact alone that Air Defender 23 is taking place at the same time as Zelenskyy claiming Ukraine is ready for a counteroffensive against Russia speaks volumes, especially with institutional food kitchens now being warned to have at least 10 days of food supply on hand in case of an emergency as heard in the 1st video at the bottom of this story. 

And with these ‘events‘ happening at the same time as “Food Tyranny Is Here with the Government To Track ‘Household Food Consumption’ And ‘Capping’ Red Meat,” as well as “the Globalists Declaring War On Farmers, so Americans Better Be Prepared For Difficult Times as The World Runs Out Of Food, and They’re Looking To The US As Their Global Grocery Store,” and the “Biden Regime Attacking Farmers Under The Pretense Of Climate Change As Food Inflation Continues To Spike- In Reality They Want To Control Americans By Controlling The Food Supply,” one could easily argue we’re watching World War 3 and full-scale tyranny unfolding before our eyes.

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With even Wal-Mart now reporting Americans serve their families best by stocking up on extra food in case of a disaster striking, the Express reported on Sunday that the UK must now prepare for direct attacks from Russia as we quickly move into WW3 territory, following assertions by the UK’s Foreign Secretary James Cleverly that Ukraine has the right to project force “beyond its own borders”.

With those remarks leading to Russian president Dmitry Medvedev recently claiming that UK politicians are now legitimate military targets for Moscow, and Cleverly warning the Russian attacks could range from the sabotage of critical infrastructure to deniable radiolog­ical or chemical assaults, as we’d reported on ANP just days ago, it’d only take one attack upon our electrical grids, blamed upon Russians or even Conservatives, to unleash madness unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, with the huge majority of people in the UK, and Americans, totally unprepared to live their lives without electricity. 

And with all of this madness happening at nearly the exact same time as the U.S. Food Production Having Taken A Very Dangerous Turn In The Wrong Direction as reported in this new story by Michael Snyder over at the End of the American Dream website, those who haven’t prepared may soon be facing ‘9 Meals Until Anarchy,’ and imagine 10’s of millions all facing that at once! From that story.: 

If farmers and ranchers don’t produce enough food, we don’t eat. So we should always be very thankful for our hard working farmers and ranchers. Unfortunately, farms and ranches all over the United States have been hit by a string of disasters in recent months, and as a result food production has taken a turn for the worse. So does that mean that we should expect that there will soon be shortages of certain items? Unfortunately, it appears that is likely to be the case. For example, it is being reported that approximately 90 percent of Georgia’s peach crop for this year has been destroyed… 

Perhaps you are thinking that we will just eat more oranges instead. 

Unfortunately, it is being projected that a combination of factors will cause Florida’s orange harvest to be 56 percent smaller this year… 

Meanwhile, there is grave concern about the winter wheat harvest in the middle of the country. 

At this point, the drought has been so bad that over one-fourth of all winter wheat in the state of Kansas might not even get harvested… 

At the same time, supplies of beef are becoming tighter as well because the size of the U.S. beef cow herd is now “the smallest since 1962”… 

Over the past couple of years, I have written so many articles about the relentless megadrought that has plagued the western half of the country. 

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I warned that this endless drought would cause enormous problems for food production, and now that day has arrived. 

The good news is that there is not going to be famine in the United States in 2023. 

We are still going to have enough food to eat. 

But without a doubt food supplies are getting tight, and famine has started to erupt in many of the poorest parts of the globe….

We are in the process of transitioning from an era of plenty to an era of scarcity. 

For most of us, going to the store and getting whatever we want has never been a problem. 

But now conditions are rapidly changing, and the entire world is competing for steadily diminishing resources. 

At the same time, global food production is being hit by drought, disease, natural disasters and incredibly crazy weather patterns. 

As I detail in “End Times”, severe global famine is inevitable this century. No matter what choices are leaders make now, it is just a matter of time before global demand for food greatly exceeds global production of food. 

Most of you that are reading this live in wealthy countries, and wealthy countries will have the resources to purchase most of the food that is actually produced. 

But even though wealthier countries will fare relatively better than poorer countries, the truth is that everyone will suffer. 

So I hope that you are preparing for the challenging times that are ahead, because they will shake our society to the core.

And while Russia hasn’t, quite thankfully, brought war to the US yet, they’ve in the past many times warned that they reserve the right to ‘bring a whole new level of war‘ to the world if the USA or NATO were supplying the Ukraine with heavy weaponry, and as the Daily Mail reports in this linked story, there’s talk that we’re doing that right now, so why wouldn’t Russia attack us it their to keep that promise? It sure feels like we’re about to enter an ‘entirely new level of war‘ with ‘braindead‘ biden in charge. 

So with all of that happening at the same time as NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg having just announced that Ukraine will join NATO immediately after the coming counteroffensive hinting of a deadly all-out war dead ahead, what would you if suddenly and w/o warning, all of the food supply in US stores was cut off, and you and MILLIONS of others no longer had access to the nourishment that keeps you alive?

While certainly a countless number of people would starve to death, there can be no arguing about that, and the amount of crime being committed by those who are starving as they try to get food would be astronomical, those who’ve decided to grow their own food or prepare for just such an emergency would be much more prepared than the rest.

Hence the reason why we’ve continually stressed ‘prepping‘ on ANP, because one never knows when an ‘end times-like‘ disaster will strike, especially here now in 2023 with all of the events happening that we’ve stressed within this story following a disastrous last several years with ‘globalists‘ clearly ‘at war‘ with America.

And with all of this madness happening at the same time as the USA is being hit by a wave of anarchy, with a WHOPPING $100 billion+ being stolen from US stores in a year hinting at the madness to come once all-out war breaks out in our futures, what would you do if suddenly you could no longer go to the grocery store to get what you need for your families and loved ones to ensure their survival? 

Each of the videos below take looks at the madness we’re now facing as we move into completely unchartered territory, with China’s Defense Minister just warning any kind of conflict with the USA would bring the world an ‘unbearable disaster,’ one we certainly hope to avoid in our lifetimes. 

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Jennifer Tucker
Jennifer Tucker
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