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Warning: Mass mRNA Vaccine Rollout! – Pfizer & Moderna Announce Vaccines for Everyone & Everything (Video)

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the announcement by Pfizer and Moderna that they plan to roll out mRNA “catch all” vaccines for any “pandemic influenza” which would refer to absolutely any type of illness.

They’re replacing all of the already dangerous childhood and influenza vaccines with even more dangerous mRNA versions.

This comes as people are beginning to be injected for bird flu with mRNA in places like Finland. It’s happening.

Not just that, the mRNA vaccines are also being injected into cows and chickens in massive numbers. Many would point out that it’s more likely they’re using modRNA which surpasses digestion in a human. This means they are already putting this dangerous gene altering substance into humans through the meat supply.

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The meat supply is already under attack, so adding this to the mix should concern everyone.

Pfizer has said previously that so-called “Covid” was just a test run for something much bigger. They’re threatening us.

Pfizer is also purchasing huge numbers of companies that work in fields that relate to the very injuries their covid mRNA injections cause in the first place.

Pfizer has bought Seagan Pharmaceuticals which is a corporation looking at cancer mitigation. Interestingly, cancer has SKYROCKETED since the rollout of the injections.

Pfizer has also bought Arena Pharmaceuticals which works in the field of myocarditis and immuno-inflammatory problems.

Recently, Pfizer bought Global Blood Therapeutics which works on treating sickle cell disease.

Meanwhile, One Health is planning to make doctors only write prescriptions for based on what they deem “beneficial for the planet.”

They hate you and want you dead.

Prepare now!

Ethan White
Ethan White
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