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URGENT: EBS’s 10 Days of Global Silence Explained! Global Banking Crisis, The Startling GESARA Transition, QFS+RTGS Innovations, and China’s Mysterious Empty Metropolises!

It is undeniable. The global banking system is collapsing. Banks are shutting down around the globe. Financial districts once pulsating with power and authority, like Washington DC, now stand as hollow shells of their former glory. Why? Because of a covert attack by Germany’s Deutsche Morgan Stanley. The traps have been sprung, and the rats – CEOs, corporate leaders, and bank officials – are being exposed and arrested, charged with heinous acts of treason.

But what if I told you this wasn’t the end of it? What if I told you this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg? Listen closely because there’s more to this than meets the eye. Insider sources have confidentially revealed that out of the top 100 banks, 97 are undergoing transformation, preparing to operate under the QFS+RTGS system. As for the remaining 82 smaller central banks? They are gearing up for the same transition. And come October 1st, they won’t have a choice. Every bank will be required to collaborate with QFS.

But the questions pile up. What about the announcements regarding the advanced GoldiLocks quantum technology? The buzz is that businesses worldwide will soon operate on a new digital platform, exchanging goods, services, and money with unparalleled speed, all at a button’s touch. And Protocol 20? I’ve got it on good authority that the test net was initiated sharp at 10 AM (Central Standard Time).

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The tremors of this shake-up were felt globally. Take China, for instance. On September 20th, the mighty Evergrande crumbled, defaulting on $15.5 billion due to an unexpected onslaught targeting the real estate magnate. The DS legal currency? It’s dwindling in value, and shockingly, it’s been sidelined from global trade.

As the BRICS Plus bloc continues to grow, the gold-backed currency remains unyielding, standing tall amidst the financial turmoil. But the real zinger? The almost mythical GESARA, believed to have been signed by virtually the whole planet back in 19566. Delve into history, and you’ll uncover startling revelations. Three executive orders and certain actions during Abraham Lincoln’s tenure suggest dual presidents—one the world saw on TV and another who operated behind the curtain.

The plot thickens as we trace back to the 1871 British Act. It’s whispered in hushed tones that this act unlawfully and unconstitutionally shackled the United States, tricking them into believing they were following the Constitution of 1776, when in reality, they were puppets of the British monarchy. If you need proof, Look no further than the yellow fringe on the flag—a testament to crown/maritime law.

In a surprise twist, it seems every global leader and government has been coerced into signing the GESARA law, with the Hague International Tribunal overseeing this clandestine act.

Brace yourselves, because the next phase is the transition to GESARA. With POTUS advocating for a ‘Transition to Greatness‘, speculation is rife that within 120 days, we’ll witness a revolutionary blockchain election, but this time, on a scale reduced to a mere 10%. Rumor has it that the transition will introduce global martial law.

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In a world set for transformation, those who migrated in search of better lives are now contemplating returning to their homeland, driven by the promise of better governance. The very fabric of our historical understanding is being torn apart, ready to be re-stitched with events so cataclysmic they might last for three full days.

Now, imagine this: Ten days of sheer, unadulterated silence. A world devoid of the internet, TV, and radio. An uncanny stillness punctuated only by the Emergency Broadcast System (#EBS) echoing worldwide.

As the dust settles, cryptic clues emerge, pointing towards the existence of 50 mysterious ghost cities in China. Rumblings suggest that major nations, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and the Pacific Islands, are poised to enter into pacts as sovereign kingdoms.

After the whirlwind of revelations and realignments, what awaits humanity? A period of prolific growth, much like Elon Musk’s prediction of humans becoming an interplanetary species within the next decade, eyeing realms like Venus and Mars.

The canvas of global events is vast, intricate, and punctuated with secrets.

The true picture remains to be seen.

Stay vigilant, stay informed, and question everything.

The world is not as it seems.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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