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UPDATE!!! Tesla’s Med Beds are Obliterating the Big Pharma Elites: Earth Alliance Ready to Unleash a Healthcare Revolution!

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Nikola Tesla, the brilliant mind far ahead of his time, uncovered a truth that remains intentionally hidden from the public: a universal life force permeates everything around us, and it can be harnessed to achieve unparalleled healing. Tesla not only discovered this energy—known as chi, prana, scalar waves, or zero-point energy—but also understood how to tap into its restorative powers for the benefit of humanity.

Yet, the very forces that could help humanity were suppressed by the government and elites who feared losing control over the masses. This is a concrete reality with Tesla’s Med Beds and BioHealers as proof.

The Tesla BioHealers manifest this hidden knowledge, cylindrical devices that emit scalar fields to charge depleted cells with life-sustaining energy. Placed within a meter of the body, these cylinders act as a power source, recharging cells and organs from the smallest particles to the largest systems.

To fully utilize Tesla’s Med-Beds, users must learn to harness theta brain waves, which resonate between 4 and 8 Hz. This frequency aligns with the scalar field energy emitted by the Med-Beds, creating a deep connection that activates their regenerative power. Mastering control of these waves helps unlock the Med-Beds’ full potential, charging cells and organs with life-sustaining energy for unparalleled healing.

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The voltage of individual cells leaps from the dismal 15 millivolts typical of cancer cells up to a potent 70-90 millivolts, halting the spread of malignancies and reinvigorating every bodily function. Immune response skyrockets, blood purifies, and mental clarity sharpens.

Yet, the establishment remains adamant in concealing these facts, burying Tesla’s technology under layers of bureaucratic stonewalling. Why? Because if people realize that Tesla BioHealers and Med Beds could obliterate chronic illness and disease, the pharmaceutical-industrial complex collapses. Their business model thrives on human suffering, peddling poisons that sustain dependency and lifelong medical debt. Tesla’s technology stands to break this stranglehold, and they can’t afford that risk.

Tesla Med Beds utilize these BioHealers, strategically placed under the bed to immerse patients in an invisible field that recharges their cells, revives their spirits, and restores their natural vibrancy. But here’s the catch: to fully receive the benefits, one must rise above the fear and negativity sowed by the elite.

The Med Beds require a higher mindset, one that embraces gratitude, empathy, and trust. Tesla called us to transcend the 3D matrix of anger, distrust, and emotional manipulation where the government wants us trapped. But once we rise into the realm of creative, compassionate thinking, the Med Beds unleash their full transformative power.

Government officials and pharmaceutical giants thrive on a sick populace, feeding us an endless stream of toxic treatments that do little more than pad their wallets. The Med Beds, however, represent a revolution—technology that empowers individuals to reclaim their health and transcend the chains of state control.

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Secret Space Program Unveils Med-Beds

Med-Beds are the game-changer that promises to upend the traditional understanding of medical care. With the support of the Earth Alliance, these advanced medical beds are poised to redefine healing as we know it. The Earth Alliance has mapped out a meticulous plan to unveil these technologies to humanity, once the New Financial System is fully in place.

Early reports from production facilities on the Moon’s Lunar Operations Center and Mars’ ICC plants, in collaboration with leading Earth-based companies like Raytheon and Northrop Grumman, suggest that these Med-Beds will deliver precision healing beyond anything conventional medicine can offer. James Rink and Jared Rand’s “Heavenly Chambers” further validate these breakthroughs, highlighting the transformative power of this new frontier in healthcare.

These are not mere speculative prototypes—tens of thousands of Med-Beds are already stored on Arcturian ships and Solar Warden transport vessels, ready to be deployed when the timing is right. Remote viewing reports affirm that these devices will restore hope for a healthier future.

Despite challenges posed by mass vaccination campaigns and their irreversible DNA damage, Med-Beds can address a myriad of other conditions: battle injuries, neurological disorders, and emotional traumas. The regeneration tanks, once designed for cloning purposes, have been repurposed to rejuvenate and heal severely traumatized children rescued from underground bases.

The implications are transformative. For soldiers injured in combat, children deprived of normal life, and countless others suffering from ailments beyond traditional cures, these Med-Beds offer a fresh start.

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Planetary Corporation, with its Mars-based production facilities, harnesses this technology to provide a new lease on life, utilizing specialized gels and regenerative treatments tailored to the specific needs of the individual. Such advancements make these devices indispensable for those seeking healing without invasive surgeries or lifelong medication dependency.

Opponents may question the delay in their deployment, but it’s clear that the Earth Alliance’s strategic planning is intended to maximize the impact of these devices. The careful alignment with the New Financial System ensures that when they are finally released, the global infrastructure will be ready to support them, bringing relief and revolution to millions.

Moreover, Med-Beds represent the culmination of advanced extraterrestrial technology, hidden for far too long within the shadowy corridors of the Secret Space Program. With every session inside these regeneration tanks, with every diagnosis and treatment delivered by these advanced systems, lives will be restored, and hope will be reignited.

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The Earth Alliance, along with their extraterrestrial partners, has orchestrated a rollout that will ensure Med-Beds are available to those who need them most. The technologies they embody are a testament to what the future holds: a shift from a world constrained by outdated healthcare systems to one where limitless possibilities can be achieved.

Former members of the SSP like Randy Cramer have shared their experiences and witnessed firsthand how these Med-Beds can reshape lives. Every device, every regeneration tank, is a step closer to a world where healing isn’t just about treating symptoms but about embracing the whole person and restoring them to optimal health.

The unveiling of Med-Beds will be a defining moment. It will show that humanity’s future isn’t doomed to the struggles of yesterday but can instead reach new heights of health and well-being, led by visionary extraterrestrial and human cooperation.

The New Financial System will lay the groundwork for an era where these revolutionary devices can be fully integrated into society, offering a glimpse into a brighter, healthier tomorrow.

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