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Unmasked! The Zeitgeist Monetary System’s Secret Grip on the Federal Reserve!

You think you know the story of America? Think again. It’s not just about freedom, revolution, and the pursuit of happiness. Behind the scenes, there’s another story playing out – a tale of power, control, and greed that’s been unfolding for centuries. And it all revolves around a sinister institution: the central bank.

It was 1775. The American colonies, frustrated by the shackles of British rule, ignited the flames of revolution. Yet, most don’t realize that the matchstick wasn’t merely the British monarchy but King George III’s sinister move to ban interest-free independent money in the colonies. As Benjamin Franklin pointed out, this was the very catalyst that thrust the colonies into a downward spiral of economic despair.

Peter Cooper, once the vice chairman of the New York Board of Currency, poignantly remarked on the colonies’ newfound prosperity. That glimmer of hope? Extinguished when a swift law prohibited the payment of taxes. This wasn’t just about tea or stamps. It was about power and control.

Fast forward a bit, and while the United States declared its independence, the real war was a silent one, waged against the very concept of a central bank.

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So, what is this “central bank“? It’s an institution, a powerhouse that wields the might to issue and regulate a nation’s currency. Sounds harmless, right? Wrong. They don’t just “issue” money. They lend it to the government at interest. Each dollar printed is a dollar in debt, a cycle that’s been going on for too long.

This isn’t just a minor flaw. It’s a glaring loophole, a systematic trap where every dollar birthed carries with it the seeds of its own destruction. With debt perpetually tied to money, the question arises – where will the money come from to pay off this ever-increasing debt? The answer: nowhere. It’s a cruel cycle, an endless loop of borrowing and debt, with the banks at the helm of this devious machine.

It’s not just economics; it’s shackles, modern-day servitude where escaping this self-inflicted debt is a fantasy.

The public wasn’t blind to this. They knew. Yet, the bankers, ever crafty, had their plans. Enter J.P. Morgan. A titan of finance, he was the perfect puppeteer. With whispers of insolvency and rumors swirling around New York banks, panic ensued. The 1907 crisis was no accident. It was a calculated move, a masterstroke that led the public straight into the jaws of the very institution they feared.

And thus, in the shadows of Jekyll Island, the blueprint of America’s financial doom was drafted, not by lawmakers, but by the very bankers who stood to profit. Under the guise of prevention, Senator Nelson Aldrich, a puppet with ties to the Rockefeller dynasty, presented this bill to Congress. And in 1913,

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As the world slept, President Woodrow Wilson, backed by these very bankers, sealed the fate of a nation, bringing into existence the greatest trust the world had ever seen.

Was this the salvation the public was promised? A safeguard against economic disasters? History would beg to differ. The Federal Reserve, paraded as the savior of economic stability, became the puppeteer pulling the strings of America’s financial future.

From 1914 to 1919, the FED became the embodiment of opulence. They expanded the money supply, fueling dreams and fortunes. Yet, just as quickly, in 1920, they yanked the rug from beneath the public’s feet, contracting credit in an extreme fashion, reminiscent of their calculated chaos in 1907.

But the most sinister chapter was yet to come. The roaring twenties, marked by prosperity and jubilance, was all but a smokescreen. The FED, once more, swelled the money supply, setting the stage for the catastrophic fall. And as the stock market soared, the likes of J.D. Rockefeller and Bernard Baruch discreetly retreated. The storm was coming.

October 24, 1929 – the day the bubble burst. Those who once fueled dreams began demanding their dues, triggering a catastrophic sell-off. As fortunes vanished overnight, the big banks watched, ready to swoop in, buying failed banks for pennies on the dollar. And still, they weren’t satiated. Their influence, their power, continued to surge, unchecked and unchallenged.

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It’s time to wake up to the puppet show, to see the strings that have been manipulating the narrative for centuries. This isn’t about conspiracy theories or hidden agendas. This is about the undeniable, irrefutable events that have shaped the nation.

Behind the story of liberty and pursuit, there’s a tale of greed, control, and domination. It’s a tale as old as time, where the rich get richer, and the masses are but pawns in their game.

The aftermath of the 1929 crash saw desperate measures by the FED to pull the nation out of its economic nosedive. Ironically, their interventions led to one of the harshest recessions America ever faced. Lewis McFadden, the Chairman of the House Banking Committee, didn’t hesitate in pointing fingers. He boldly filed an impeachment petition against the Federal Reserve, terming it one of the world’s most corrupt entities.

McFadden stated, “This evil institution has impoverished and ruined the American people and virtually bankrupted our government.” He condemned the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks for their unholy machinations. To drive the dagger deeper, the Board of Governors, under the guise of purifying society, abolished the gold standard. Their edict was clear: all gold within the system had to be acquired.

In an audacious move in 1933, under the pretext of ending the Great Depression, the government seized gold, leaving the public bereft. To dissent was to risk a ten-year incarceration. The gold standard’s abolition marked a decisive shift. Pre-1933 dollar bills once proudly announced their redeemability in gold. Now, they stood silent.

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What most Americans fail to recognize is that the Federal Reserve operates as a private entity, aloof from the federal government. It crafts its own policies with minimal oversight, reminiscent of the central banking system that America fiercely rebelled against during its revolutionary days.

Circling back to 1913, the inception of the Federal Reserve wasn’t the only act of subterfuge. Alongside the Federal Reserve Act, federal income tax was insidiously introduced. This tax is not only unconstitutional, being a direct tax without apportionment, but its ratification also lacked the legal quorum of states. A fact that has been highlighted in several modern court cases.

Fast forward to today, the average American sees nearly a quarter of their income evaporate under this tax. That’s tantamount to working a quarter of the year solely to feed this fiscal beast. But where do these funds actually go? The Deferral Commission report reveals a chilling truth: the entire sum collected from personal income taxes in the 1980s was consumed by interest and transfer payments on federal debt. Not a penny went to actual services. Essentially, this tax was devised to fuel the Federal Reserve’s unending thirst for interest.

But where’s the legal mandate for such a tax? The search for a clear statute that makes filing income tax returns mandatory has been elusive. Few have found the law, and those who’ve dared to dig deeper, often face the repercussions. Many, like a certain finance controller, chose to resign rather than be part of this duplicitous system.

The manipulation doesn’t end with finances alone.

It’s a dual play, with business on one side and society on the other.

A two-pronged strategy, designed to keep the powerful in control, while the masses remain oblivious, shackled by their own hard-earned money.

The stage is set, the players are in place, and the game continues.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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