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Unlocking the Prophecy of Doom: NESARA, GESARA and the Alarming Signs of World War III!

What if I told you that a great orchestration was in progress, and we’re all actors in this grand, conspiratorial opera? A scheme so colossal and extraordinary, it can only be conceived in the realm of prophecy, the ultimate expression of destiny. As I expose the growing crisis around the world, you may feel a twinge of fear, a gasp of realization, a shudder of the inevitable. Yet, let’s delve into this world of prophetic conspiracy, where the Biblical prophecy of World War III intertwines with the events in Ukraine, Israel, Iran, and the cataclysmic fallout of the US-China relations. This is the road to NESARA GESARA.

World War III Unfolding: Horrors in the Present

In the cold grasp of February 2023, chaos ensues not only around Ukraine but across the globe. The once covert nuclear crisis in Israel and Iran has been illuminated, casting a horrifying shadow. Meanwhile, whispers of the US Navy’s responsibility for the destruction of Nord Stream echo hauntingly. And all of it ties into one event – the enigmatic transition to NESARA \GESARA, an event predicated upon the spiraling military crisis we are currently witnessing.

The end of the Q plan, the clandestine operation underlining these events, draws near, and as we traverse this road, it is essential to examine our journey so far.

How far has the Q plan progressed?

And what exactly is the process for transitioning to NESARA/GESARA?

Perhaps the most alarming revelation is the realization of the horror events of World War III – not in some distant future, but right now, unfolding before our eyes.

One event that casts a long shadow is the drone attack on a military factory in central Iran. And while Iran points fingers at Israel, the catastrophic damage suggests the clandestine hand of the US Central Intelligence Agency. This attack marked a severe escalation in the shadow war between Israel and Iran, plunging us deeper into the prophesied World War III.

According to the grand plan, the predicted events of the World War III would entail the obliteration of diabolical Ruserifarian landmarks, paving the way for the GESARA fund, the people’s savior.

The catch, though?

The entire event is outlined in the Bible.

The Satanic Illuminati landmarks earmarked for destruction include renowned edifices such as the Vatican, Buckingham Palace, the White Houses in the USA and Germany, the 3GD in China, and potentially even CERN on the border of Switzerland and France.

Cryptic events like the death of Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth, power outages across the globe, and the rise of gold-backed currencies have all been prophesied.

Is it mere coincidence, or are we looking at a meticulously planned sequence?

Now, let’s unravel the horror events of World War III.

Our list includes water events, stock market crashes, global martial law, and more.

Interestingly, many of these horrifying events are already completed.

The ominous foreshadowing is impossible to ignore, hinting at the Project Odin, an anti-deplatforming tool introduced by Ron CodeMonkeyz, slated to dismantle Mossad media assets.

Let’s confront it – the Israeli Mossad, allegedly, controls the world’s media, primarily rooted in the U.S. However, the Quantum Starlink Project Odin is set to annihilate this control. Isn’t it alarming how Project Odin is capable of plunging the world’s media into a blackout, moving us towards a quantum system?

The world is steadily transitioning to the GESARA greatness, heralding a new era.

It requires setting off a World War III scenario, justified by the military headquarters of each nation. Meanwhile, the White Hat Army has subtly seized control over the world’s military, leaving us questioning the reliability of the media.

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Nevertheless, the most terrifying component is the impending nuclear war crisis, often referred to as the false flag.

We are now left to deal with the threat of a world in chaos.

This, my friends, is the state of our world in February 2023.

As we observe the world’s crisis information, it seems as though parts of the New Testament, particularly the “Revelation of John,” are ominously coming to life.

In conclusion, this grand orchestration, this frightening symphony, the road to NESARA GESARA, and the unfolding of World War III prophecy paints a vivid and ominous picture of our future.

Are we merely comfortable spectators, or should we be genuinely terrified?

It’s about time we decide.

William Reed
William Reed
William Reed, a fearless news writer, uncovers hidden truths that shape our world. With unwavering dedication, he challenges established narratives, shedding light on lesser-known realities.

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